Chaotic Sword God Chapter 441

Chapter 441: The Return of Chang Bai
Chapter 441: The Return of Chang Bai

Master, youve finally broken through, thats wonderful! Cheng Feis face lit up with excitement and joy. His master had somehow managed to become a Heaven Saint Master just at the crux of the limit, meaning that the Hua Yun Sect now had three Heaven Saint Masters. This was more than the imperial palace and made them the strongest faction within the Gesun Kingdom.

In Cheng Feis mind, he could already see the Gesun Kingdoms king treating the Hua Yun Sect with far more respect and submission.

Seeing their Hua Yun Sect gain another Heaven Saint Master, the men standing behind Cheng Fei all looked extremely happy and looked at the elder with respect.

On the other side, everyone from the Changyang clan had a sour look on their faces as they all glared darkly. The Hua Yun Sect having three Heaven Saint Masters wasnt something they wanted at all.

Saiya, I didnt think that instead of dying, you would make the breakthrough. One of the elders from the Changyang clan spoke. Saiya was the master of Cheng Fei and was already 400 years old. Because he had a talent that was on par with a regular cultivator, it had taken him a very long time to reach the Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master realm. He had been stuck at the final step for many dozens of years without being able to comprehend the world energy at all. Since there wasnt much time until his natural lifespan was over, no one expected him to make the breakthrough at the final moment to become a Heaven Saint Master.

Saiya laughed out loud, The heavens havent yet forsaken me. Changyang Yunkang, I didnt think that you would be stuck here. If you dont hurry and work hard, you wont have any chances left.

Hmph! The elder replied without any further comment.

Master, your timing is perfect. My son Cheng Mingxiangs arm had been cut off by one of the Changyang clan, but for the sake of protecting that one, the Changyang clan has made us an enemy. I hope that master will help settle things and take revenge for my sons arm. Cheng Fei spoke to Saiya. Whether or not they would be able to take revenge on Changyang Xiangtian would depend on his master.

Saiya nodded his head, Ive heard about the matters with Cheng Mingxiang. This is a problem to our own honor, rest assured, I will make sure justice is dealt with appropriately.

After responding, Saiya looked at the Changyang clan. You would do best in bringing him out quickly, otherwise you will force my hand, you should know the consequence of that.

A Heaven Saint Master was far different than an Earth Saint Master. It didnt matter if that person had only just become a Heaven Saint Master, an Earth Saint Master wouldnt be a match for them.

The group from the Changyang clan had stone for faces as they looked at the power in front of them. But Changyang Ba did not step back and instead spoke, We will not hand him over.

Saiyas eyes grew cold for a moment before snorting. A large amount of power began to radiate from his body and pressure the men from the Changyang clan mercilessly. Against such power, the Changyang Clans Saint Masters and Great Saint Masters grew deathly pale in the face. Unable to even take a step back, they began to cough blood from their lips. The strength of a Heaven Saint Master was simply something they could not endure.

The remaining men that were still standing now were the dozen Earth Saint Masters from the Changyang Clan. Each one grit their teeth in pain, but their attempt to endure such power was incredibly taxing on their energy. While Changyang Ba was the leader of the clan, he only had the strength of a Great Saint Master.

Within the manor, Jian Chens eyes had a fierce glint to them. Although his aunts here werent able to understand what was happening, he himself could see the outside situation clearly. He would not allow for the Heaven Saint Master of the Hua Yun Sect to do as he pleased like this.

Jian Chen walked toward the outside with a dark look, but before he could take several steps, a strong arm blocked his path before the sound of his mother could be heard.

Xianger, where are you going? Listen to your mother and stay here. Bi Yuntians face grew even more concerned. In the past, she had wished every day and night that she would finally be able to see her son, and now that wish had finally come true. But not even 24 hours after his return, the Hua Yun Sect had arrived in front of their gates, causing Bi Yuntian to feel exceedingly worried about losing her beloved son again.

Mother, your son does not fear the Hua Yun Sect. Please let me go. Jian Chen spoke.

Absolutely not! Bi Yuntian had been absolute with her words without any room for discussion. Both of her hands grabbed at Jian Chens arm and lamented, Xianger, please listen to your mothers words. Please be obedient and stay here. The Hua Yun Sect will be taken care of by your father.

