Chaotic Sword God Chapter 631

Chapter 631: The Transformation of Little Fatty (Two)
Chapter 631: The Transformation of Little Fatty (Two)

The sky above was sunny. There was not a single cloud in sight for kilometers around. A slight breeze could be felt as golden rays of light brightly sprinkled down onto the equally golden ground below. The entire continent basked in the golden rays of sun as it warmed up.

Jian Chen flew across the azure sky with Wang Yufeng at sound-breaking speeds. They were traveling fast enough that the scenery below was a blur.

Jian Chen, you really are amazing to kill even a Saint Ruler! I wasnt able to see the fight, but the sounds alone were enough to terrify me! The earth and the heavens themselves felt as if they were threatening to fall to pieces, and even the mountains had been utterly destroyed! I had almost thought that you were going to destroy the world. Wang Yufeng spoke passionately without pause. A Saint Ruler is really strong after all, theyre not someone any person can easily fight. Even if I came across a Saint Ruler, Id be like a piece of paper to be blown away! A battle between Saint Rulers is something that is barely seen even once every hundred years.

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, You praise me too much. How could a Saint Ruler be that easy to kill? The patriarch and I fought an intense battle, but we were evenly matched. Neither one of us could harm the other, so he was unable to be killed by me.

That couldnt be helped, Jian Chen. You dont look all that much younger than me, but you have already become a Saint Ruler! Your potential is definitely limitless in the future. I, Wang Yufeng really think that it is luck that I will be able to travel with you. Ill definitely be able experience my own ups and downs too. Wang Yufeng happily smiled. To be able to follow a Saint Ruler was an undeniably joyful event to be excited for.

Suddenly, Wang Yufeng thought of something and looked to Jian Chen in panic, Jian Chen, you cant throw me away, okay? I may just be a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master, but my potential isnt weak by any means either. Im thirty-five years old this year, but Im still considered a genius of the continent! Becoming a Heaven Saint Master is just a matter of time! Becoming a Saint Ruler wouldnt be out of the question either!

If you are willing to join my mercenary group, I will of course never toss you away, but you must understand, following me is not going to always be a good thing. Although I am strong, the opponents I have are just as strong. They are not to be trifled with. Jian Chen responded.

Haha, I dont care about that. The events of the future are unknown to me, but I, Wang Yufeng, still wish to travel with you. Wang Yufeng laughed in ardent support of following Jian Chen.

Afterward, Jian Chen brought Wang Yufeng to Mercenary City and left him there to wait. After exchanging a few words with Little Spirit, he left for Longevity Valley once again.

At the same time as he was leaving Mercenary City, a stalwart middle-aged man currently sat in a personal room in a First Class City in some other kingdom.

Respectful sir, weve investigated the matter you wished for. Within the room, another elderly man smiled professionally at him.

Say it! If your information is reliable, there will be a bountiful reward. The man spoke with bright eyes and a cold voice.

As soon as he heard the words bountiful reward, the other mans face grew serious. The wrinkles on his face tightened as he said, Respectful sir, our Labyrinthine sect has made our investigations and have made a preliminary report on the actions of Jian Chen. When he was in Mercenary City, the uproar he caused there made its way to the outskirts of the city. About a month later, he arrived at a First Class city in the Tianzhu Kingdom and lay waste to a strong clan. Even the city itself was harmed, its assumed that a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was used

The middle-aged man impatiently waved his hand, Spare me the useless facts and get to the point. I wish to know where he is.

Yes, right away! The elder replied without delay. Looking as if he was thinking, he said, Since Jian Chen is a Heaven Saint Master, he can fly off to places that even we cannot track with ease. We only know that two days ago, he arrived back at Mercenary City with another person and then left headed to the Cross Mountains it seems.

The Cross Mountains! The mans eyes lit up as he spoke, Why is he going there?

