Chaotic Sword God Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Outstanding Prodigy
Chapter 746: Outstanding Prodigy

In the City of God, Jian Chen was brought to a quiet room at the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union by the president. The president said with a gentle tone, Yang Yutian, you should rest here. When you fully recover, come and find your master. Master has some things he wants to speak with you about.

Yes master! Jian Chen replied courteously, before he entered the room. He sat cross-legged on the cushion in the room and slowly closed his eyes.

The president glanced at Jian Chen with a smile. At that moment, his impression of his disciple already began to soar, because Jian Chens performance tonight had even made the president hold him in high esteem.

In the Hou clan of the eight clans, master Hou locked himself in a room, unwilling to see anyone after he was brought back by the ancestor of the clan.

In the luxurious moment, master Hou currently sat on his bed in deep thought. The light in his eyes constantly flickered, while his complexion constantly varied.

Tonight on the ferry, the great strength displayed by Jian Chen had shocked master Hou greatly, especially the scene where the strength of Gods Descent had slowly turned the twenty-odd assassins to dust. It was like a brand, searing deeply into his mind, unable to be removed.

He would never forget what he witnessed that night, never forget the strength of Gods Descent, much less forget the person who caused all of it, a twenty-four-year-old! Yang Yutian!

Yang. Yu. Tian. Master Hou mumbled to himself with a soft voice, and his gaze immediately turned into a glare. He said softly again, Yang Yutian, I never thought you would actually be so strong. Not only do you have a grasp on the Judgements Sword, one of the three forbidden artes, you even know the most powerful forbidden arte, Gods Descent, and you can successfully cast it. Perhaps even in all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, you can reign supreme with such great strength.

Too bad. Since youre unwilling to join hands with us eight clans, well become enemies sooner or later in the competition in a months time. We wont be able to avoid clashing with each other. And with what happened tonight, youll probably realise soon that it was all organised by the eight clans. We wanted to test you. Too bad none of us thought youd be so strong, which caused our plan to completely spiral out of control.

Whatever. Since theres already enmity between us, I can only go all in. Yang Yutian, just blame that you appeared at the wrong time. A sliver of killing intent flashed across master Hous eyes. Shortly afterwards, he gazed towards the door and called out in a deep voice, Golden guard!

The door opened, and a person completely clad in golden armor walked in. He clasped his hands, What does master Hou require!

Golden guard, go contact the other seven great clans. Theres something important I want to discuss with them. Master Hou said.

Yes, master Hou! The gold-armored guard left.

In the Saer clan, the average-looking middle-aged man, Saer Langke, currently sat on a lower seat in a grand hall with a dark expression. A sliver of powerful killing intent would flash across his eyes from time to time.

At this moment, a purple-robed, dashing middle-aged man strode into the hall. He directly walked up the stair to a raised pomp, and sat down on the central seat.

Langke, just what has happened? Why have you alarmed the ancestor who never comes out of seclusion? The purple-robed man stared rather sternly at Saer Langke down below.

Its all because of Yang Yutian, father. Yang Yutian is really strong. He actually knows Gods Descent, a Radiant Arte where only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters can cast. He wiped out all the people our eight clans sent to test him. Saer Langke said with a soft voice.

The purple-robed mans expression changed slightly and he exclaimed with a deep voice, What? He knows Gods Descent? Perhaps hes already a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?

Hes not Class 7, and the Gods Descent he cast was not the true Gods Descent. He probably obtained the arte, and then found a method in which Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters could cast it. Saer Langke said.

I recall that he only entered the Radiant Saint Tower for a mere three months. Its unbelieveable that he could reach such a level in three months. The purple-robed man gave out a sigh.

Saer Langke stared fixedly at the middle-aged man and said, Father, Yang Yutian must be eliminated. Not only is his existence an obstruction to us placing top ten, its also extremely bad for the Zaar familys plans.

The purple-robed man could not make up his mind, so he did not reply immediately.

Youve put it well. This Yang Yutian must be eliminated! Suddenly, a heavy voice reverberated in the hall. In the centre of the hall, a tightly-dressed, middle-aged man had already appeared at a certain time.

The middle-aged mans body was extremely muscled. He was stocky, and over two meters in height. His uncovered arms were clad with large muscles. His hair was several inches long, while his square face carried an unconcealed valiance. On his forehead, there was a heart-wrenching scar, which made him seem even more fierce.

I greet the ancestor! The purple-robed man and Saer Langke bowed towards the large man at the same time. They were both extremely courteous.

That person was the strongest and oldest ancestor of the Saer clan, a powerful Saint Ruler!

