Chaotic Sword God Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Goodbye Chang Bai
Chapter 64: Goodbye Chang Bai

The headmaster murmured quietly, What you said is correct, Changyang Xiang Tian must be protected. Bai En, you stay here and resolve the matters in the medicinal building, I will go to the Changyang Clan immediately. Otherwise, if we were to wait for the experts of the Hua Yun sect to arrive, the situation will become too terrible.

After, the headmaster walked towards the frame of the window and jumped out of it. Then just like a big bird, he immediately flew into the sky with frightening speed and flew off into the horizon.

Seeing the headmaster disappear into the horizon, Bai En let loose a sigh. Changyang Xiang Tian has really disturbed the peace this time. If he had only just beaten them, then the situation wouldnt be that bad, but he had to go and cut off Cheng Mingxiangs arm! Although its not like the arm cant be reattached, but the strength needed for this is too high. Even the Hua Yun Sect cannot invite a rank 7 Radiant Saint Master with ease.

By this point, the entire academy had heard about the three students who had their arms chopped off by Changyang Xiang Tian. It was the topic of discussion amongst every student, and with that, Changyang Xiang Tians strength had created another shock between the teachers and students.

While the academy was talking about that, Jian Chen sat crossed legged on his bed as he began to reflect upon his actions. He knew in his heart that by chopping off the arms of Cheng Mingxiang, Luo Jian, and Ka Di Yun, he had brought upon a great deal of trouble on himself. However, he didnt regret what he had done at all so all he could do right now was ponder deeply on how he could deal with the wrath of the three groups.

The day went by quickly and soon became night time.

Dong dong dong!

A loud knocking sound came from the other side of Jian Chens room.

Hearing the sound, the crossed legged Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. Looking down to see the various Class 1 Monster Cores without energy, he sighed silently before looking towards the door, Who is it?

Changyang Xiang Tian, this is vice headmaster Chang Bai En! Came Bai Ens familiar voice from outside the door.

Jian Chen immediately got off his bed and walked over to open the door. Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was standing right outside his door, with an unsightly expression.

Vice headmaster, whats wrong? Jian Chen asked in a conversational tone. He already guessed what the vice headmaster had come for, but his heart was still extremely calm and unwavering.

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En glanced at Jian Chen with a complicated look and sighed, Changyang Xiang Tian, please pack up, then immediately follow me to the headmasters office.

Oh! Jian Chen indifferently replied. He did not say anything afterwards, and quietly went back to his room to pack up his things.

Jian Chen didnt have many belongings; he grabbed some of his own medicines and stored them into his Space Belt. Then he followed Bai En to the center of the academy where the single, lone tower stood.

Ah, look over there, isnt that Changyang Xiang Tian?

It is, looks like hes walking together with the vice headmaster. Maybe he received a super strict punishment

As they walked through the sports field, a crowd of students started to gather and chatter amongst themselves.

Jian Chen turned a deaf ear to the discussions that had arisen around him. He followed behind vice headmaster Bai En, and they soon arrived at the central tower, and directly entered the headmasters office.

Right next to the vice headmasters table sat two elders. One of them was a relieved headmaster while the other elder was wearing a cyan colored Pao and had long black hair that was tied back. From behind the desk, the old man looked quite ordinary just like any other old man.

Headmaster, Changyang Xiang Tian has been brought! Vice headmaster greeted politely.

Hearing this, the headmasters gaze immediately settled onto Jian Chen, and he said in a calm voice, Bai En, you may leave!

Yes sir! Bai En quickly left. At that moment, the only people left inside the office were Jian Chen and Kargath Academys headmaster, as well as an elder in a blue/green robe.

Ever since Jian Chen first entered, his line of vision had been fixed on the blue/green clad elder. This elder wasnt any stranger to Jian Chen; it was Changyang clans butler Chang Bai.

Chang Bai, why have you come? Jian Chen said while looking at the elder.

Chang Bai gave a complicated look at Jian Chen before sighing, Fourth master, from all of your days at Kargath Academy, we have been watching you and your achievements. Whether it be your mother or father, they both feel extremely proud, but this act of yours today was too impulsive.

Jian Chen naturally understood what Chang Bai was saying, and said firmly, Chang Bai, I dont regret anything. They brought this onto themselves. My older brother hadnt offended them in any way, but they still heavily injured him. Even if I relived this experience, I would still do the same thing.

Chang Bai sighed, Fourth master, I dont disagree with your methods, after all, in the Tian Yuan continent, it is strength that rules over others. Although their strength was weaker than yours, you did not think about the powers they had backing them up. If it was just the Ka Di clan or Luo Clan, then our Changyang Clan would not have much trouble with dealing with them, but Cheng Mingxiang is the treasured son of the Hua Yun Sects leader. The Hua Yun Sect holds the biggest amount of power in the Gesun Kingdom after the royal family, so this is a power the Changyang Clan cannot afford to provoke.

Changyang Xiang Tian, the Hua Yun Sects strength is quite formidable. Although they arent as powerful as the royal family, even the royal family is afraid of any consequences from meddling with them. Currently, among the top six experts in Gesun Kingdom, the Hua Yun Sect alone takes up two of those spots. The headmaster said with a serious expression.

