Chaotic Sword God Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Death of the Saint Ruler of the Shi Family (Two)
Chapter 612: Death of the Saint Ruler of the Shi Family (Two)

In the history of the Tian Yuan Continent, each and every person that had the Imprint of Death afflicted onto them had been unable to remove it. This was due to the vital energies that were used to create it. The complexity of the patterns were far too much for pure energy to completely remove it. In the case that one was afflicted with the Imprint of Death, the only way to remove it was to completely exhaust the vital energies within the body as well.

A Heaven Saint Master used the energies that he had accumulated for plenty of years for the Imprint of Death. Without fail, this was a tremendous amount of energy to use. It would require several hundred years if anything to remove. But Jian Chen had not only managed to find a way to do so, he had found a way to do it quickly. This was something that the two Saint Rulers felt incredulous about.

The two of them knew just how important the Imprint of Death was. In the case that there was no reaction from it, then it would mean that Jian Chen had escaped from their range. Even as Saint Rulers, it would be hard to find Jian Chen without the Imprint of Death. The Tian Yuan Continent was far too vast and had a sea of people to hide within. All in all, it was like finding a needle from a haystack.

Jian Chen in this moment was currently resting on the bed with the azure and violet sword spirits working hard to erase the Imprint of Death. He had been completely oblivious to the fact that the two Saint Rulers were now aware of what he was doing.

Just then, a knock on the door made itself known. The door had been bolted shut with an iron lock, but it had been knocked off its hinges and thrown to the floor unceremoniously to reveal the two Saint Rulers walking in.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jian Chen looked at the two Saint Rulers with calm eyes.

Ive underestimated you, Jian Chen. I didnt expect to see that youve have a way to remove the Imprint of Death. Hmph, how could there be such an easy way to remove the Imprint of Death? Patriarch Shi spoke dangerously. He had been secretly glad of the fact that the other Saint Ruler had reminded him. Otherwise, Jian Chen might have really escaped under his nose as soon as the Imprint of Death was gone.

Knowing that the fact that he could remove the Imprint of Death was now discovered, Jian Chen was not discouraged. He knew that in Mercenary City, there was nothing the two could do even with that knowledge.

Seniors, you are quite powerful to realize what I was up to with such little information. But even now that you know this, what can you do? If I had only a little longer, then I would have thrown off the Imprint of Death and escaped. Jian Chen smiled.

You dare! Patriarch Shi boomed with anger as he pointed a finger at him. The Imprint of Death had been casted by a Heaven Saint Master, if it were so easily removed, then that Heaven Saint Master died in vain.

Smiling at the Saint Ruler as if to ridicule him, Jian Chen spoke, This junior would never dare. But dont forget that this is Mercenary City, would you two seniors really try to fight me here?

The expression on patriarch Shis face grew even more murderous. His eyes looked as if they could spit fire at Jian Chen, and if looks could kill, then Jian Chen would have been dead just from the mans glance alone.

Seeing that Jian Chen had been so smug, the other Saint Ruler couldnt help but give a small smile. Jian Chen, you shouldnt count your eggs before they hatch. Even if you remove the Imprint of Death, you cannot escape from us still. Ive a secret technique that allows me to place a seal to see the location of the person its own. It isnt as powerful as the Imprint of Death, but it will serve us nicely in this situation. At that, the Saint Ruler began to go through a series of hand gestures. Several illusionary patterns began to exude forth from his hands, and with each hand seal, a strange energy began to form in those patterns.

Jian Chen had blanched at that and lost all of his initial calmness. If the Saint Ruler wasnt lying, then with whatever technique the Saint Ruler had on him, Jian Chen would be no better off than before. This was not something Jian Chen had expected.

His eyes narrowed with a brilliant cold light as he cautioned the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan, This is Mercenary City, are you really going to move a hand against me?

This technique of mine doesnt hurt the person and neither does it go against any rules of the city. I will be fine and worry-free from the rules. The man spoke with confidence. His hands hadnt stopped moving at all since his previous statement, and the energy that was forming in them had started to grow even more condensed than as they entered the complicated pattern in the air.

Bastard! Jian Chen had cursed to himself. With no desire to be stuck with whatever tracking technique the Saint Ruler had, Jian Chen grabbed the still sleeping tiger cub and leapt out the window to escape.

Pah! Jian Chen, do you think you can escape from my grasp? The Saint Ruler sneered before rushing out with patriarch Shi.

The outside city had been very busy at that current moment when Jian Chen had dropped to the ground. Bursting with speed into a random direction, Jian Chen had no delusions that he would be able to escape from the two Saint Rulers. They would be able to catch up with him at any time, so Jian Chen had been desperately thinking of what to do as he ran.

