Chaotic Sword God Chapter 756

Chapter 756: A Sly Senior Brother (Two)
Chapter 756: A Sly Senior Brother (Two)

What a crafty senior. He actually wants me to offer up the armor. I just wonder whether its Yun Tians own intentions, or the presidents intentions. Jian Chen thought quickly, but he did not hurry to speak. Jian Chen knew extremely well how valuable the golden mail was. It was created from the silk spat by the Primordial God Silkworm, which was born from the world. It was a unique treasure of the world, something that could not be obtained through luck and not from searching. He could give the piece of armor to his parents or his trusted friends without any hesitation, but he would not just offer it up like this to the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

Jian Chen hesitated for a little while, hiding the anger in his heart. He said apologetically, Senior, this golden mail saved my life. If it were not for this piece of armor, perhaps junior wouldve passed away in the hands of the assassins from the Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall. If I take off this armor, perhaps I would not take another step away from the headquarters. With seniors knowledge and experience, senior must know all about how great the assassins from the two organisations are at hiding their presence. Its impossible to guard against them.

Yun Tian remained smiling and said neutrally, Ive heard about junior encountering assassins, but junior does not need to worry. It was purely a coincidence. I believe master did not anticipate that the two organisations would actually send several Saint Rulers to handle you, but something like that wont happen a second time. Saying all that, Yun Tian paused slightly before continuing, Also, many people should know about junior possessing such a treasure now. Therell definitely be greedy people. If Saint Rulers move against junior, how will junior be able to protect the treasure? Itll end up in their hands in the end anyway, and instead bring even more trouble to junior. Why dont you just give it to master and have master keep it for you temporarily? Once junior becomes strong enough to keep the golden mail, master can just return it. How does junior feel about this?

Hmph, Yang Yutian, once you give the armor to master, Ill borrow it from master for myself. With this armor, I wont even fear Saint Rulers if I ever face them. I, Yun Tian, must obtain this golden mail that can even withstand Saint Ruler attacks. Yun TIan sneered inside and a powerful sliver of greed flashed past the depths of his eyes.

Jian Chen looked towards the president and asked calmly, Master, is this what you would like? If master wants it, I can have master keep it for me temporarily. Its fine. With that, Jian Chen wanted to see whether it was Yun Tians own idea, or that the president had instructed his senior to act like that.

The president gently sipped at his tea and slowly placed down the cup. He looked at Jian Chen and said, Yang Yutian, I dont have much longer, at most a hundred years. Or maybe in just a few more years, Ill turn into a pile of dust and disappear with the wind. Also, with my current strength, the amount of people that can harm me in the City of God can be counted on one hand. So, putting your treasured mail with me is just wasting away its capacity. Also, right now you face the combined assassination of the two organisations. If you wear the armor, it can save your life. You dont need to pay any attention to what your seniors said.

Master Yun Tian became impatient and wanted to persuade him, but he stopped when the president raised his hand. The president said, Yun Tian, you dont need to say anymore. Your junior is an unprecedented prodigy and will definitely reach a level equal to me, or even break through and reach the legendary Class 8. During this period of time, the safety of your junior is of utmost important. Its most suitable for your junior to wear the armor.

Jian Chen relaxed a little and glanced at Yun Tian, Looks like this is all senior Yun Tians intentions. He has already become greedy for the armor I possess. Jian Chens mind was fill of disdain. Unless it was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler or above who personally moved out to take things from him, Jian Chen did not need to pay heed, let alone Yun Tian, a mere Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

In the City of God, no Saint Ruler would ever dare to infiltrate the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union, unless the president himself had malicious intentions.

Yun Tians eyes flickered. With what the president had said, he already understood that his plan of using the president to obtain the treasured mail had already failed.

Looks like master views Yang Yutian with great importance. Otherwise, why would he give up on such a treasure? But Ill definitely obtain it. Yun Tian thought.

At that moment, the president slowly became stern, Yang Yutian, Yun Tian, theres only a few more days until the competition. I called you two out today is mainly because I want to let you two understand the rules of the competition beforehand so you can make preparations.

In a few days, the competition will be held in the origin saint artifact of our union. There is a world inside the artifact which hides a great space. All the competitors must live for half a month in it, In that half a month, your Space Rings will be sealed up by the artifact. You must find and obtain all the food and water you need in that period of time.

