Chaotic Sword God Chapter 725

Chapter 725: The City of God
Chapter 725: The City of God

Jian Chen was slightly shocked. He asked with a soft voice, Uncle Xiu, perhaps there are some other secrets to it?

Uncle Xiu nodded, Correct, its just like you put it, there are indeed secrets that few people know about. He slowly finished off a cup of wine and said, If you want a chance at breaking through to Class 7, you need to be a core member of the Radiant Saint Master Union or someone from the three great clans of the empire. Its impossible for outsiders to obtain a chance. Also, the Radiant Saint Master Union and the three clans will definitely not let high class Radiant Saint Masters just pass by, and will coerce and bribe them to join their forces. As a result, in the Holy Empire, or even the entire Tian Yuan Continent, basically all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters belong to the union or the three clans. There are only a few people who can remain unbounded to the clans and union, and they need at least an organisation with the strength of an ancient clan backing them up to retain their freedom.

Uncle Xiu looked at Jian Chen, Jian Chen, you may be one of the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but that identity will not be able to protect you at all. This is because the Qinhuang Kingdom is only a subsidiary country of one of the three clans. Once your identity is revealed, your movements will become greatly restricted. Also, in all of history, a Radiant Saint Master cannot be a fighter as well. Not only have you already become a Saint Ruler, you also possess the abilities of a Radiant Saint Master. Something this weird has never happened on the Tian Yuan Continent, not even in the ancient times. Once your secret about being both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master is discovered by the Radiant Saint Master Union, it will definitely affect you. As for the outcome you have face, I have no idea, so its best if you dont carelessly reveal that secret before you possess the strength to resist the Holy Empire.

Jian Chen went silent. What uncle Xiu had told him completely destroyed his plans. With that, not only did he have to keep his identity as an Imperial Protector hidden, he needed to conceal it as much as he could. Otherwise, once people knew that he was both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master, it would definitely create trouble for him.

Regarding the fact that he was a Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen already knew that revealing it would cause some certain effects. Though, he was confident that with his strength as a Saint Ruler and the important status as an Imperial Protector, the small troubles caused would not be problematic. However, he never thought that the situation was much more severe than he had initially thought. It had completely exceeded his expectations.

Uncle Xiu continued, Other than that, there is another great secret to the union. This secret directly affects all Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. My main reason for coming and finding you is because of this.

Hearing that, Jian Chen suppressed the concern in his mind. He stared directly into uncle Xius eyes, and waited for what he was going to say next.

Uncle Xius expression became stern, which was rather rare, Jian Chen, if you didnt become a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, joining the union would inhibit you only slightly, but the inhibition is not that great. What really is important is that if you reach Class 7, all your actions will be restrained by the union, and then forced into a secret research program. Not only will you lose your freedom, itll even possibly threaten your life.

Jian Chens heart skipped a beat. He had never thought that the Radiant Saint Masters had such a dark side to it.

Uncle Xiu, just what is this secret research project? Jian Chen could not suppress the curiosity in his heart so he asked.

Uncle Xiu paused slightly before continuing, The secret of breaking through Class 7 and reaching Class 8.

Jian Chen was slightly stunned, Uncle Xiu, arent there any Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters on the continent?

Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters are heaven-defying existences. Why would they appear so easily? Uncle Xiu slowly raised his head to look at the ceiling of the restaurant. His vision seemed to be able to pass through the various obstructions and see the faraway stars. He said slowly, Its already been countless years since a Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters appeared. According to my understanding from some ancient records, a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master has only appeared once in the ancient times, and only that one time. Afterwards, there were no more Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters, because they are just too heaven-defying.

Heaven-defying? Uncle Xiu, perhaps Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters have some great ability? Great curiosity bloomed in Jian Chens heart. He was a Radiant Saint Master himself, so he was naturally extremely curious as to the abilities Radiant Saint Masters could possess.

Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters indeed possess a heaven-defying ability. This ability is so great that it can even be terrifying; they can awaken the residue soul within Ruler Armaments and revive Saint Rulers from the Ruler Armament they left behind when they passed away.

Jian Chens body jerked involuntarily. He stared at uncle Xiu in disbelief, and great waves of shock had begun surging in his heart.

Un-... Uncle Xiu, is is this true? Can they really use Ruler Armaments to revive their owners? Jian Chen asked with a trembling voice.

As for whether its true or not, I do not know. Its only some ancient rumors that I read from some records, though this isnt any secret to the large clans on the Tian Yuan Continent. Basically every ancient clan knows about this, and even some hermit clans know about it too. Uncle Xiu said.

