Chaotic Sword God Chapter 660

Chapter 660: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (Two)
Chapter 660: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (Two)

With the great battle drawn to an end, Jian Chen bid farewell to everyone before bringing Nubis and the still sleeping white tiger cub with him to the Gesun Kingdom.

He originally planned on going by himself without bringing anyone else, but when he thought about Nubis personality, he changed his mind. Nubis was a magical beast and was bloodthirsty by nature, unlike the calm and rational Jiede Tai. Jian Chen was unwilling to let the arrogant Nubis stay behind while he was gone. If something happened, then it would definitely become a problem.

Jian Chen and Nubis flew through the sky at dreadfully fast speeds before Nubis finally spoke. Jian Chen, this one had never once thought that you and the grand elder of Mercenary City would have such a relationship. I, the great Nubis, am surprised. As long as the grand elder stands behind you, then I can guarantee that not many people on the continent will try to bully you. Nubis eyes landed upon the tiger cub in Jian Chens arm with a slightly more concentrated gaze. Every single grand elder of Mercenary City has always been a very talented person. This one in particular seems to be very knowledgeable. Jian Chen, surely you did not tell him about the Winged Tiger God.

Senior Tian Jian already knows about the Winged Tiger God. Jian Chen replied.

What? He knows already? Nubis expression grew sharp, That isnt good. The Winged Tiger God is still a youngling, meaning its still at a tameable age. With the greed that you humans possess, even the strongest of individuals would want to take it. If the Winged Tiger God reaches maturity, itll be an indomitable force of power that no human would be able to withstand unless another human like Mo Tianyun were to be borne again.

Jian Chen shook his head, Im already aware of the situation. Rest assured, the situation isnt as bad as you think it is. Senior Tian Jian, the second elder, and the fourth elder are the only ones from Mercenary City that know about the Winged Tiger God. None of the three have any desire to take the cub. In fact, they were more than happy to give it a large amount of heavenly resources.

Is that true? Nubis questioned. How curious. Why has Mercenary City decided to do that? Dont they know how terrifying the Winged Tiger God is? With their strength, thered be no way to stop the destruction the Winged Tiger God could cause other than by taming it. The Winged Tiger God at its maturity is a huge threat to the entire Tian Yuan Continent.

They were told to do so by Mo Tianyun from a long time ago. It was in the very first laws that the grand elder was given. Jian Chen replied.

Mo Tianyun said that? Nubis grew even more curious now. Was there some sort of friendly relationship between humanitys strongest, Mo Tianyun, and the mythological Winged Tiger God? The information Ive heard has never once said anything about the two having any sort of communication.

That, I dont know, but the time since that era has long since passed. Whatever little information we have isnt complete, and nothing concrete can be learned. Perhaps there is some sort of hidden detail were not aware of. Jian Chen suggested.

Nubis nodded his head in solemn agreement, That much I agree with!

After that, Jian Chen and Nubis continued on their path while occasionally talking about one topic or another. With their speed, it only took one day worth of travel to traverse several tens of thousands of kilometers, arriving back in the Gesun Kingdom.

Stepping into the Gesun Kingdoms territory, Jian Chen and Nubis immediately continued to Lore City. In a flash, they arrived at their destination where the Eastern Deity Swords from the Qinhuang Kingdom remained camped outside.

That must be the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom, so theyve made their way even here as well. What a rich display, it is no wonder they are considered one of the Eight Great Empires. Nubis couldnt help but remark after seeing their camp.

Jian Chen could only smile in silence. Flying into the Changyang Manor, the two of them stopped right outside the gates.

Since Jian Chen hadnt bothered to hide his aura, his arrival was felt by all of the Heaven Saint Masters. Straight away, four powerful auras flew forth from the interior to surround him in every direction.

These four Heaven Saint Masters were the housekeeper Chang Wuji, Qin Wuming, Qin Wujian, and Qin Wutian.

Sensing the aggressive demeanor of the four, Nubis expression grew sour. A flash of cold light streaked across his face, and the power that came with being a Class 7 Magical Beast immediately manifested itself within his eyes. Instead of staring at Heaven Saint Masters, he looked as if he was looking at a weak little ant.

Jian Chens heart skipped a beat when he felt the change overcome Nubis expression. Clasping his shoulder, he said under his breath, Nubis, this is my home. Dont be rash.

Immediately, the look on Nubis face softened to only look at the four men in disdain. Turning to Jian Chen, he hissed, The great Nubis, why must you never remember that.

Not sure whether he should laugh or cry, Jian Chen replied, Fine fine, the great Nubis, please dont be rash here. This is my home.

Understood, but tell these little ones to cease their actions now. There shall be no impudence in front of the great Nubis. Nubis lazily responded.

Without even needing to be told again, the four Heaven Saint Masters immediately withdrew their fighting auras once they recognized that one of the two people was Jian Chen.

The fourth master has returned!

We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!

Chang Wuji and the three others immediately greeted him. Chang Wuji looked at Jian Chen with a cordial smile of familiarity. Qin Wuming and the other two bowed to him respectfully.

The battle between the Flame Mercenaries and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had preceded Jian Chens arrival. Everyone had quickly learned of the battle since three Saint Rulers had fled from the Flame Mercenaries and Situ Qing had been heavily injured. So much interest was piqued that practically everyone knew that the captain of the Flame Mercenaries was a Saint Ruler. Even with so much distance between the Gesun Kingdom and the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, Chang Wuji and the others were able to learn that their fourth master was a Saint Ruler.

Fourth master, Ill notify the lord of your return. The lord and the fourth lady have been missing you dearly. They have been hoping for your return every day. Chang Wuji spoke as he turned around.

No need, uncle Chang. I wish to speak to my mother. Ill meet with father in a moment. Jian Chen explained.

Yes, thats fine. Then Ill call for a banquet to celebrate the fourth masters return. Chang Wuji retreated into the manor. Although he looked quite old, his movements were as spry as a twenty-something year old youth.

Qin Wujian, Qin Wuming, Qin Wutian, you may all go in to rest. Ill be taking care of some matters first. Jian Chen spoke.

Yes, Imperial Protector! The three men bowed respectfully before bowing out.

Afterward, Jian Chen led Nubis to a room of his own and commandes several maids and servants to wait on him should he require anything. He then left to meet his mother.