Chaotic Sword God Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Imprint of Death (One)
Chapter 606: Imprint of Death (One)

By now, a large group of people had already gathered from Mercenary City. From far away, they watched the battle take place between Heaven Saint Masters. Several of the other Heaven Saint Masters had already flown up into the air to watch it from another perspective.

Hu Xiaotian had been with the Heaven Saint Masters, although they were all standing far away, their eyesight was strong enough to allow them to watch the battle with clarity.

When he saw Jian Chen floating in the air, Hu Xiaotian had been surprised, Eh? Isnt that brother Jian Chen? So he really did become a Heaven Saint Master, I underestimated him. But isnt he amazing, hes fighting against four other Heaven Saint Masters and managed to withstand four Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Perhaps brother Jian Chen has become a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master?

Look! The one fighting those four Heaven Saint Masters, isnt that the one who took first place in the Gathering of Mercenaries, Jian Chen? Several figures had realized Jian Chens identity had cried out in shock.

Eh? It really is Jian Chen! But wasnt he an Earth Saint Master when he was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries? So why is he a Heaven Saint Master now after a single year?

Is that really him? Heavens, hes already a Heaven Saint Master. Whats more, hes able to fight against four other Heaven Saint Masters using their Heaven Tier Battle Skills? How inconceivable. Jian Chen was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries, so he cant be over the age of fifty!

What? Fifty? Have you seen how old he looks? According to what I know, Jian Chens true age cant be over the age of thirty.

Youre kidding? His age isnt even past the thirties? Good heavens, becoming a Heaven Saint Master at that age is really unbelievable.

Those four Heaven Saint Masters used their Heaven Tier Battle Skills just now, but Jian Chen managed to defend himself from them. Thats really something else! Id have to guess hes a Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master at the very least.

Why just a Fourth Cycle? Even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would be hard-pressed to survive four Heaven Tier Battle Skills. I say that Jian Chen has to be a Saint Ruler! Another elder announced. His expression had been complex as he thought about just how Jian Chen had managed to defend against four Heaven Tier Battle Skill. A feat like that was bordering on the unbelievable.

What! Saint Ruler! How could that be!

Jian Chens identity had been quickly revealed to everyone there. But his revealment as a Heaven Saint Master had been especially shocking. Anyone that looked at him had now a new look of shock as they discussed to one another.

When someone had suggested that Jian Chen had already became a Saint Ruler, the entire area had gone deathly silent. Not a single one of them had spoke since news like that was far too incredulous to even imagine.

Jian Chen becoming a Saint Ruler before he even reaches his thirties would be far too terrifying. With the entire continent as a scale, talent like that would be hard to come by every millenia. After a very long time, another elder spoke with a sigh.

Jian Chen entered the holy lands of Mercenary City, with his talent already, it would only be a matter of time before he becomes a Saint Ruler. A frail looking elder exhaled slowly.

On another side, three black-robed men stood together as they watched the scene with calm expressions. One of the three had a single fan in his hands as he muttered, A Heaven Saint Master before the age of thirty and can withstand four Heaven Tier Battle skills, that Jian Chen really is something special. His potential for the future is practically unlimited. If we rope him into our clan before he becomes a Saint Ruler, itd be a great boon for us. Elder Zhou, go and make the inquiries on Jian Chens background later. See just what type of person he is and where hes from.

The middle-aged man standing behind the fan holder had nodded without hesitation, Itll be difficult, but I will try my best.

With his strength revealed, Jian Chens overwhelming talent had caught the attention of the more influential households. It went without exception that every person was determined to be in his good graces no matter what. If they couldnt then at the very least they wouldnt be enemies with him.

Everyone knew that to offend Jian Chen was tantamount to offending a figure that was close to becoming a Saint Ruler! This person had a very good chance of becoming a Saint King in the future too!

Meanwhile, in the skies, Jian Chen was injured, but he was still as imposing as ever. Just like a sword being unsheathed, the power emanating from him was filled with the intent to make battle.

The elders of the Shi family had all thought about the result of making an enemy with Jian Chen, but there had already been an unwashable blood debt between the two. The differences between them couldnt be solved amicably, so the only way now was to take advantage of the time before Jian Chen would become an actual threat to the Shi family and kill him first. Like killing the baby in the cradle, they would have to act now or be forced to witness a disaster to their family when it was too late.

Everyone together now! We must make sure to capture Jian Chen today. If we cannot, then we must make sure he dies here instead. We cannot let him escape again this time! The third elder shouted. Without giving Jian Chen anymore time to rest, he and the other three charged straight at him.

Jian Chen was not afraid, even with the situation. Instead of retreating, he dashed forward with the Origin energy ready to fight once more.

Brother Jian Chen, Im here to lend you a hand! Just at that moment, a loud voice exploded forth from the direction of Mercenary City. Seconds after, Hu Xiaotian could be seen flying towards him.

Jian Chen, we are here to help you as well! Not even moments after Hu Xiaotian had spoke, the three black-robed men from earlier had flown through the air after him to help Jian chen as well. The three of them wished to be in Jian Chens good graces, so helping him out in this moment was an extremely rare opportunity that had to be taken advantage of.

You have us as well! Several more voices cried out from the crowd as another four Heaven Saint Masters shot forth. Each one bore an intent that was more than willing to fight with the four elders of the Shi family. They were all borrowing this opportunity to help create a bridge between them and Jian Chen to gain even more power. After all, helping someone in their time of need was the best way to start a friendship.

Within several seconds, eight different Heaven Saint Masters were flying through the skies to help Jian Chen fight off the four elders from the Shi family.

This sudden aberration had caused the four elders to grow extremely grim. They had never thought that such an event like this would happen.

I appreciate everyones willingness to lend me a hand, but I alone will be enough to deal with these four. Everyone, please just stay by the side and continue watching. Today, I will slaughter these four myself. Jian Chen spoke to the eight. Only the four Heaven Tier Battle Skills frightened him, but without that, then Jian Chen wouldnt fear these four at all. With his Origin energy helping him, he had nothing else to worry about.

He wasnt willing to be in debt to another person as well since he knew that their intentions wouldnt all be as pure as snow. The best option was to just refuse their kindness all in all.

Even as he spoke, Jian Chen was already closing in with the four elders and were just several hundred meters away from clashing.

When those eight Heaven Saint Masters heard Jian Chen, they could only just stop there midflight. They too wished to see the true strength of someone who had managed to withstand four Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Furthermore, they wanted to see just how an injured person like him could kill four Heaven Saint Masters.

If brother Jian Chen wishes to kill those four himself, then I wont stop him in doing so. Hu Xiaotian smiled from his spot.

Then if brother Jian Chen needs our help, you all just need to ask and the three of us will do our best to help out. The fan-holding middle-aged man in black robes smiled as well. He had not cared at all for whom the four elders Jian Chen was fighting.

If sire Jian Chen wishes to kill those four personally, then we wont interfere with him. But sire Jian Chen, if you truly do need our help, just mention it. The other Heaven Saint Masters repeated one after another politely. If these men dared to stand against the Shi family, that meant that their own statuses were perhaps quite considerable as well.