Respectful sir, Jian Chens destination might be the Cross Mountains, but we dont dare guarantee that he is going there. Whether he might alter or change his destination, we dont know, but we can guarantee that if we come across news of Jian Chens destination, we will make sure to inform you with most haste. The elder finished his report.

The man nodded his head and dropped a hefty bag of coins onto the table in front of him. This is your reward. Remember, you must follow Jian Chen and where he goes. If he heads far away from Mercenary City, tell me at once.

Yes yes! The elder quickly responded as he took the bag of coins. Opening the bag up, he allowed himself to look at the glittering coins inside with a transfixed expression.

Jian Chen traveled back to Longevity Valley by himself. Now that he was done with most of his affairs, he could spend the rest of his time waiting in Longevity Valley for little fatty to return. He could also make use of this time to familiarize himself with the Chaotic Force he had recently gained.

With patriarch Shi dead, the Shi family wouldnt dare send any more Heaven Saint Masters after Jian Chen. He wouldnt even need fear them. Since he was a Saint Ruler in strength, his foresight had greatly expanded. No longer did he fear the entirety of the Shi family, but neither did he feel like going on a trip to destroy the family. He was instead more focused on the expansion and training of the Flame Mercenaries.

After he returned to Longevity Valley, Jian Chen began to converse with the villagers once more. Then, he went with uncle Xiu Mi to rest for some time.

That night, Jian Chen ate dinner with Xiu Mi and his wife before shutting himself in his own room. From there, Jian Chen sat as still as a stone statue on and began to converse with the sword spirits to learn more about the Chaotic Force.

Master, you are truly using the Chaotic Force now. Its power and might are much stronger than before. When master uses the Chaotic Force, master cannot use it to attack at random. Not only does this waste the Chaotic Force, it weakens the power. Ziying explained to him.

Does that mean I must use my fists when I fight in the future? Jian Chen asked with some vexation.

Yes, master. The Chaotic Force is quite tyrannical. The average weapon wouldnt be able to withstand the Chaotic Force if it ran through it. Without the Azulet swords being forged, you must fight your enemies with your bare hands. Ziying answered.

Master, you shouldnt be so worried. You just have to get enough materials to forge the Azulet swords. Yin and Yang were born from chaos, and Ziying and Qingsuo were evolved from this Yin and Yang. Ziying and Qingsuo are extremely strong. As long as master succeeds in forging the Azulet swords, the swords will become extremely strong when combined with the Chaotic Force. From that moment on, no one in the world will be able to stop master. Qingsuo added.

Qingsuos words caused Jian Chens mind to race furiously with delightful thoughts. He was extremely impatient to forge the Azulet swords, but the task of forging them left him with a feeling of annoyance. The materials to forge the swords were far too difficult to find. Who knew just how long it would take before he would be able to gather enough materials to make the swords?

Master, a Ruler Armament would be able to sustain the power of Chaotic Force. Why not find a suitable Ruler Armament to use in the meantime? Ziying suggested.

Yes, master. A Ruler Armament should be strong enough to withstand the Chaotic Force. Until the Azulet swords are made, master can use a Ruler Armament as a replacement. I know that only a Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer is capable of leaving behind a Ruler Armament, but if thats the case, then a Saint King at the Ninth Heavenly Layer shouldnt be too different. Master, you should find the weapon that a Saint King has left behind. Those would definitely be better than a Ruler Armament a Saint Ruler made. Ziying spoke.

Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King! Jian Chen could hardly contain his pained smile. A Ruler Armament was already a treasure that was nearly impossible to obtain, let alone items a Saint King at the Ninth Heavenly Layer has left behind. A godly weapon like that was most likely impossible to find, but the sword spirits suggestions hadnt been too outlandish. Whether or not he could one was up to luck.

Ziying, Qingsuo, a Saint Ruler can harness the power of space by understanding the profound mysteries of the world. Even if Im able to use the Chaotic Force, Im unable to harm them. Would you two have any ideas on how I can change that?