Chaotic Sword God Chapter 439

Chapter 439: The Hua Yun Sect at the Gates
Chapter 439: The Hua Yun Sect at the Gates

Changyang Manor.

Jian Chen and the rest were still in Changyang Hus room talking to each other when a sound could be heard outside.

Clan leader, there is an urgent report for you!

At this, Changyang Ba gave the signal for the maid to open the door. Upon the doors opening up, one of the housekeepers immediately came frantically running in, Clan leader, something major has happened. The Hua Yun Sect is nearing our Changyang Manor!

Changyang Bas face immediately drained of color as he waved his servant away and wrinkled his eyebrows nervously. If Xiangers return was leaked and they caught wind of it. That means they still have not forgotten about the ordeal.

Aside from Jian Chen, everyone else turned white, Bi Yuntian the most. Hurriedly grabbing at Jian Chens hands, her face began to show her worry for him. After being apart for so many years before finally being able to see her child again, Bi Yuntian did not want Jian Chen to be forced to be a wanderer once more.

Jian Chen guessed at what his mother was thinking. Feeling a small twinge of pain in his heart, he spoke, Mother, dont worry. Your child wont repeat the actions of the past.

My husband, quickly, call Chang Bai! We heard what Chang Bai was able to do at the northern stronghold. With their two experts, Im sure even the Hua Yun Sect wont act rashly. Yu Fengyang spoke with some panic and worry.

Changyang Ba shook his head, Chang Bai and all of the other Heaven Saint Masters are currently at the imperial palace with the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom. This is a crucial time for them to improve relations with a superior kingdom, who would give up such a chance? I believe that Chang Bai wont be back for some time.

Then what do we do? Chang Bai is our only Heaven Saint Master, with him not around, how can we deal with the Hua Yun Sect? Now that they are in Lore City, it wont be long until they arrive. Yu Fengyan spoke with concern. Jian Chen wasnt her child, but she was extremely worried for him nonetheless.

Second aunt, you neednt be concerned. I will take care of the Hua Yun Sect myself. Jian Chen said.

Silly child, dont speak such foolish words. The Hua Yun Sect is far too strong for you to deal with by yourself. Bi Yuntian looked to Jian Chen and held him in her arms, afraid that hed leave once more.

Mother, your child is not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect. Jian chen explained. Being at home warmed his heart and made him feel like a child again, almost forgetting about the troubles from the outside.

Changyang Ba spoke, Xianger, you dont have to worry. Our Changyang clan has a precious secret that has improved our strength to more than what it was several years ago. Although weve lost many men from the war, the Hua Yun Sect lost just as many. With Chang Bais Heaven Tier Battle Skill, our strength isnt all that far away from the Hua Yun Sect. You stay here and let me deal with the Hua Yun Sect.

Hmph, the Hua Yun Sect is the number one sect in our Gesun Kingdom and has a power that even the imperial family is afraid of going against. Xiangtian cut off the arm of their only child, Cheng Mingxiang. This is something the Hua Yun Sect wont reconcile over. If we dont bring out Changyang Xiangtian out, our clan will be in deep trouble. We are not at an advantage here, we should have Xiangtian run away now. Do not let him involve our entire clan and cause the needless death of many. Bai Yushuang spoke with a displeased look.

How could we do that? Xiangtian has already wandered the outside world for many years and suffered more than enough for nine lives. He has only just returned, how could we usher him back out into the cruel world so soon? Yu Fengyan spoke.

Bai Yushuang snorted before looking at Yu Fengyan with a justified look, Open your eyes to see who stands by you. He is still alive and well, is he not? It matters not what he experienced on the outside, he is still living and obviously endured what little dangers he came across. If he continues to stay here, our entire clan will be in danger. Second aunt, I know you worry for Xiangtian, but I am only looking out for the entire clan.

Everyone here will stay their mouths! Changyang Ba boomed, shocking everyone. He gave a hard look to Bai Yushuang that did nothing to conceal his anger, No one make another sound, Ive already made my decision. The Hua Yun Sect may be strong, but our Changyang clan is not a clan that can easily be bullied. Xianger, you stay here and do not leave. I will call some men and we shall see how savage the Hua Yun Sect really is. The Changyang clan will no longer fear them. Flicking the sleeves to his robe, Changyang Ba left the area.

