Chaotic Sword God Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Three)
Chapter 494: Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Three)

Hu Ba had only looked like he was a forty year old man, but in truth, his real age was way past 200 years old. He was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master because of his talents with cultivation. Combined with his status as the assistant sect leader and mastery of a terrifyingly strong Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his battle strength was no weaker than Xiao Tian.

While Jian Chens age was generally far beneath what Hu Ba would consider to be taken seriously, Georgien had more or less explained Jian Chens strength to him, so he didnt dare underestimate him now. Straight from the get-go, the man revealed his full strength. Materializing a sabre that seemed capable of cleaving a mountain, he slashed it toward Jian Chen with an earth attribute to the blade and an ear-piercing sound.

With a single thought, several thousand arm thick crossbow bolts began to float high into the air. An azure and violet glow began to shine around the crossbow bolts before shooting at Hu Ba with lightning quick speed. The display of power was shocking, and the spectacle was nearly majestic in sight. With crossbow bolt after crossbow bolt zooming through the sky one after another, a single continuous ear-piercing whistle could be heard.

Seeing the innumerable amount of steel crossbow bolts fly straight for him with an azure and violet glow, Hu Ba instantly thought back to what Georgien had told him. As his face fell, he brought his sabre, which was originally about to chop into Jian Chen, back so that it could slash downward instead.

With a brandish of the sabre, a single bright glow of yellow light, five meters tall, materialized and struck against the crossbow bolts with the sounds of thunder.

Hu Bas strike had been even stronger than what one initially had thought. The moment the storm of crossbow bolts made contact with it, the crossbow bolts let out crisp splitting sounds before many of them were split in half by the light.

When a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master went all out, just how could anyone belittle their might? Despite Hu Bas strike being unbelievably strong, the power and light eventually faded away. After breaking apart several hundred steel crossbow bolts, the light disappeared into thin air while the remaining crossbow bolts continued on without any hinderances to where Hu Ba was.

Hu Ba displayed a serious look of concentration on his face. Just how do these regular steel crossbow bolts have such a strength under his control? An attack from those is enough to overwhelm the protective Qi of a Heaven Saint Master, but it is still far from being a threat to me! Armor of the Earth God! A surge of earth-attributed light began to explode from within Hu Bas body. It instantly covered the surface of his body in a golden shell with an equally golden light radiating from it.

The earth-attributed Saint Force was the most defensive attribute out of the six and was sometimes referred to being the Supreme Defense. With Hu Ba being a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, his defensive strength would be incredibly stronger after it wrapped his entire body. It was more than enough to block several strikes from a Heaven Saint Master without breaking, and with Hu Ba using a supplementary Earth Tier Battle Skill, the Armor of the Earth God, his defense was even stronger.

The Armor of the Earth God was a defensive type of skill that only an individual with an earth-attributed Saint Force could use. Its protective ability was incredibly strong, and even a Heaven Saint Master would find it difficult to harm the wielder once it was on. If a Heaven Saint Master were to use an Earth Tier Battle Skill, they would possibly be able to break through the surface of the armor with some difficulty. However, if they wished to harm Hu Ba, who was currently wearing the Armor of the Earth God, a Heaven Tier Battle Skill would be required.

With the Armor of the Earth God, Hu Ba no longer paid heed to the crossbow bolts down below. Only the sounds of the crossbow bolts pelting across his body could be heard, but even with the assistance of the azure and violet glow, the crossbow bolts were incapable of damaging him. Despite this, the force of the crossbow bolts continued to force Hu Ba to and from in the air.

Ha! Hu Ba cried out angrily. The sabre in his hand shot out another three meter long blade of light, leaving behind mirror images of the blade as it traveled. The blade of light cut down the crossbow bolts around Hu Ba before he charged straight for Jian Chen.


At this moment, the remaining steel crossbow bolts had already formed three giant longswords right by Jian Chens side. With a single command, the three floating swords of crossbow bolts immediately came shooting straight for Hu Ba.

Insignificant worm, to death with you! Hu Ba shouted. The sabre in his hand pulsated with another blade of Saint Force as it made contact with the three blades coming at him. Countless crossbow bolts shattered when two attacks touched. Many crossbow bolts were sent flying everywhere as a result.

The very instant that Hu Ba had dispersed the three blades, he suddenly grew serious when he realized Jian Chen had already approached his front. In his originally empty hand, a fierce and rich glow of azure and violet light could be seen.

Could that be the mysterious power that can break a Saint Weapon Georgien told me about? Hu Ba suddenly grew suspicious. If he were up against a power that could damage a Saint Weapon, even he had to be cautious.

Jian Chen was using the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits as a replacement for his Light Wind Sword. He stabbed toward Hu Ba as if holding a sword. Knowing the terror of the Origin Energy, Hu Ba simply did not wish to go against it and hurriedly withdrew. With a loud shout at the same time, another ten meter long blade of light came forth from his Saint Weapon. With a power that seemed capable of bisecting an entire mountain, Jian Chen could faintly feel the faint image of a mountain right behind the strike along with an oppressing feeling.

Earth Tier Battle Skill! Feeling the pressure beginning to mount up on his body, Jian Chen couldnt help but smirk in disdain. Unless he was going up against a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, anything else, even an Earth Tier Battle Skill, would not pose a threat to him at all.

Controlling the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits, Jian Chen took the initiative to defend himself against Hu Bas Earth Tier Battle Skill. Without hesitation, he chased Hu Ba down and stabbed forward one stroke after another as if he were still using his Light Wind Sword.

Hu Ba was afraid of coming into contact with the Origin Energy. Dodging as best as he could, Hu Ba would sometimes lash out with the Earth Tier Battle Skill, but they were no use against Jian Chen. Not too long after, his heart began to pulsate with fury, Ill see for myself if the energy Georgien spoke of is that strong. Well see if it can easily destroy the Saint Weapon of a Heaven Saint Master.