Jian Chens heart beat began to speed up. Before, he had learnt this from Dugu Feng and Huang Luan during the Gathering of Mercenaries, but he only thought it was a fake rumor at that time. He did not take it seriously. However, now that he had personally heard the same information from uncle Xiu, he could not help but believe it.

Even though everything seemed false and caused Jian Chen to be flooded with disbelief, yearning also appeared in Jian Chens heart, a yearning for becoming a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master.

Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters are actually so heaven-defying. I wonder if I can reach such a level in my lifetime. Jian Chen thought to himself.

At that moment, uncle Xiu continued, The research of the Radiant Saint Master Union has gone on for a very long time already. Almost every Class 7 Radiant Saint Master has devoted themselves to the research, but theyve never succeeded and instead ruined many Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. So, Jian Chen, after you reach Class 7, you must leave the union. You must not participate in the research, because very few Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters have survived from it.

Uncle Xiu, arent there any Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters who dont want to do it? Jian Chen asked.

You dont know how crazy Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters can be to reach Class 8. For that, theyre willing to offer up their lives. Although there were a few people who were unwilling to participate in the research in the past, they lost their freedom after they entered the union. Even if they attempt to escape, theyll just be recaptured by the experts of the three clans. Xiu Houston said.

Jian Chen became stern. The information uncle Xiu had provided him with completely overthrew what he knew about the Radiant Saint Master Union.

Suddenly, Jian Chen thought of something. He asked, Uncle Xiu, will anyone recognise the white tiger?

Uncle Xiu looked at the sleeping white tiger on Jian Chens shoulder, On the Tian Yuan Continent, there are less than ten people who can recognise the Winged Tiger God, and the three great empires do not possess any of them, so Jian Chen, you dont have to worry about this. However, you must remember to never reveal the Winged Tiger God before a Class 7 Magical Beast. Class 7 Magical Beasts can feel the suppression from the bloodline of the beast god in the Winged Tiger God.

Hearing that, the burden in Jian Chens heart seemed to collapse. He was completely at ease about it now.

Jian Chen, Ive told you what I need to tell you. I believe you will make smart decisions. Go! With that, uncle Xiu disappeared without a sound. At the same time, the transparent barrier about the table disappeared.

With the barrier gone, Jian Chen immediately heard the noisy hubbub of the restaurant. However, the people there did not discover that an elderly man had disappeared in front of where Jian Chen was sitting. In fact, they did not even seemed to pay any attention to them when they were sitting together, as if they were just empty space.

Jian Chen stood up slowly. What uncle Xiu had told him completely destroyed Jian Chens original plan. Right now, he had to come up with a new plan of obtaining the chance to reach Class 7.

Jian Chen had already lost his appetite. Standing up from his chair, he turned around and left the restaurant. Riding his Class 4 Magical Beast mount, he departed from the place.

After Jian Chen left, a person walked past where Jian Chen and uncle Xiu were sitting in the restaurant. Seeing the table full of delicacies, the person could not help but reveal an expression of doubt. He thought hard, then his expression changed greatly. He cried aloud, I remember, its that old man. Whered that old man go!? That bastard, he didnt pay! The person immediately ran outside and looked around in the bustling street. He could not help but sigh at the sky as he mumbled, God dammit, there goes my pay for this month.

Jian Chen found an inn in the first class city and replanned what he was going to do after today. Three days later, Jian Chen departed from the city, and flew towards one of the three capitals of the Holy Empire, the City of God. This was because the Radiant Saint Master Union was there.

Two days later, on a path leading into the City of God, a luxurious carriage rolled quickly over the path. It created a great cloud of dust and in around the carriage, there were around fifty mercenaries acting as escorts.

Esteemed Radiant saint Master, we only have thirty more kilometers before we arrive at the one of the three capitals, the City of God. At this moment, the horse-driver suddenly poked his head into the carriage and informed.

The tightly-shut door of the carriage was suddenly opened, which revealed a youth who seemed to be in his twenties, wearing a long, white and luxurious robe. The youth had an extremely handsome expression, and his plain and expressionless gaze seemed to carry an unique charm, as if it was as profound as the vast starry sky.

The youth stared at the great city walls that could be vaguely seen in the distant and revealed a queer light in his eyes.

Mrrrrrr. At this moment, the soft cry of a beast sounded in the carriage. It was a snow-white, cat-sized tiger cub that lay on the youths head, and stood up to look at the far away walls. Great curiousity could be seen in its bright eyes.