Chaotic Sword God Chapter 690

Chapter 690: King of the Sword
Chapter 690: King of the Sword

Seeing Huang Tianba flying over quickly from the distance, Nubis laughed aloud, I dont need your help. I can finish him off myself. Nubis suddenly radiated with a dazzling golden light. Countless strands of golden threads shot out from his body, flying towards Jin Tian abruptly. A portion of the golden threads tightly wounded around Jin Fengs Ruler Armament, while the other portion wrapped around Jin Feng. It enveloped his body like a cocoon, completely immobilising him.

Argh! Jin Feng yelled angrily upwards. The Saint Force within him surged out like water from a broken dam, attempting to forcefully break the golden threads.

However, the golden threads were not everyday objects. Not only were they abnormally tough, they were extremely pliable. No matter how hard Jin Feng tried, he was unable to break through the binding.

Old man, unless you have the power of the Fourth Heavenly Layer, dont even think of escaping from the binding of my golden threads I have created. In front of me, the great Nubis, you wont even have the ability to run away. Looking at Jin Feng who was currently trying to break out with all of his might, Nubis could not help but sneer at him. Afterwards, he used Spatial Force to arrive in front of Jin Feng in a flash. He used his right hand as a claw, directly passing through the golden threads and stabbing Jin Feng in the chest. He dug out the bloody heart from Jin Fengs body.

Sniffing the heavy, bloody smell that permeated into the air, his eyes became vaguely bloodshot. The sharp smell of blood had already began to slowly excite the bloodthirsty nature of his bloodline.

Nubis stared ruthlessly at Jin Feng who was currently wrapped in golden thread and in great pain. Tightening his grip, he immediately crushed the heart in his hand. He smiled coldly, Isnt it very painful? Ive already forgotten how many people I, the great Nubis, have killed. As the first human Saint Ruler to die by my hands in the past few years, you should feel very honored. Now, allow me to end your life. A golden ball of light suddenly appeared out of Nubiss right hand. Most of the power from the golden thread had already gathered around his hand, but just when he wanted to crush Jin Fengs head and wipe out the origin soul, a soaring Sword Qi suddenly rush over from far away. The swiftness and ferocity of the Sword Qi was rarely seen in the world. It was like a terrifying gas that filled the surrounding space with great killing intent.

In the next moment, a loud and clear voice accompanied the soaring Sword Qi from the distance, Nubis, let me finish him off.

The bloodshot redness in Nubiss eyes slowly receded. Along with it, the bloodthirsty nature that had just been excited also slowly receded. As a Class 7 magical beast, although Nubis was unable to change the innate nature of magical beasts, he was still able to control his emotions at will.

Nubis returned to normal very quickly. He turned around and looked at Jian Chen who was currently approaching him. He could not help but feel shocked and mumbled, Isnt it just a Ruler Armament? Why do I feel that Jian Chen has completely changed? That bearing actually even made me feel fearful. Since you want to finish off that old man, I, the great Nubis, will let you do it. Ill also get to see how powerful you are with the presence you are giving off.

The golden threads binding Jin Feng returned to Nubis and Jin Feng also regained his mobility. Afterwards, he did not hesitate in the slightest, immediately giving it his all to flee for his life.

A sneer appeared on Huang Tianbas face, In front of my Solunar Bow, there has not been a Saint Ruler that has successfully escaped. Huang Tianba grabbed the bow on his back, and a golden energy arrow formed from Saint Force quickly appeared.

However, just when Huang Tianba was about to shoot the arrow, a Sword Qi rushed over from the distance. He only saw that several kilometers away, Jian Chen had swung his sword and a powerful, meter-long Sword Qi radiating with a dark, beautiful glow approached Jin Feng with an unbelievable speed. The Sword Qi was made entirely of Chaotic Force and contained extremely terrifying power. Wherever the Sword Qi had passed over, it would cause the space to crack.

The Sword Qi was so quick that it seemed to be able to teleport, completely exceeding Jin Fengs escape speed. Just after fleeing for a few kilometres, Jin Feng was caught up by the Sword Qi. Afterwards, it passed through him like a hot knife through butter.

Argh! Jin Feng immediately gave off a shrill cry. Chaotic Force was extremely powerful. When the Sword Qi formed from Chaotic Force had passed through his body, a small amount of the force was deposited into his body. At this moment, the tiny amount of Chaotic Force was wreaking violent havoc in his body, quickly obliterating his inner organs. His powerful Saint Force was actually unable to do anything about the tiny amount of Chaotic Force. No matter how he tried, he was unable to extinguish the Chaotic Force.