The ancestor stood there with his arms crossed, I already know about the matter with Yang Yutian. He is indeed an outstanding genius and if he continues to grow, he will definitely become the president of the union. Its just a pity that his existence interferes with the Zaar familys plans.

The current president of the union only has around a hundred years before hell pass away from old age. Without him, the union will greatly weaken in the future and with that, itll become much easier for the Zaar family to control the union. But in a hundred years, Yang Yutianll be able to reach a great level similar to the president with his talent. So, we have to eliminate him.

Ancestor, is the idea of eliminating Yang Yutian from the Zaar family? The purple-robed man asked cautiously.

The ancestor nodded slightly.

Yes, ancestor, Ill immediately go organise this. This time, the purple-robed man did not hesitate at all.

Remember, you must never send our own people to kill Yang Yutian, and you must not leave any evidence. The Zaar family wants to control the entire empire and is about to declare war on the other two great clans. In such an important time, you definitely must not offend the neutral union. The ancestor said with a deep voice. Afterwards, he suddenly disappeared from the hall.

Just at this moment, a guard hurried in from outside. He knelt on one knee and said, Reporting to the patriarch, master Hou from the Hou clan has sent an invitation for the patriarch and the young master to go to the Hou clan. Theres something important to be discussed!

I understand. You can leave. The purple-robed man waved his hand and dismissed the guard.

Once the guard left, a sliver of light flashed across Saer Langkes eyes. He said, Master Hou has actually sent an invitation to discuss important matters right now. Father, I think this is most likely related to Yang Yutian.

The purple-robed man nodded slightly, Since master Hou has sent an invitation, lets go there through the secret tunnel.

In the middle of the night, the huge city had already become extremely quiet. The wide streets were desolate, without anyone there at all.

At this moment, in an area a hundred meters below the Hou clan, there was a large basement, with a dozen or so striking people sitting around a long table.

Everyone, Ive invited everyone here for a reason. I believe most of you have already guessed it. Yes, the reason why Ive invited everyone here today is to handle Yang Yutian, A powerful killing intent flashed across master Hous eyes.

Ill be honest. Before I came here, I received a message from my ancestor, to get us to eliminate Yang Yutian. This Yang Yutians existence has already greatly impacted the Zaar familys plan. An old man in fiery-red robes said. He was the one in control for the Fire God clan.

Master Hou smiled slightly, I believe theres quite a few of you whove also received a similar message. Since its like that, let us cut to the chase and discuss how we can handle Yang Yutian without using our own forces!

I suggest we go find the assassination organisations to handle this. Those assassination organisations are good with assassination, and are essentially impossible to guard against. If we let them handle it, not only will there be a greater chance in the task being completed, we wont be exposed either. A middle-aged man suggested.

This is a decent idea. Of the three great assassination organisations, the Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword Sect is strange and mysterious. They can influence the targets mind in an undefendable way. Before the Baleful Yin Force, even Saint Rulers will be affected. If we request the Bloodsword Sect to move, perhaps even just a Heaven Saint Master is enough to handle Yang Yutian.

Its a pity that after the battle between the three a thousand years ago, the Bloodsword Sect retired from the continent. Its as if the entire organisation had suddenly vanished. They cant be found no matter how you look.

Since its impossible to find the Bloodsword Sect, why dont we request for the other two assassination organizations? After the battle a thousand years ago, although the Bloodsword Sect, the Yama Hall and the Underworld Sect were all greatly damaged and went into hiding, the Yama Hall and the Underworld Sect have emerged again in the recent years. Theyve both just taken a lower profile than before. And our Zhou family already knows several of the places where they can be contacted!

Then we might as well get the people from both the Yama Hall and the Underworld Sect at the same time. We eight clans dont lack money. As long as they complete the mission, well make sure we fulfil them their best of our ability.

After all discussions were completed, the people of the eight clans all departed one by one, returning to their clans through the secret tunnels.

In the luxurious estate of the Cheng family, the refined, middle-aged man, Cheng Jian, currently stood with his head up, gazing at the dark sky. He sighed deeply. Cheng Jians status in the Cheng family was quite great; he already knew all about the things that the eight clans were about to do to Jian Chen, which made him could not help but feel helpless. According to what he originally thought, he wanted to become friends with Jian Chen and even if he could not become friends, he would definitely not become an enemy of Jian Chen. However, things would often be unexpected. He had never thought that final situation would reach such a severe stage. Jian Chen actually provoked the Zaar familys killing intent.

A genius, a true prodigy. A person with unprecedented talent has finally appeared on the continent with so much difficulty, and now his life is to be ended at such a young age. Cheng Jian gave out a deep sigh. His face was filled with regret.