Quickly, the peaceful compound grew frantic once more as everyone heard the news with shocked breaths. Confused steps ran across the compound as the servants and maids ran to call every single warrior.

Bai Yushuang glared angrily at Jian Chen, You truly are the evil omen of our Changyang clan. Ever since your birth, youve caused nothing but trouble, and now our Changyang clan will be led to ruin because of you.

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both grew hard in the face, Bai Yushuangs words invoked anger in them.

Even Changyang Hu turned his head to look at Bai Yushuang icily, Third aunt, how could say such words to fourth brother? It was Cheng Mingxiangs fault, not our fourth brothers fault. Fourth brother took revenge as a substitute for me for my problems. If there is anyone to blame, it is me.

Third sister, AhHu is correct. Xiangtian is not to blame for the past. As a Primary Saint, he was able to cut off the arm of a Great Saint. This type of strength is not something the Gesun Kingdom sees often. We should be happy at his skill and not angered. Ling Long spoke. In the past, she had treated Jian Chen indifferently, but now that Jian Chen had saved her son, she was especially grateful and had a better opinion of him.

Seeing the three sisters standing by Jian Chens side, Bai Yushuang knew continuing on would be pointless. With a last snort, she left the area.

Ling Long walked up to Jian Chens side and grabbed Jian Chens hand, Xiangtian, please dont take any offense and ignore your third aunts words. The matter with the Hua Yun Sect neednt be something to worry about. As long as Chang Bai is here, they will not dare be too presumptuous. However, that Chang Bai is truly a secretive person. I had no idea that he was that strong. If it werent for the news from the northern stronghold, we never would have known. If we had known earlier, we would never have dared to let you run away. These years have truly been harsh for you. Ling Long spoke with an apologetic voice.

Jian Chen had a faint smile to his face, Eldest aunt, you neednt worry. Xiangtian is not someone that is easily bullied. Third aunt will sooner or later regret her words.

Mother, you underestimate fourth brother. My fourth brother is a genius among geniuses. As an older brother, I am far beneath his power. Changyang Hu smiled from his bed. In his heart, he was truly cheerful because he knew that his fourth brother was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. No one had ever heard of one within the Gesun Kingdom before, and it was still rare among the entire continent.

Seeing her childs face have such a happy smile, Ling Long felt happy as well. She knew that during Jian Chens talk with Changyang Hu, he had somehow thrown away the despair he was feeling, causing him to want to live once more. So, her gratitude for Jian Chen had grown immensely.

At the same time in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, five of the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom gathered at a dining table. There were more than ten people gathered there. Aside from the king, the other people were the other Heaven Saint Masters from the rest of kingdom. This was a gathering that no regular person could attend, and even the prince of the Gesun Kingdom was no exception.

At the banquet, all of the experts of the Gesun Kingdom were giving toast to the five Imperial Advisors with extremely respectful attitudes that reflected their attempts to curry favor with them.

Although everyone was of the same tier of strength, their statuses were completely different and the power they wielded was just as different. These men were all well known figures that could fight with any other same ranking person easily. Their strengths were enough to defeat anyone a rank higher than them. Combined with the Heaven Tier Battle Skills they each had, their military might was on a whole nother level which richly described their existence quite clearly.

Honored Imperial Advisors, this king truly thanks the Qinhuang Kingdom for their assistance. If the Qinhuang Kingdom has any use for our lands, we shall do our best to provide it. Although our Gesun Kingdom is quite weak, we will work as hard as an oxen. The king spoke.

The five Imperial Advisors gave a polite smile at his words, but none of them knew just what connection the Imperial Protector had with the Gesun Kingdom. They knew not which power he was friendly with, so they didnt dare offend anyone here. In the case they offended someone Jian Chen was friendly with, they would suffer the consequences for it. The five of them had followed Jian Chen from the Qinhuang Kingdom in hopes of improving their relationship with him, not a single one of them had wanted that to all go to waste.

At that moment, the headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir, spoke. Honored Imperial Advisors. This one has a question I wish to ask. When this one was at the northern stronghold, this one heard that your distinguished kingdom had an Imperial Protector that came to save us. Might this one ask just who that honored figure is, or if the honored Imperial Advisors can speak just how he knows the Gesun Kingdom?