Chaotic Sword God Chapter 620

Chapter 620: Meeting the Heiyun Clan Again
Chapter 620: Meeting the Heiyun Clan Again

This Illusionary Flash is quite extraordinary. Ive understood only a portion of it, and yet I am still this fast. Its far faster than flying. Jian Chen remarked in surprise about the Illusionary Flash.

And with the Chaotic Force feeding into the Illusionary Flash, he was going extremely fast for an extremely small amount of energy.

As he sped through the plains and fields, he had been able to bask in the sensation of running fast. It had been a very long time since he had last felt it, and ever since he became a Heaven Saint Master, he had been flying everywhere instead. There hadnt been a need for him to use his legs to run.

It was a decently sized distance from Mercenary City to Cross Mountains at well over five hundred thousand kilometers. A distance like that had meant that it would take Jian Chen nearly four days worth to travel with the Illusionary Flash before he finally reached the mountains. But even after the fourth day of continuous traveling, Jian Chen did not feel tired at all.

The topography of the Cross Mountains was complex and the paths were preciptuous, so when Jian Chen arrived, he didnt bother with the Illusionary Flash and continued to fly for the rest of the way to Longevity Valley.

After four hours, Jian Chen had finally arrived back at Longevity Valley. Following the twisting roads to the valley, Jian Chen was able to then enter the hidden village.

As soon the fragrant smell of the soil hit his nose, Jian Chen felt as if he had stepped into a hidden paradise. There was not the bloody smell of the outside dog-eat-dog world to be found here, and Jian Chen felt himself at an impeccable level of tranquility. After spending so long in the violent continent, Jian Chen didnt know if there was ever a time he had been as calm as he was now. It was like there was some sort of hidden power in this land that negated the evil influences of the heart.

It was high noon by the time he arrived at Longevity Valley. Plenty of villagers could be seen walking about, and when Jian Chen entered the village, these villagers had noticed him right away.

Eeeh? Look there, isnt that there the Jian Chen fellow?

Brother Jian Chen has returned!

Many of the villagers spoke out excitedly--some of them had thrown down their farming tools in excitement to go running towards Jian Chen. In a flash, three of the more younger villagers had surrounded him and began to ask all sorts of questions about the outside world,

Brother Jian Chen, how was the outside world? Was it fun?

Big brother Jian Chen, how far away was the outside world to our valley? When can you bring us there to play?

Big brother Jian Chen, I heard that the outside world is dangerous. Is it true? Did you face danger out there?

These three youths had blabbered on and on with questions for Jian Chen to answer, but each question had been related to the outside world. They were villagers that had never stepped out from Longevity Valley and into the outside world. Because of that, they had never personally seen the outside world for themselves and was extremely curious as a result.

Jian Chen! A dignified voice spoke out as Xiu Mi came forward towards him. He had been shirtless and wore only short pants down below.

Uncle Xiu Mi! Jian Chen spoke out happily to him. He was the uncle of little fatty and was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. For him, there was only a small step before he would become a Saint Ruler.

Nodding his head, Xiu Mi looked at Jian Chen carefully, Jian Chen, he smiled. Youve must have come back for little fatty. That promise you made with him has past several months already.

Jian Chen smiled apologetically, Uncle Xiu Mi, please accept my sincerest apologies. I had planned to return earlier, but I had been forced to delay my visit because of some unforeseen events.

Xiu Mi gave a loud laugh as he answered, No worries, I know what the outside world is like. Whenever there is trouble that cant be avoided, it is only natural to be held up by it. But Jian Chen, if youre here for little fatty, your arrival is a little untimely.

Why is that? Has little fatty not yet become an Earth Saint Master? Jian Chen asked.

Thats not it. Xiu Mi shook his head. Little fatty has exceptional talent--its far stronger than mine or my fathers in fact. There had been nothing wrong with his development. He had only required a half year to become an Earth Saint Master, but because my father was not willing to let him go with you into the Tian Yuan Continent like this, he took little fatty with him to teach and give a few things to him. This way, when he goes to the outside world, hell be able to protect himself.

