Chaotic Sword God Chapter 635

Chapter 635: The Great Nubis
Chapter 635: The Great Nubis

Jian Chens words were clearly meant to provoke the Golden-Striped Silver Snake, a snake that held a mighty position as royalty of all snakes. The golden eyes of the snake in human form gleamed scarlet for a single second as killing intent exploded from its body. Coldly, the man said, Human, if you have such confidence in yourself, allow the great Nubis to see just how strong you are. And with those words, a golden flash was seen as the man flew forward. Following his charge was a bright silver light as if a goddess had illuminated the area with a flowery glow. With the speed of lightning, the male shot toward Jian Chen.

Before Jian Chen could dodge, Jian Chen was covered with strands of silver that began to weave around his body. In the blink of an eye, he was completely cocooned in the silver strands as if he were a silkworm.

As soon the strands wrapped themselves around Jian Chen, they began to tighten around hiss body. Each strand was like a silvery steel as it covered every inch of Jian Chens body. They were all as sharp as the edge of a blade. With Jian Chen nestled inside, he felt countless of blades cutting deep into his body, and if not for his Chaotic Body and its defenses, he would have been reduced to minced meat long ago.

The Chaotic Force circulated around Jian Chens body, protecting every inch of him. He let out a sudden grunt and shook his body, causing the silver strands to be shaken off his body and away into the air. Looking to the Golden-Striped Silver Snake, Jian Chen said, It seems that the famed Golden-Striped Silver Snake only amounts to this much. Show your full strength or suffer defeat at my hands. Jian Chen used the Illusionary Flash to immediately charge at the youth with an outstretched fist.

The strength of your body is astonishing to even me. Are you truly a human? The male spoke with surprise. His eyes were leveled calmly at the fist coming at him. He received it with a powerful fist of his own.


When the two fists clashed, a powerful explosion rocked the cave as a wave of energy burst away from the impact zone. The entire cave shook to its foundations as stones fell one by one from the ceiling. In every corner of the cave, several fractures could be seen starting to spread.

The golden-robed youth was sent flying from the punch before impacting against the cave wall behind him. Another crater was formed upon impact and the youths body sank deep into the wall.

Despite the young man being a transformed state of the Golden-Striped Silver Snake, it still boasted a powerful defense and equally powerful strength. Even that wasnt enough to contend with the strength of the Chaotic Body that Jian Chen used.

As the young golden-robed man walked out of the crater, it looked a little worse for wear. However, there were no inherent injuries to his body, and his face was several shades more serious. He no longer showed that previous disdain for Jian Chen. Instead, he stared at his slightly shaking right arm in shock.

This time, it had been the snake that had eaten up a loss.

No wonder you are known as a beast of antiquity. Your body is so strong that my fist didnt break your arm. Jian Chen laughed. He was rather surprised to experience the strength of a Class 7 Magical Beast. Compared to a Saint Ruler, the contrast in strength was far too much.

Your flesh is enough to stop even mine. But how? Humans shouldnt possess strength like that. Are you a half-breed? Or a wargod from the ancient Bai clans? The snake questioned, no longer was there as much confidence in his voice.

What wargod from the ancient Bai clans? I have no idea what youre talking about. I am a genuine human. Jian Chen laughed.

Impossible! How could a human possess a body like that? Its stronger than even the flesh of a magical beast. The snake snapped unconfidently.

Quirking his lips, Jian Chen replied, How about it then? Why dont you think over my previous suggestion. Follow me for ten years and Ill give you the carcass of your kin. Thats the only way youll be getting it since you have no way of killing me.

The snakes face grew darker and darker the more it listened to Jian Chen, Wishing for the great Nubis to follow you for ten years is no easy task. The battle has only started; even if your body is strong, I still have plenty ways of harming or disposing of you.

Is that right? Then please allow this one to experience your guidance. Jian Chen laughed. Using the Illusionary Flash to get close to the snake, Jian Chen brought forth a tremendous amount of Chaotic Force into his fist and slammed it onto the males chest. Following the wake of his fist was a series of ripples in space itself, showing just how strong the punch was.

After experiencing a loss the last exchange, the snake knew just how troublesome Jian Chens fist was. He no longer wished to take it head-on. Using the powers of space to travel behind Jian Chen, a flash of golden scales could be seen covering the males right fist. Forming a claw with it, the snake flashed forward to grab Jian Chens back.

Pft!As soon as the sharp claws of the males hand made contact with Jian Chens Chaotic Body, they were stopped. The tips were unable to penetrate Jian Chens skin. It was almost like there was some sort of energy blocking them, causing the male to be unable to move any further.

A brilliant gleam entered Jian Chens eyes as he swallowed another burst of Chaotic Force from his dantian. A burst of energy flew forth from his body as wildly as a rampaging horse. He moved his hand to slam the five fingertips of the male whose claw was touching him.

The male trembled briefly before he took back his claw hand with lightning quick speed. There was a slight aching pain from his fingertips, causing the male to feel alarmed. He knew that this feeling meant his finger bones had been broken.

What power is this? How is he so strong? Perhaps he really is a wargod from the ancient Bai clans? Aside from the wargods, no other human could possibly have such strength or power. The snake thought to himself, completely befuddled.

Unwilling to give the golden-robed male any more time to think, Jian chen flew forward. His fist moved through the air to deliver yet another stunning strike.

However, the male used the powers of space to escape ten meters away, gain some room, but his actions had been predicted by Jian Chen. He used the Illusionary Flash to arrive in front of the male with his fist still traveling unimpeded.

A crimson light entered the golden irises of the male. Unable to dodge, its only option left was to take the blow. With his arms an equal distance apart, the energy of the world began to gather in between the open space of his hands. Strand by strand, a mysterious power began to gather from the surrounding world into the center of his hands. He then pushed the mysterious power toward Jian Chens incoming fist.