Mother, your child isnt as weak as he was years before. The Hua Yun Sect will definitely not harm your son. Jian Chen explained.

Xianger, dont speak such foolish words. How are you strong enough to fight the Hua Yun Sect? Listen to your mother, stay here and do not leave my side. Bi Yuntian pleaded with tears flowing from her eyes.

Seeing the pleading look on his mothers face, Jian Chen sighed to himself. His heart had softened since his return and he couldnt bear to see his mother hurt, Fine then. Mother, your child will stay here.

Outside the courtyard, Saiya smiled at the struggling men from the Changyang clan. I will ask you one last time, will you hand him over or not.

If you wish to take someone from my Changyang clan, you will never see our doors open to you. The honor of my Changyang clan will not be so easily trampled over by you. If you wish to start a war, then continue at it! Changyang Ba spoke. Although the Hua Yun Sect had three Heaven Saint Masters that had plenty of power, Changyang Ba still did not have any hint of fear.

Seems like youll have to taste some pain before you turn obedient. Saiyas eyes grew cold as he extended both of his hands. All of the fire elements in the world began to gather around him as an indication that he was about to attack.

Forward, everyone!

The Earth Saint Masters from the Changyang clan let out a loud cry and formed their Saint Weapons from the Saint Force that exploded from their bodies. In a flash, they charged at Saiya and brought their Saint Weapons toward him in several different areas.

Saiya had only just made the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master, so the world energy was still unfamiliar to him. With all the fire elements in the world still gathering around him, Saiya could only abandon his move in order to bring out his own Saint Weapon to defend himself against the dozen Earth Saint Masters.

Both sides clashed with a tremendous explosion of energy, causing damage to the courtyards of the Changyang clan. However, a Heaven Saint Master was a Heaven Saint Master in the end. The difference between one and an Earth Saint Master was unable to be made up for. With Saiyas strike, he easily knocked back the Earth Saint Masters.

However, the Earth Saint Masters didnt stop there. With loud shouts, tremendous power exploded from their bodies, increasing their strengths three-folds instantaneously. With another charge, the dozen Saint Weapons blocked off any escape path for Saiya.

Seeing the group of elders suddenly gain a tremendous boost in strength, Saiya had a shocked look on his face. Growing serious, the Saint Weapon in his hand flashed like lightning as he began to fight earnestly with the group.

The sounds of weapons hitting other weapons could be heard loud and clear. With each strike, a ripple of energy blew about the courtyard and brought it to an even worse state. Despite the tough battle, the dozen Earth Saint Masters from the Changyang clan were able to temporarily ward of the Heaven Saint Master Saiya.

Seeing how he was having so much trouble with the dozen Earth Saint Masters, Saiya felt that this was a bit embarrassing, especially with the Hua Yun Sect right there to see them. With a loud shout, he spoke, If you are this stubborn about the matter, then dont blame me for being impolite! Saiya immediately began to go all out and use the explosive energy of his Heaven Saint Master strength. Hitting each Earth Saint Masters Saint Weapon with his own, he managed to send them flying back with blood spilling from their mouths.

As a result, the Earth Saint Masters were all injured one after another by Saiya. Blood flew out of their mouths, each one of the men who had been fighting with him on equal ground before were quickly defeated.

Changyang Bas face grew difficult to look at as well. A Heaven Saint Master was far stronger than an Earth Saint Master. Even a dozen Earth Saint Masters working together werent enough to pose a challenge for him. These elders were the strongest Earth Saint Masters the Changyang clan had to offer, and if they were not enough, the Changyang clan had no other immediate solution.

Saiya let out a cold smile as he regarded the dozen Earth Saint Masters. Without looking, he said, Cheng Fei, call out some people to grab the man. If anyone stops them, spare them no mercy.

Yes, master. The patriarch spoke joyously before commanding several people to go search the manor.

Within Changyang Hus room, Jian Chens handsome face hardened as a large amount of killing intent radiated from his eyes. Just as he was about to move out of his mothers grasp, his face suddenly slackened and eased up.

At that moment, before the men the Hua Yun Sect had commanded could enter the manor, a loud whistling sound could be heard as a fiery figure came blazing toward them from the horizon. Even from far away, the amount of power it radiated was potent enough to scorch the clouds in the sky.

Saiyas face grew shocked as he hissed, Not good, Chang Wuji is back!