Chaotic Sword God Chapter 675

Chapter 675: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm (Three)
Chapter 675: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm (Three)

The evolved mysteries of the world slowly started to recede from the blank scroll, and the worldly energy that had filled the entire room too started to fade away. As it appeared, the chance for a Heaven Saint Master to become a Saint Ruler was nearing an end.

By now, countless of people were converged right in front of Jian Chens room. Of these people, they included the lord of the clan and his four wives. Even Changyang Hu, who normally preferred peace and quiet, was wheeled to the front of his room as well. Besides them, there were also the doyens of the clan.

Right by Bi Hais side was an eye-catching purple-robed middle-aged man. This man was the king of the Gesun Kingdom.

Two days had elapsed since the beginning of this event; just enough time for news of patriarch Bis return to be sent by Bi Yuntian all the way to the imperial palace for Bi Hai to hear. As soon as he heard both the patriarch and his beloved nephew had returned, Bi Dao had sprung to his feet and immediately asked of the king to return to Lore City.

As expected, the king himself had long since heard of the rumors regarding Jian Chen. He knew that his future son-in-law was an existence as strong as a Saint Ruler, so when Bi Dao told him that Jian Chen had returned home, the king immediately started the preparations for them to travel to Lore City.

Its been two days already, has my beloved son-in-law managed to breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler yet? The kings eyes would occasionally glance at Jian Chens room as he spoke of the others. Ever since he came to the Changyang Manor, he and the others had stood right in front of Jian Chens room for practically the entire day and night.

Its unfortunate that we dont know whats going on. We wouldnt dare bother Xianger for no reason during such an important event like this. If not for grandfathers knowledge to tell us Xianger was attempting to make the breakthrough, we wouldve never known what exactly Xianger was going through. All we can do is hope for his success to become a Saint Ruler. Changyang Bas eyes flickered here and there to look around the enormous manor in an apparent sign of anxiety. This moment of ascension was playing heavily at Changyang Bas nerves.

Xianger is extremely talented beyond all else. I know that hell succeed. Jian Chens second aunt Yu Fengyan spoke with a quavering voice. She had been one of the few to hear from Bi Hais lips that Jian Chen was currently trying to become a Saint Ruler.

By her side was Bi Yuntian, whose entire body was shaking nervously. Her two hands were clasped together in prayer, and anxiety filled up her entire body. She did not get any sleep at all for an entire day and night.

Ai! Only a few years have passed, and Xiangtian is already showing so much promise. Hes already outgrown we of the previous generation and reached a height we can only look up to and yearn for. How unexpected. For we of the Bi to have such an outstanding descendant, it makes my heart feel as if there is nothing to fear. The stern-looking man right next to the king exclaimed. This stern-looking man was Jian Chens uncle, Bi Dao.

Right behind them all were the high ranking members of the Changyang clan who were hoping for Jian Chens success. His parents werent the only ones desperately hoping for Jian Chens success, the doyens of the clan were too.

In a remarkably well-decorated room, Bi Hai sat on his bed with his eyes closed shut. He hadnt bothered to be checking up on Jian Chen like the others were outside since with his ability, he could clearly see what the situation was looking like for Jian Chen straight away.

Suddenly, his eyes flew wide open and a look of regret appeared on his face. Alas, it seems he could not do it. He sighed, My grandson is lacking in the fundamentals. An extremely rare opportunity was placed right in front of him, but he couldnt grasp it.

In Jian Chens room, the evolved mysteries of the world were slowly fading away, inversely bringing Jian Chen out from his enlightened state of being. He was unable to cross that threshold to become a Saint Ruler, and now the distance to becoming one was growing farther and farther away.

Ai! Jian Chen let out a sigh of disappointment. He had tried his best, but becoming a Saint Ruler was by no means an easy task. Despite the fragments of the mysteries of the world assimilating with him and that scroll to help him evolve the fragments, he still couldnt make up for the difference. As a result, he failed to make the climb up.

But then, a sudden but unmistakeable white glow began to emanate from his Space Ring. Inconceivably quick as it appeared, the three beast furs of mysterious origins somehow managed to fly out from his Space Ring without Jian Chens doing. At the current moment, these three beast furs were still rather mediocre looking, but there was a faint white glow that seemed to form an incomplete map as if following some sort of rule. The aura that was spilling out from the beast fur now felt as if it contained some aspect of the world in it.

This.this aura. Not too far away from Jian Chen, Bi Hai could immediately sense the familiar aura of the three beast furs. He had once used one of the beast furs to successfully breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler, so its aura was deeply ingrained in his memories.

This--this has to be the aura from the beast furs! After slumbering for so many years, it has awakened once again! Excellent! This is far too excellent! With that beast fur, my grandson will definitely have a better chance of becoming a Saint Ruler! The regretful look on Bi Hais face was wiped away to reform a look of glee. Shortly afterwards, Bi Hai stepped down from his bed to exit his room so that he could personally see the divine show that would take place.

Half the day passed by in this manner, turning the day into late afternoon. The skies were without a cloud, and the sun was bright and sunny as it rose up towards the west. But the light it illuminated from itself was still extremely bright.

A group of people stood in front of the Changyang Manor. For the entire day and night, none of them left the area. Not even their legs moved from the spot. But none of them felt tired even despite not having food or water.

Just at that moment, a multicolored light suddenly burst into view of everyone there. At first, this light was so faint that practically no one felt it at first. But as time went on, the light began to grow even stronger, and soon enough, not a single person could disregard this light.

Strange, why has the sky turned into this?

Everyone, look! The sky has suddenly turned into a spectrum of color!

Straight away, many of the people in attendance began to let out curious cries of confusion.

Dear heavens, everyone, look up at the skies! Suddenly, someone let out a startled cry.

Unable to stop themselves, everyone tilted their heads to look up at the sky only to see the multicolored clouds beginning to gather.

Wha--whats going on?

What in the world is happening?

Why are there these rainbow clouds in the sky?

Theyre rainbow-colored! These are the so-called rainbow clouds! Legends have it that when they appear, an auspicious event is about to happen!

The previously quiet Changyang Manor was immediately brought into an uproar. Many of the guards stationed in the manor and the doyens there all stared up at the rainbow clouds in curiosity.

When Bi Hai saw the rainbow clouds in the skies, his face could hardly contain his excitement. Hes done it! Hes broken through!

From behind Changyang Ba, the white-robed Chang Wuji was awestruck from the sight of the rainbow. His eyes looked wondrous for a moment, but when a sudden thought hit him, he let out a shocked but happy cry, I remember now! When rainbow clouds appear in the sky, that means a Saint Ruler is born! Its the fourth master! Hes finally managed to become a Saint Ruler!

Ah, is that true? Thats great then!

Everyone had immediately started to smile with excitement at that information. The time they were waiting for had finally come at last.

As the rainbow clouds in the sky grew thicker and thicker, the colors became more and more pronounced. The clouds were now surrounding the skies for ten of thousands of kilometers so that the entire world looked as if it was under a strange aurora like in a dream.

This miraculous sight had captivated the eyes of everyone within radius. Each one of them looked up towards the sky in shock, but none of them could understand just what in the world was going on.