Chaotic Sword God Chapter 618

Chapter 618: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body (Three)
Chapter 618: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body (Three)

Surveying the area around him, Jian Chen asked in confusion, Little Spirit, is there really a large amount of energy here? Why can I not sense a single thing?

Thats because big brother is surrounded by Little Spirits barrier! Of course big brother wont be able to sense the outside. Big brother, prepare yourself, Little Spirit is about to drop the barrier. She giggled.

When Little Spirit dropped the barrier, Jian Chen was immediately hit with an influx of energy from the surrounding area onto his body. The energy had been so powerful and massive that he felt as if an entire mountain had been dropped on top of his body and rendered him immobile. Even his fingers were hardly capable of moving.

Stunned by the tremendous amount of energy that was trapping his entire body, Jian Chen felt as if he was a small boat stuck out in the ocean. He was as insignificant as a speck of sand on the beach.

Big brother, this place should have plenty of energy. Its everything Little Spirit accumulated over the years. Hurry up and absorb it, big brother will become stronger that way and wont have to worry about the baddy! Little Spirit spoke into his ear.

Letting out a breath of air, Jian Chen slowly calmed himself down and connected with the sword spirits.

Wow, master, theres plenty of energy in this place! Its very strong too--far stronger than the energy in a Ruler Armament.

Thats good then. Since this place has a lot of energy, master, you should borrow this energy and reach the realm of Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body. Youll be able to use Chaotic Force that way.

Qingsuo and Ziying had been awakened by the external sensations they felt and let out gasps in amazement and joy at the revelation.

Upon hearing that absorbing the energy in this place would be enough to get him to the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body, Jian Chen had been filled with joy. And when he heard that hed be able to use Chaotic Force at that point, he had been ecstatic.

Ziying, Qingsuo, lets begin right away then. Lets refine this into Chaotic Force. Jian Chen ordered right away. He really wanted to see just how strong this Minor Achievement realm was.

Yes, master! The two spoke right away before flying out of Jian Chens body. As soon as they exited his body, a pair of azure and violet light filled the previously pitch-dark area with their glow.

With the azure and violet glow above his head, they quickly materialized into a semi-transparent body just like Little Spirit. But their physical manifestations were of a pair of twenty-something young male and female that looked to be like lovers.

Ahh? Strange, who are you two? Did you just come out from big brothers body? Why didnt Little Spirit sense you? Little Spirit suddenly spoke out in confusion. Turning to Jian Chen, she asked, Big brother, who are those two? They look kinda similar to Little Spirit.

Little Spirit, they are very good friends of mine. He replied.

Oh, so theyre big brothers friends. But if theyre friends of big brother, then theyre friends of Little Spirit! Oya! How happy this is! Little Spirit has even more friends! And theyre like me as well! Little Spirit let out a happy cry from the excitement of meeting two new friends.

Ziying and Qingsuo both looked at Little Spirit for a brief moment before Ziying stated, A strong soul!

Qingsuos eyes were lit up bright as she spoke, This soul is a Postcelestial being that has lived for a long time. But because of the inability to become a Precelestial, her sentience was unable to mature and was stuck as a two-three year old child. What a shame.

Whatever the case, it isnt a good topic for now. Qingsuo, let us not waste any time and hurry up to refine the Chaotic Force. The sooner we do so, the sooner master can form the Chaotic Body. Ziying spoke.

Yes. Then let us begin. Qingsuo spoke. Holding Ziyings hand, the two of them began to synchronize their absorption of the energy. All of a sudden, the energy around them began to get sucked up into them at an accelerated rate. It was as if a whale was beginning to take in a tremendous amount of water. As the energy gathered around them, it contracted at an alarming rate in between their hands before slowly forming the Chaotic Force.

The rate of refinement into Chaotic Force was extremely fast and took only a short few moments before the first strand of it was formed in Jian Chens body.

Jian Chen hadnt been idle himself. Controlling the first strand of Chaotic Force, he had it circle around his body and used it to temper his entire body. As the strand of Chaotic Force slowly traveled around his body, the tremendous amount of energy slowly infused itself with Jian Chens body. His originally strong body was slowly being refined more and more, and whether it was his blood, muscles or meridians, they were all being strengthened at a tremendous rate.

By the third rotation, the Chaotic Force had completely lost all form of energy and disappeared from existence. And with the energy being infused with Jian Chens body, Jian Chen himself could feel his own body grow drastically in power.

Afterwards, Qingsuo and Ziying focused on refining more and more strands of Chaotic Force to put into Jian Chens body. With plenty of them to use, Jian Chens body had exploded exponentially in might from the strengthening and shot quickly towards the realm of Minor Achievement.

In the darkness, time seemed to have gone into a standstill. There was practically no sensation of time even flowing, and no one inside this space seemed to be aware of anything. But then, a sudden crackling sound suddenly broken the silence in this darkness. The skin of Jian Chens body began to crack in several areas like the webs of a spider, and in a few short seconds, not a single part of Jian Chens skin was left untouched by these cracks.

