Chaotic Sword God Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Secrets of the White Beast Fur
Chapter 671: Secrets of the White Beast Fur

Bi Hais hands grasped tightly at the three beast furs in his hand. For a while, he was deep in thought.

These beast furs are of unordinary origins. I once found a piece of it in a secret location many years ago. It was with the assistance of this beast fur that I was able to make the breakthrough from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler.

The beast furs have that powerful of an ability? It can truly help make the breakthrough into the mighty Saint Ruler realm? Jian Chen couldnt help but gasp as he asked to verify the words Bi Hai said.

Sighing, Bi Hai replied, It sounds rather incredulous at first mention, but they truly have that ability.

Patriarch, then how would one be able to use this piece of fur to make that breakthrough? Jian Chen was somewhat urgent as he asked this question, he knew that it was imperative he knew thi piece of information. With it, hed be able to make the breakthrough to understanding the mysteries of the world to become a Saint Ruler.

But the patriarch shook his head with a regretful look. I dont even know what had happened at the time when I had the beast furs. At one point, it began to release a divinely aura before the mysteries of the world began to evolve around me. I took this chance to absorb its knowledge and comprehend it for myself to become a Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen felt shocked by this information and could only stare incredulously at Bi Hai. In his mind, he knew that this seemingly ordinary piece of beast fur was actually capable of releasing an energy able to assist a person to make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler.

Pausing for a brief moment, Bi Hai began to continue his speech, But even while I was able to become a Saint Ruler because of the beast fur, I wasnt ever able to find out what conditions made it possible. Even after countless of experiments and research to find its secrets, they all ended up in failure. As such, Ive spent two hundred years researching it and tried countless of methods to force its secrets out, but to no avail. With no further path to tread, I decided to pass it down within the family in hopes that one fortunate descendant would some day open up the secrets to this beast fur.

Alas, I had no idea that this beast fur would be such an unfortunate item. My family grew strong because of it, but at the same time, it was this same item that brought forth the downfall of it. Bi Hai lamented grievously. The mystery that was the beast fur was a curse rather than fortune.

Jian Chen let out a sigh as well after seeing the pained look on Bi Hais face. The fate that befell the Bi family was simply far too tragic.

Patriarch, if someone came to steal away the beast fur, then they have to know about the mystery behind it. Other than you, how many other people would know about it? Would they be involved? Jian Chen asked.

Bi Hai slowly turned around to show the mother and son his back. Looking up to the skies, Bi Hai thought for a moment before scratching his head. There is none that come to mind. Ive never told anyone about the beast fur before besides those of the direct lineage to the Bi family. Even after thirty years since the massacre, Ive come across no information that would help me learn about the ones responsible.

But then his face darkened afterwards, But the enemy is a very strong one. Thirty years ago, I was of the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and the one chasing me was at the very least a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I was nearly at the brink of death itself before I finally managed to comprehend a holy art to escape. By use of this holy art, I managed to escape death by a fluke.

While I was able to escape with my life, I was not able to escape unscathed. My energy was extremely dilapidated, and it was then that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger found me. He fed me Radiant Spirit Pills and helped me recover my strength, thus I owed him a favor. Bi Hai shook his head as he remembered the past, But I never wouldve imagined that it would be due to this favor that I would nearly kill my very own descendant. It is worth rejoicing that the situation didnt reach such a point like that however, or Id feel regret for all eternity afterwards.

Patriarch, what happens in the past should stay in the past, lets not talk any more about it. Arent we doing well and fine now? Jian Chen smiled dryly.

Bi Hai nodded his head to smile gratefully at him, I will take revenge for the massacre of my family. That is a definite. The enemies to the Bi may be strong, and they may even be a part of an even stronger force, but with a genius like you in my family, Ive faith that taking vengeance for my family will not be an impossible task.

Jian Chen grew solemn at Bi Hais words, Patriarch, please rest assured. I will take back the blood debt of the Bi family into my own hands. No matter who the enemy is, I will make sure they will pay the terrible price a hundredfold.

Very well! While slightly outlandish for now, youve the strength to back up your words. However, Ive still no idea to who might be our mysterious assailant, so talking about vengeance is still quite early. In the meanwhile, you should focus on bringing up your strength.. As you are now, my descendant, youve not the power to take vengeance yet. Even I myself dont have the strength to do so yet. Bi Hai spoke.

Jian Chen nodded his head earnestly.

Looking at the three pieces of beast fur for a moment longer, Bi Hai returned them to Jian Chen, My child, you are the one remaining hope to our Bi family. I entrust these three pieces to you for safekeeping. Perhaps youll come to see the evolution of the mysteries of the world and use it to empower yourself.

Jian Chen hesitated to accept the beast furs, but he finally relented after a while, I believe that therell be more than just three of these pieces. I wonder what grand secret these pieces of fur are hiding. It cant simply just be a tool for evolving the mysteries of the world.

Your guess would be correct. Ever since I saw these three pieces of fur, I came to the same conclusion myself. But I still cannot conjecture much else from that. So let us leave the discussion there. Itd be fruitless to try and comment any further without knowing anything more. Bi Hai spoke. Turning his head to Bi Yuntian, his voice took on a gentler tone, My child, how many more of our family do you know has survived?

Patriarch, including this mother and son pair here, there are still another two more for a total of four to my knowledge. Bi Yuntian spoke darkly.

Ai! Bi Hai sighed sorrowfully. His face grew grim for a moment before slowly returning to its normal color, Very well, let us not talk anymore about this topic. Theres plenty of people waiting for your outside, you two should finish up what business you have with them.

And with that, the barrier around the garden was dispelled, causing the exterior of the barrier to once more appear in Jian Chens eyes along with a group of people waiting anxiously outside the barrier radius. Amongst this group was the clan leader, Changyang Ba.

Hahaha, Xianger, youve returned! The last time you came home, your dear father was unfortunately too slow to meet with you. This time, stay for some time, why dont you? Changyang Ba laughed out loud as he looked to his child with pride.

Calming himself down, Jian Chen looked to his father with a smile. But then the realization of something new to his fathers presence suddenly brought an excited smile to his face, Father, youve become an Earth Saint Master!

Hahaha! I only just broke through not too long ago. Your father is already in his forties, if I couldnt breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master, thatd mean I had no skill to begin with. Changyang Ba chortled. But when his eyes landed upon Bi Hais figure, a respectful look immediately entered his face. When he saw the barrier put up around the garden, he knew that this person here was responsible for it and that this person had to be a Saint Ruler.

Xianger, whom might this senior be? Changyang Ba asked. Despite knowing that his son was a Saint Ruler, he still didnt dare neglect his etiquette towards another one.