The most important thing to do at the moment was to escape direct contact from the two. This way, hed be able to escape the Jiede clans Saint Rulers technique from being placed onto him. It was unfortunate that there were barely any hiding spots in Mercenary City and that his pursuers were Saint Rulers. If he had perhaps met the conditions in being able to enter the general headquarters to Mercenary City, he could probably be safe. But as of right now, he could not.

Jian Chen! In front of a Saint Ruler, you are powerless to run away! At that moment, an elderly voice could be heard as the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan appeared directly in front of him and blocked his path. Before Jian Chen could even react, the energy in his hands shot forth towards Jian Chen and melted into Jian Chens body with a speed like lightning.

Just as this strange energy entered Jian Chens body, he immediately felt his entire body grow tense as the energy transformed into a net that surrounded the entirety of his entire body. He felt as if his mobility had been limited thanks to the technique in a fashion not too different from the pressure from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

He had grown cold when the implications of this technique hit him. Not only did this technique make it easier for the Saint Ruler to find him, but it also limited his very own mobility. As of right now, Jian Chen could feel that it was significantly harder to move in comparison to before.

Jian Chen, how does this feeling suit you? This technique of mine doesnt have the same length of range as the Imprint of Death, but even the Imprint of Death doesnt boast the same effectiveness of this. It can restrict your movement as long as you are weaker than I am. And until then, there is no way you can break free of this technique. The Saint Ruler laughed in sadistic delight.

Clenching his fist tightly, Jian Chen grew even more furious at the man. He had never thought that this would happen to him. The Imprint of Death he had on him was just nearly removed before this sudden development. This newest event had only meant that his plans would be further delayed by a long length of time.

Big brother! Did you come across trouble again? Are these two people chasing you bad guys? Suddenly, a voice suddenly made itself clear in Jian Chens mind. The ethereal body of Little Spirit suddenly materialized right in front of Jian Chens eyes with her transparent feet hovering just a meter over the ground.

It seemed as if her body was only visible to Jian Chen, as the entire street was filled with people, but not a single one of them seemed to have noticed her existence.

Little Spirit had sensed the technique that had been used on Jian Chens body, causing her pure and childlike body to twist up in anger. Big brother! Youre being bullied! Those two must be bad guys! If they are, then dont worry big brother! Little Spirit will help you! With that, she pointed a finger at Jian Chen. A strange beam of energy flew out from her extended finger and met with Jian Chens body to instantly dispel the entrapment that had been placed on him.

With his technique broken, the Saint Ruler had sensed it as well. Confunded, the Saint Ruler spoke to Jian Chen with some startled disbelief, But how? I can see that you broke my technique somehow. No, that shouldnt be possible! Not possible at all! How could you have enough power to overwhelm my technique?

Patriarch Shi had heard what the other Saint Ruler said and was equally astounded. This brat is a freak. He muttered. Not only can he remove the Imprint of Death, he can even break free from the technique you placed on him. Perhaps theres some sort of treasure on his person?

Big brother, dont be surprised and go after them! Beat them down quickly! Teach those baddies a lesson! Little Spirit floated down to Jian Chens side as she snarled angrily. Because of the fact that Jian Chen was being bullied, Little Spirit was glaring hatefully at the two Saint Rulers.

Little Spirit, this is Mercenary City. Its not a place where I can fight as easily as I want. If I do, then Ill suffer an extremely terrible punishment. Jian Chen spoke reluctantly.

Big brother, dont worry. All of the punishments from Mercenary City were caused by Little Spirit. But Little Spirit wont punish big brother this time! So hurry up and teach them a lesson! They cant fight back, but if they do, then Little Spirit will definitely punish them! If master didnt prohibit Little Spirit from hurting people, then Little Spirit would have taken revenge for big brother already!

Jian Chen had been motivated by what Little Spirit had been saying. For the past two months, he had been pressured and stifled by the presence of the two Saint Rulers. Today was the day he could finally vent his sufferings to the two without them being able to retaliate. This was something that gave Jian Chen no small amount of joy. He had never once experienced chasing after a Saint Ruler before.

A surge of energy began to bubble up from within Jian Chens body before leaking out of it to spread out to pressure the two Saint Rulers. Grasping at his right hand, Jian Chen began to unleash the Origin energy so that it would form into a sword-like item to fight with.

The sudden action of Jian Chen had caught the attention of the entire street. When they saw the strange look in his eyes, everyone had thought that they were about to see Jian Chen start to fight within the city. One by one, they shook their heads with a pitying laugh. In todays age, just what person didnt know about the prohibition on fighting that Mercenary City enforced?

When the two Saint Rulers saw what Jian Chen was doing, patriarch Shi looked at him as if he was an idiot. Jian Chen, dont tell me youre planning to start a fight within the city. Thats an action of someone who is tired of living.

Jian Chen. Even we two are afraid of fighting in Mercenary City. You are only a Heaven Saint Master, if you wish to continue living, then cease what youre doing. Otherwise, there will be no one to save you. The Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan sneered.