It had been this grotesque sight that made Jian Chen look as if he was a vase that was threatening to crack and fall to pieces. Even his handsome faces had been ravaged by the countless cracks. He looked like a monster, a utterly terrifying monster.

And in the next moment, the fingernail-sized pieces of skin began to flake away from his body one by one. As each piece flaked away, a flawless jade-like skin could be seen replacing the pieces. His new layer of skin was as white as sheepskin, and it was extremely supple but flexible with the touch. In short, his skin was as flawless as the skin of a newborn and would be the target of envy by any women.

Whilst Jian Chens outer skin was undergoing a process of metamorphism, his muscles were also being elevated to new heights. Like the cicada shedding its carapace, Jian Chen was undergoing a new level of evolution.

Within this short amount of time, Jian Chens body had underwent a terrifying level of growth. At the same time, Jian Chen could feel the Chaotic Force in his body become more smooth to the sensation and usage. He no longer felt the same pain from before when he used it. And at last, he no longer felt the difference in using the Chaotic Force than when he used the Saint Force. Both could be wielded by him at ease as if it were breathing.

He had been unsure of how much time had past, but over a hundred strands of Chaotic Force had been used for the sake of Jian Chens evolution. By now, the source of endless energy that was being fed into the sword spirits to be refined into Chaotic Force had been stopped, as there was no longer any need for it. Shortly afterwards, the voices of Qingsuo could be heard, Master! Youve done it! Youve finally reached the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body! You can now use the Chaotic Force.

Startled awake, Jian Chen retreated from his meditative state of mind and began to pay more attention to the new changes of his body. His face had been unable to hide his joy in fact. Although he didnt know just how strong he became on a numerical level, he was absolutely sure that the strength of his body had surpassed what a Heaven Saint Master would be able to scratch. All that was left to see was how it would do against a Saint Ruler.

Ziying, Qingsuo, you two are more understanding of the Chaotic Force than I am. If I were to meet a Saint Ruler, would I stand a chance against them? Jian Chen asked.

Master, Ziying and Qingsuo pay very little attention to the outer world so we are not as knowledgeable about the strengths of a Saint Ruler. But with masters current power, if master were to fight that Saint Ruler who ran away some time ago, then even if master was unable to beat him, master would be invincible at the very least. Ziying spoke.

Is that right? Jian Chen smiled joyfully. The Minor Achievement with Chaotic Force was truly something that would allow him to fight with a Saint Ruler.

Master, the Chaotic Body is far from being enough. The Chaotic Body must coordinate with the Chaotic Force in order to show off its best strengths! From now on, master must absorb the Chaotic Force in your body and condense it into your neidan. Ziying spoke.

Big brother, what is this Chaotic Body? And whats Chaotic Force? Big brother, Little Spirit can see that your body has grown even stronger now. Is that this Chaotic Body? Little Spirit asked him curiously after listening to Ziying.

Correct. Your big brothers body is the Chaotic Body made from Chaotic Force itself. It is a very strong type of power. Little Spirit, your big brother still wants to borrow the energy in this place. Itll make my power even stronger to be enough to deal with that baddy. Jian Chen said.

Go ahead! Big brother can absorb as much energy in this place as big brother wants! As long as big brother will be safe from that baddy, then take as much as you want! Little Spirit agreed enthusiastically.

Afterwards, Ziying and Qingsuo held hands once more to absorb even more energy in the area to refine it into Chaotic Force. And Jian Chen himself had closed his eyes to focus on cultivating. Silently drawing the Chaotic Force around his body, he converted it into power for him to use before allowing it to gather in his dantian without it strengthening his body.

Following the endless flow of Chaotic Force to enter his body from the outside, Jian Chen watched more and more Chaotic Force assemble within his body and gather in his dantian to form a small soybean-sized gray sphere.

With this gray sphere being formed, Ziying and Qingsuo ceased in their actions and held out their hands. The energy that had been flowing into them had halted before flying into Jian Chens body even faster than before. It was as if his body was an endless pit that accepted as much energy as possible like a whale taking in water.

If things were like before, Jian Chen wouldnt have done things as such. This powerful energy would have torn his body apart and. But because he had already achieved a level of Minor Achievement with his Chaotic Body, he could easily withstand this without a problem or any feeling of pain.

Master, your Chaotic Body has formed and your neidan has formed as well. There is no need for us to help you convert any more Chaotic Force anymore. As long as there is energy from the outside world flowing into your body, your neidan will convert it into Chaotic Force itself. Master, quickly convert this energy into your neidan. Ziying and Qingsuo will help you absorb it. Ziying spoke inside of Jian Chens mind.

At a thought, the soybean sized neidan within Jian Chens body began to rotate faster and faster as the energy that was flowing into his body was being converted into Chaotic Force.