Chaotic Sword God Chapter 667

Chapter 667: A Mystery of the Past
Chapter 667: A Mystery of the Past

Several ten thousand kilometers from here, therell be a mountain range. Bi Hai will be in a cave recuperating from his wounds and cultivating. This map has a detailed note of his location. As long as you follow it, youll find him. By now, Situ Qings voice was extremely faint, but he managed to pull out a map from his Space Ring.

Taking the map from Situ Qing, Jian Chen began to trace the details on it to arrive at Bi Hais location.

Situ Qing, you swear that Bi Hai is here? I hope that you wont be risking the lives of all your disciples on a small joke. Jian Chen warned.

The friendship between Bi Hai and I arent as deep as you think. I used him merely for protection, so rest assured. Ive no reason to give you a false map. For the past dozen years, Bi Hai has been living in the same place. But after we split, our relationship with one another was split as well. Where he is now is unknown to me, that all depends on your luck. Situ Qing spoke.

Putting down the map, Jian Chen spoke, Very well then, Ill believe you in the meanwhile. If your information is true, then Ill forgive the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Is there anything else you wish to say?

Situ Qings face was already beyond pale by this point with all of his life force practically gone from his body. The doughty body of his was nearly shriveled away to being a skeleton with only a layer of skin covering the bones.

Slowly, he closed his eyes. The life in them were already growing fainter and fainter, and he grew quiet. At last, he spoke, I should apologize to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger for the troubles Ive brought onto them. So many experts have lost their lives, and yet Ive abandoned them to escape with my own life. I, Situ Qing, have no more face to show to the juniors of the sect. Jian Chen, I hope that youll bury my body in the wildlands and let the beasts gnaw at my corpse. Only by this will my guilt be alleviated by some degree.

And with that, Situ Qing died. His body grew icy cold from the lost of its spirit from its departure from the world.

Standing above the corpse of Situ Qing, Jian Chen, Huang Tianba, and Nubis all looked at it with a conflicted expression.

An existence as mighty as a Saint Ruler had died right in front of them.

Some time passed on by before Jian Chen finally exhaled and waved his hand to take the Space Ring Situ Qing had. Then with another wave, the earth next to him was immediately dug out to for a ten meter wide crater. Using the power of his mind, he slowly lowered the corpse of the Saint Ruler into it and buried him.

Situ Qings last words may have been to have Jian Chen leave his corpse for the beasts to devour on, but Jian Chen had no intention on doing so. He was a Saint Ruler after all, and even if he was dead, it was by no means proper to treat his corpse like that.

Brother Jian Chen, now that weve killed Situ Qing, what shall our next step be? Shall we continue to enact vengeance on Bi Hai? Huang Tianba asked from behind.

We continue on to find Bi Hai. Jian Chen didnt hesitate to reply.

From there, the three of them decided to rest for half the day in that place before leaving. In that time span, Jian Chens wounds were completely healed, allowing Jian Chen to travel freely with Huang Tianba and Nubis to fly onwards.

Jian Chen, how did you manage to get ahold of such a perversely strong body like this? Your wounds are worse than mine, and yet your recovery rate would leave anyone speechless. No matter what the wound, only half a day is required for them to heal up over itself. This one cannot understand you at all. Nubis eyed Jian Chen with some shock and jealousy.

Indeed, brother Jian Chen. Your body is indeed strange if it can take a blow from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. If I didnt know any better, I wouldve thought that you were a magical beast. Huang Tianba remarked.

According to the knowledge of I, the great Nubis, there is no magical beast that would have as strong of a physique as Jian Chen before they reached the seventh class. We magical beasts have stronger bodies than humans, but to have something like this, the eighth class would be required. Nubis paused briefly at this point, Once some time ago, I had suspicion you were the wargod Aergyns of the Bai clans. But your personality is not at all like what he was like, making you very unlikely to be him.

Wargod Aergyns of the Bai clan! Huang Tianba exclaimed as soon as he heard the name, Ive heard of him before! According to the legends, Aergyns was the strongest person in the Bai clan, and he was seen as a god in even his own clan! He was respected by countless of people and his strength was terrifying--he became a Saint Emperor at one point in his life!

Nubis couldnt help but hiss deprecatingly at that, Using a mere Saint Emperor to describe the wargod Aergyns would be belittling an existence as great as him. Thinking back the memories of the past, Nubis began to retell pieces of the past with great clarity.