The top ten will be determined by how well you fight in the artifact. Inside, you must kill people with your own power. You will obtain all the points of the person you kill. In the end, the ten people with the greatest number of points will obtain a chance at breaking through to Class 7. So, you are about to be embroiled in an intense battle within the artifact. You must remember to never become soft-hearted.

Yun Tians expression did not change at all. He had already participated many times, so he naturally knew the rules very well.

However, Jian Chen was unable to stay as calm as Yun Tian. He asked, Master, wouldnt that mean that a lot of Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters die with each time its held?

The president laughed mysteriously, Of course not. Although people enter the artifact with their own bodies, once they encounter any threats to their lives, they will be taken away by the power of the artifact, so theres no need to worry about your life. So no matter how intense the battles inside are for those who compete, it wont endanger your life.

Is that so? Jian Chen came to an understanding and could not help but think of the competition back at Mercenary City. Compared to the Gathering of Mercenaries, the competition of the union seemed much more humane and much safer.

Alright, Ive already said what I need to say. The two of you should leave and make final preparations for the competition in a few days. Yang Yutian, dont go outside during this time. The people of the other two great clans of the empire have all come, as well as they organised people to wait outside the headquarters, probably to look for you when you come out. Dont make contact with them, just in case they suck you into the struggle for power between the three clans.

Yes master!

After Yang Yutian and Yun Tian departed, the presidents complexion became much more overcast and cold light flickered in his eyes. He said, The hidden battle between the three clans has already become white-hot. Once the matter of reaching Class 7 has ended, their battle will erupt properly. Hmph, Zaar family, how can I, Adami, let you successfully unite the Holy Empire?

Leaving from the presidents place, Jian Chen directly returned to where he stayed. Just when Jian Chen entered the room, Yun Tian also followed behind. He looked at Jian Chen with a smile, Junior, senior wants to discuss some things with you. With that, Yun Tian did not even wait for Jian Chens approval, directly entering Jian Chens room.

Jian Chen remained calm and did not care about Yun Tians impoliteness. He swung his hand and closed the door, walking over to his bed and sat down. He said indifferently, Senior Yun Tian, I wonder why you have come looking for me.

Yun Tian sat down in a chair. Only after hesitating slightly did he begin speaking, Junior, senior wants to borrow your treasured mail for a few days for the upcoming competition. After the competition is over, Ill definitely return it to you, because this time, I have an extremely strong feeling that if I get into the top ten, Ill definitely break through and reach Class 7. If I really do break through, I will definitely not forget about juniors kindness for lending me the armor. Yun Tian stared fixedly at Jian Chen.

A weird smile formed on Jian Chens face as he stared deeply back at Yun Tian, Senior Yun Tian, Ill come clean. Junior also has an extremely strong feeling that if I get into the top ten, Ill definitely break through and reach Class 7. As a result, I must get into the top ten, while this mail on me is my greatest assurance.

This is easy then. Once we enter the artifact, lets work together. With your seniors strength as the eighth on the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, well both be able to get within the top ten. Yun Tian laughed.

Perfect. In the artifact, well travel together. That way, there wont be any problems at all in reaching the top ten.

Yun Tian began to laugh happily, Junior is right. Its already so close until the competition. Why dont you give the treasured armor to senior, for senior to get familiar with it beforehand.

Jian Chens smile became wider, while a sliver of mockery appeared vaguely in his eyes. He said, Senior, leaving the mail with junior is enough. As long as we travel together, junior can guarantee you that you will get into the top ten. Its not important whether you have the mail or not!

Yun Tians smile suddenly froze, while his complexion became rather awful. He said with a deep voice, Junior, are you really unwilling to lend this piece of armor to senior? Only when it is worn by senior can it have a greater effect. That way, our chance at getting into the top ten will increase greatly.

Senior, I dont know if what you want is the treasured mail, or a spot in the top ten. If its the top ten, then I can guarantee senior with my strength. If its for the mail, senior will definitely be disappointed. Jian Chens eyes were filled with satire.

What Jian Chen had said caused Yun Tians complexion to become even darker. He knew that his chance at obtaining the mail this time had already hit zero, so he immediately sneered, before turning around and leaving the room.