Just just what is this power?! Jin Tians heart was filled with dread. The residue power in his body was the first time he had ever seen such a powerful energy. Before, he had not ever seen or heard such a power, because the strength of it had exceeded his understanding to the various forces of Tian Yuan Continent.

What a great energy! That strike actually is completely equal to one from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Brother Jian Chen, just just just how did he become so strong? Even if he had obtained a Ruler Armament, his strength definitely could not have increased so greatly. Huang Tianba sighed in surprise secretly. The power of Jian Chens strike had shocked him, because he knew very well that Jian Chen had just become a Saint Ruler.

However, when Huang Tianba thought about it again, he remembered how Jian Chen was outstanding in every aspect and could not be judged on a normal standard. As a result, he was relieved of the previous thought. He only stared at Jian Chen with a complicated expression, and used a voice only he could hear to mumble, Looks like the publicly recognized number one expert of Tian Yun Continent will appear again soon. Brother Jian Chen has such unbelievable accomplishments even though he is still in his twenties. Other than the city lord of Mercenary City, Mo Tianyun, perhaps there is no one else in the Tian Yun Continent that can be compared to him.

Nubis was also completely stounded. He stared at Jian Chen flabbergasted and was extremely uncalm in his heart. He had naturally felt the strike Jian Chen had struck out. Even though he possessed the body of an ancient beast, he definitely could not withstand the blow.

As a magical beast, he possessed a heaven-sent advantage and was stronger than humans in various aspects. However, Nubis could clearly feel that the Sword Qi struck out by Jian Chen actually possessed an extremely terrifying power. Not only was the power extremely overbearing, it was filled with destruction. With his innate and terrifying instincts as a magical beast, Nubis had even felt that there was nothing in the world that could stop the destruction of the terrifying power.

That terrifying power isnt recorded in my inherited memories. Does this mean that its never appeared on the Tian Yun Continent before? Perhaps its just because no Silver Striped Golden Snake has come across it before.

I really wonder whether Jian Chen is a reincarnation of Mo Tianyun now. Other than Mo Tian Yun, who else on the Tian Yun Continent has such terrifying talent and battle capability? Also, the force used by Mo Tianyun was just as terrifying. Nubis glanced at Jian Chen with an extremely complicated expression. At this moment, Jian Chens status in his heart had already undergone some minor changes.

With the fusion of man with sword, Jian Chen had become a sword. His entire body had suddenly turned into something similar to a sharp sword and charged at Jin Feng. Although his speed was not as fast as travelling with the use of Spatial Force, it was not much slower.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had arrived in front of Jin Feng. He poured the Chaotic Force from his body into the Ruler Armament and the glittering glow of the Ruler Armament was immediately suppressed, giving off a dark, beautiful glow.

Jian Chen quickly swung his hand. The Dragon Slaying Sword immediately turned into densely-packed sword which enveloped Jin Feng. With every blow Jian Chen struck out, there were profound principles behind them. The swordplay was extremely exquisite, as if it was heaven-made. It was was so perfect and so flawless.

Argh! Being enveloped by the swords, Jin Feng gave out a shrill cry. Fresh blood constantly splashed everywhere and in a short two breaths, Jin Feng had already turned into a blood-washed man. Horrifying wounds covered on his body and he had no inch untouched.

In such a short moment, Jian Chen had caused over a thousand wounds on Jin Fengs body.

Nubis and Huang Tianba who were spectating from afar gasped together. They looked at Jian Chen in astonishment. At this very moment, a thought appeared in their heads simultaneously: What a fast sword!

Who would have thought brother Jian Chen is actually so terrifying with a sword. Before, I definitely underestimated him. Perhaps this is brother Jian Chens true strength. Such a fast speed in striking is just too scary. If its speed, who can be his opponent? Huang Tianba said in his heart.

Whoosh! At this moment, the Dragon Slaying Sword flashed, turning into a blur which slid across Jin Fengs throat. Jin Fengs head and body immediately separated, with his head thrown high up into the air.

Jian Chens expression was cold and shot a swift but forceful glance at Jin Fengs head. Afterwards, he immediately chased after it. The Dragon Slaying Sword in his hands gave out a deep hum. It was the sound created from the great drag between the high-speed sword and the air. Afterwards, he directly thrusted out in the simple fashion, piercing Jin Fengs head in between the brows and travelling to the other side of the skull. Jian Chen did not wait for Jin Fengs origin soul to escape and the Chaotic Force contained within the Dragon Slaying Sword immediately erupted, blowing up Jin Fengs head and directly wiping out the origin soul hidden inside altogether.