Your knowledge of the past is lacking. Allow this one to regale the story then. Nubis spoke after tidying up his thoughts. In that time, his strength was extremely strong. He stood at the top along side with the other three strongest of the their respective races. These four came to be known as Mo Tianyun of humanity, the Winged Tiger God of the beast clans, the Seagod of the deep waters and the wargod Aergyns of the ancient Bai clan.

The strength of these four were far beyond what anyone could possibly imagine. They were beings that long since transcended what a Saint Emperor could do, and as the strongest four in the world, they were people of the utmost glory. Living gods walking amongst mortals.

What--transcended even a Saint Emperor! Jian Chen and Huang Tianba remarked in shock at the same time. This was far too shocking to hear, even if it was about humanitys strongest, Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God of the beast clans. From what Nubis said, they were stronger than even what a Saint Emperor were said to be.

Aside from the three named figures, the one that left Jian Chen completely confused was about the seagod. He had never heard of something like that, and it left him undeniably shocked.

Of course. That era of time had no end of strong individuals, but the individuals that shined the most were Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God. The Winged Tiger God once led us to fight the Bai clan, only for them to send out the wargod Aergyns himself to fight. The Bai clan was later repelled from the Shou Shen Continent, but they were then led to the Tian Yuan Continent afterwards.

Originally, the wargod Aergyns led a group of the strongest individuals from the Bai clan to attack and drive humanity out of the continent. But it was then that Mo Tianyun appeared. His strength was astounding to say the least; he was no weaker than our Winged Tiger God. By himself, he managed to drive back the Bai clan. Even Aergyns suffered defeat at Mo Tianyuns hand.

The Bai clan and humanity fought for a hundred years in countless of wars and suffered countless of casualties from both sides. Ultimately, Aergyns decided the war for the Tian Yuan Continent to be not worth continuing and gave it up to focus on attacking the Shou Shen Continent in hopes of recapturing their original lands.

This time, the battle between the Bai clan and the beast clans persisted for thirty more years. Countless of losses incurred from the beast clans, but ultimately the Winged Tiger God could bear no more and finally managed to kill Aergyns.

With Aergyns gone, the Bai clan lost the power to fight against both the beast clans and humanity. They gave up their original lands and continued the search for a new home in a vile and poor continent. From then, they have spent their time recuperating and waiting. But theyve never stepped foot on either the Tian Yuan Continent or the Shou Shen Continent since then.

Jian Chen and Huang Tianba both found it very hard to remain calm having listened to Nubi story. It was a great amount to take in, and they found it to be extremely hard to do so. The mysteries of the past that Nubis was speaking of was very rarely heard of to the humans.

But what really made them stunned beyond belief was of the existence that transcended the Saint Emperor realm, wargod Aergyns of the Bai clan. And yet, someone as strong as he died at the hands of the Winged Tiger God.

There was still the unnamed seagod from the sea abyss. Even he was a being that surpassed that of a Saint Emperor.

It took some time before the two men regained their bearings. Jian Chen was the first to speak, What about the sea abyss, why have I never heard of that before?

Nubis thought for a moment how to explain things. Allow this one to explain it to you. In this world, there are four races. Humanity, the magical beasts, the Bai, and those of the sea.

Could the sea abyss be all one single race then? Jin Chen asked in confusion.

Correct. And they are not weak by any means.

The entirety of the sea abyss is one single powerful race that lay claim to everything in the sea. Because of how the sea suits their existence, theyve never venture beyond the shores since the last hundred thousand years. That is why the existence of the beings of the sea are a mystery to humanity. They are powerful. Far more powerful than the Bai clan and humanity. Nubis spoke.

So there was even beings of the sea that we didnt know about. If not for you mentioning them today, I never would have known about their existence in this world. Huang Tianba remarked in surprise. The things he learned today was astonishing to say the last. It was like discovering a whole new continent itself.

On your Tian Yuan Continent, there arent many clans that know of the beings of the sea. Only the most ancient families would have some records of the beings down below. But their knowledge isnt as comprehensive as mine, as the Silver Striped Golden Snakes were responsible for passing down this knowledge. This history is forever growing, and it will never weaken with the passage of time. Nubis spoke with pride.