Uncle Xiu Mi, when will little fatty return then? Jian Chen asked.

It should be any time by now. Id reckon three months. He replied.

Three months, thats enough time for me to handle a few things. Jian Chen thought to himself.

Afterwards, Jian Chen made talk with Xiu Mi for a while longer before handing several things to each of the villagers. Staying for a day, Jian Chen then left on the second with plans to return within three months to meet with little fatty.

With Jian Chen back on the continent, he brought the sleeping tiger cub with him to a smaller kingdoms First Class city to find a way to find out where the Jiede clan was.

Now that he was no longer afraid of any Saint Ruler, the Jiede clan no longer imposed a problem to him. He had the strength and he had the blood debt. When it came to an enemy like this, Jian Chen would not forgive them easily.

My apologies, sire. The family you are inquiring about is a complete mystery to us. We are only responsible for information within a fifty thousand kilometers perimeter. Perhaps this family you are looking for is beyond our area. A seventy year old man spoke to Jian Chen within an information broker store.

Sighing, Jian Chen held out a purple coin and gave it to him. Leaving the room, Jian Chen thought about the Jiede clan. It had been unfortunate that he felt helpless in trying to find where the Jiede clan was.

If only I had known early to ask about them in Mercenary City. Those men would have definitely known where the Jiede clan was. Jian Chen sighed to himself.

Halt! Stay where you are!

Hand over that beast cub if you know whats good for you. Or else youll be carrion food!

At that moment, a large ruckus could be heard at the end of a street. A single disheveled white-robed man could be seen running in between the crowd. His face was pale, and his body was clearly injured from how he was half hobbling as he ran. Furthermore, the entire top half of his body was drenched with blood as he carried a small magical beast.

Right behind him, three middle-aged man were running at him with their Saint Weapons in hand.

Each one of these four men were Earth Saint Masters, but their pursuit had been long enough for them to all be gasping for breath. With their current speed, it had not been long until the young man brushed up against Jian Chen.

Just then, one of the three pursuers suddenly stamped hard onto the ground to kick off into the air. His entire body suddenly lit up with an azure light as he sped towards the youth and landed a kick onto his back.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, the young man flew forward into the air before tumbling back down to the ground twenty meters away.

The three men had immediately came forward to surround him with one of the three glaring evilly at him, Smelly brat, lets see you try to get away now. We only wanted you to hand over that cub. There wasnt a need for you to be harmed at all. But since youve refused our kindness, well force you to hand it over then. Since youve killed two of our own, well make sure you wont get away.

Dont even let him say anything and just kill him. This is for Hei Xiong and Hei Qing! The other man snarled before hoisting his sword up. Without mercy, he swung the blade down onto the youths head.

Widening his eyes wide, the youth watched the blade come down onto his head unwillingly. He had sadly been far too injured to move. Considering all the energy he spent fighting and running away already, he was completely out. Not a single iota of energy could be used so he could only close his eyes and await death.

Just as the blade was about to cut into his throat, a sudden burst of energy slammed against the sword and knocked it away from his body just narrowly.

At this sudden development, the three men had looked startled. Each one look to where the blast had originated from before one of them cried out, Which fucker is the one thats getting in our business? To interfere with the Heiyun clan is a suicidal act, come on out!

Everyone watching had been brought to a frenzy as they saw the young man about to be executed. But when they heard that it was the Heiyun clan, everyone had immediately grown quiet.

Jian Chen slowly walked out from the group and smiled at the three men. So youre men from the Heiyun clan. I didnt expect to come across you today, I suppose that meeting my enemies on this narrow road was inevitable. In Jian Chens mind, he thought back to when he had to escape from the clan with the tiger cub back in Thousand Poison Valley. That clan had been the Heiyun clan with a Heaven Saint Master.

The three men glared angrily at Jian Chen one by one. The last one then spoke out, Brat, who are you? Are you the one that stopped us just then?

Who I am isnt important. But yes, that was I. Jian Chen laughed.