Jian Chens expression also gradually grew more serious at these words.

At that moment, a light knock came from outside the door. A respectful voice rang out from outside, Respected headmaster, Changyang Hu has been brought!

Enter! The headmaster said.

The door opened, and a teacher walked in leading Changyang Hu. Changyang Hu was currently wearing a new academy uniform, but scars still clearly covered his face.

Chang Bai! Changyang Hu yelled the moment he walked in, he was unable to contain his emotions as he spoke with astonishment.

The teacher didnt enter the headmasters office. After sending Changyang Hu in, and sending the headmaster his respects, he lightly closed the door and left.

Chang Bais eyes lingered onto the scar on Changyang Hus face, his pair of ordinary looking eyes finally revealed some fury in them. Without any other external movements, he spoke, Eldest Master, youve suffered greatly.

Changyang Hu shook his head without any mind, and said, Its just a bit of injury, nothing major. However, Chang Bai, why did you come to the academy? Changyang Hu asked in confusion.

Chang Bais face didnt react in the slightest, and instead said gently, Eldest Master, Fourth Master, you should go pick up the rest of your things.

Jian Chen quietly nodded without saying a word.

Ive already packed everything, Chang Bai, did you come to take me away? Changyang Hu asked in a reluctant tone.

Chang Bai nodded, Correct, Ive come today to pick you two up and depart from the academy. It would be unwise for you two to continue living at Kargath Academy.

Hearing this, Changyang Hus expression became dark. He had spent quite a long time at Kargath Academy, and had already developed special feelings of attachment towards it.

Changyang Hu, Changyang Xiang Tian, you two should first head out, I still have a few things I want to discuss with Chang Bai. The headmaster said.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu didnt have any objections, and they immediately turned around to walk out of the headmasters office.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu werent kept waiting for long; Chang Bai came out from the headmasters office soon after. However, when he looked at the two, his faced changed to one of happiness.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu followed Chang Bai down the tower, and got onto the flying-type magical beast to leave Kargath Academy. It directly flew up into the air, and began heading towards Lore City.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu didnt speak on the magical beasts back. While the two were being rushed home, the both of them seemed to be extremely heavy-hearted.

Within Jian Chens head, he couldnt help but to think about the motherly affections he had received. Although Jian Chen wasnt a kid in his mind, he had never dealt with such an experience before and so this motherly affection was a new thing; so Jian Chen had a very low resistance towards this.

In Jian Chens mind, he could not help but recall his previous life in the Changyang household. His mother had been wholeheartedly caring towards him, and had loved him dearly every step of his life. This made Jian Chens frozen heart, which had never experienced a mothers love before, become a sea of warmth, and he enjoyed and treasured this feeling.

Time quietly passed as the Class 4 Magical Beast soared through the air at high speeds and caused the wind to constantly whistle in Jian Chens ear. Jian Chens black, waist-length hair was blown messily in the air as it danced in the wind. Especially now that he had a handsome and dashing appearance, he looked as confident as ever as he rode on top of the flying magical beast with ease.

The flying magical beast crossed over many different villages and cities under the guise of the pitch dark skies. After a few hours of flying a thousand kilometers above the ground, they finally arrived at Lore City.

Under the control of Chang Bai, the Eagle Beast descended onto the grounds of the Changyang Mansion. The servants who managed the rear courts had long since left the area, leaving behind only the most loyal of guardsmen.

A large gust of wind descended upon the courtyards as the Eagle Beast came down from the skies and landed onto the ground as the three males climbed down from it.

A group of people had already gathered around the Eagle Beast with a middle aged man wearing a black and white Pao leading the group. This was the master of Changyang Mansion and the father of Jian ChenChangyang Ba. By his side were four very beautiful women Jian Chens mother Bi Yuntian and his three aunts. Standing by his fourth aunts side was a girl who looked to be around 18 years old. This was his 2nd sister he hadnt seen in a few monthsChangyang Mingyue. Standing right next to her was another person who looked to be around Jian Chens age; it was Changyang Ke, his third brother. However, in Changyang Kes eyes was a look of mirth as if he was happy to see Jian Chen in such misery after leaving Kargath Academy.

Standing behind the family were a few middle aged men and elders, they were high ranking members of the clan, but each one of them had a grave expression on their faces as they looked at Jian Chen with a complicated stare. Some looked at him with happiness, others with an expectant expression, and some who just sighed.

Chang Bai walked towards Changyang Ba and gave a small smile, Clan leader, I have not failed you. I have brought the eldest master and fourth master back home safely. He stated.

Changyang Ba looked at Chang Bai and clasped his hands together, Chang Bai, thank you very much for your trouble.

Clan leader is being too courteous, this is just part of my duty. Chang Bai said.

Changyang Ba swept his gaze across Jian Chen and Changyang Hu. His eyes held both expressions of gratification and admiration as he looked at Jian Chen, and his expression had also become excited, although it was still nevertheless worried. Finally, he let out a long sigh and said, Xianger, Ah Hu, both of you come with me to the main hall. Changyang Ba turned around and began to walk out.