Chaotic Sword God Chapter 773

Chapter 773: Yang Yutian’s Strength (Four)
Chapter 773: Yang Yutians Strength (Four)

Jian Chen looked at Yun Tian and a sliver of mockery appeared in his eyes, So what if you can stop me from casting the three great artes? Youre able to harm me just because you can stop me? Not even powerful Saint Rulers can harm me, let alone Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters that arent even as strong as me.

With a flash of white light, over thirty Radiant Saint Swords already flew in from all direction as Jian Chen spoke. It cut off any direction Jian Chen could dodge in.

You try to harm me with mere Radiant Saint Swords! Jian Chen roared. This time, he did not dodge and just stood there with his arms open, welcoming the swords to strike him.

A faint layer of gold light encased Jian Chen from the Primordial Godsilk. As soon as the swords came in contact with the faint layer of light, they actually began to disappear at a visible rate, turning into nothing in the blink of an eye. All the Radiant Saint Force was absorbed by the silk.

Seeing that, Yun Tians originally-confident face immediately darkened. He stared at the layer of gold light on Jian Chen with deep envy. He knew that this was definitely due to the protective treasure Jian Chen wore.

If I have this golden silk mail, then the disadvantage of having a frail body of being a Radiant Saint Master will cease exist. Even if I face up against Saint Rulers, I will have no need to be afraid. I must obtain it. Yun Tian gritted his teeth, already making up his decision that he needed to obtain it no matter what.

This defensive treasure really is powerful. No wonder its something that can block an attack from Saint Rulers, it actually nullified over thirty Radiant Saint Swords from Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters so easily. Zaar Tilos eyed Jian Chen in interest, and he too revealed unconcealable greed in his eyes. He thought, I must obtain this piece of mail. If I wear it, Ill even be able to escape against Saint Rulers.

Is this Yang Yutians defensive treasure? Its so powerful. All of the people from the Kazda clan were astounded, and they all eyed Jian Chen avariciously. They wouldnt be the only ones; even Saint Rulers would be tempted by such a powerful treasure.

The Primordial Godsilk absorbed over thirty Radiant Saint Swords as soon as they touched it. All the people present to stare wide-eyed and tongue-tied at the faint layer of golden light around Jian Chen as a result. They were all in disbelief.

However, Jian Chen did not halt his movements because of this. With a thought, nine Radiant Saint Swords condensed and shot off towards the three closest Radiant Saint Masters. It heavily injured them, removing them from the competition by the energy of the artifact.

The painful cries from the three people startled everyone present, returning them to their senses. Shortly afterwards, the people attacking him all shot backwards, pulling far away from Jian Chen.

Dont be afraid everyone. After blocking our attacks, the golden armor on Yang Yutian will definitely consume some energy. Lets all attack him and expend the energy of the mail. When the protection is gone, no matter how superhuman Yang Yutian is, he cant resist against the attacks of so many people. Yun Tian called out, before swinging his hand. Another sword condensed, shooting towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chens gaze towards Yun Tian was filled with powerful killing intent. Nine Radiant Saint Swords immediately appeared before him, forming a straight line as they shot towards Yun Tian in a streak of light.

We cant let Yang Yutian take us out one by one. Everyone move together and destroy his swords. Well expend his energy and maintain ours. He definitely cant last too long facing so many of us all by himself. Zaar Tilos also cried out, before immediately condensing three Radiant Saint Swords. They shot out towards the nine swords targeting Yun Tian with lightning speed, destroying three of them. Meanwhile, perhaps due to Zaar Tilos instigation, the surrounding Radiant Saint Masters all condensed Radiant Saint Swords or Radiant Saint Shields to assist Yun Tian.

Under the teamwork of over fifty Radiant Saint Masters, Jian Chens nine swords were all nullified mid-air, without harming Yun Tian at all.

Jian Chen complexion darkened slightly. None of the surrounding fifty-odd people were weak. If they did work together like this, he would struggle to kill any of them unless he successfully casted one of the three great artes or exposed his identity as a fighter.

He could not expose his fighter identity, while the three great artes were the strongest Radiant Artes that could be cast by Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. Even though Jian Chen could cast them with some difficulty, the artes would be incomplete, and hence he would need a period of time to charge up. Yet, the artes could be disrupted very easily during this period. As a result, Jian Chen struggled to kill the fifty people with only his strength as a Radiant Saint Master.

Brother Yang Yutian, let me help you out! Suddenly, a long roar reverberated from the distance. Several streaks of light approached the area from the distance. The person leading the group was Quan Youcai, who had not appeared ever since they were separated at the ferry.

Quan Youcai rode a white cloud, leading several companions as he quickly approached Jian Chen. His gaze was resolute, This time, no matter who the opponent is, I, Quan Youcai, will never give up. Itll be a great deed once I save brother Yang Yutian from the dangers. Who knows, he might even actually pass on the three great artes to me. For the three artes, Ill give all I have.

Seeing how reinforcements had come for Jian Chen, both Zaar Tilos and Yun Tian immediately darkened in complexion. Zaar Tilos cried out, This is the Zaar familys matters. Please do not participate if you have nothing to do with it. Otherwise, you will become enemies with the Zaar family of the City of God.

Yun Tian was unwilling to fall behind Zaar Tilos. He also called out, And my Radiant Saint Master Union. If there is anyone who wants to interfere, you will become enemies with my union!

F*ck, whyre the background of Yang Yutians enemies only getting more powerful? Last time it was the eight clans, and now its the head of the eight clans, and I even need to offend the Radiant Saint Master Union. Hurrying over, Quan Youcais expression changed slightly. Shortly afterwards, a sliver of doubt appeared in his eyes, No, Yang Yutian is the disciple of the president, so its impossible to become an enemy of the union. The speaker earlier seems to be the second disciple of the president. Oh, I understand now!

Quan Youcai suddenly reached an understanding. He laughed aloud in reply, Yun Tian, just you is not enough to represent the entire union. Brother Yang Yutian, let me help you. I definitely will not just watch the future successor of the union fall to the dirty schemes of others. Youre the future president of the union. You cant be defeated by these people.

Yun Tians complexion became extremely dark. What Quan Youcai had said crossed his bottom line, something he struggled to bear with.

Quan Youcai, there are still many days to come. I, Yun Tian, will remember what happened today. Yun Tian said with gritted teeth.

Yun Tian, you dare to speak so arrogantly, and dare to work against the future president of the union. Dont you think that youll be able to stay in the union for much longer. Quan Youcai himself was a stubborn and proud man. Although he feared power, he did not dread it. He seemed to have already accepted the fact that Jian Chen would become the future president, so he did not hold back at all when he spoke.

Quan Youcai, youre looking to die! Yun Tian flew into a flurry of anger. He actually gave up his attack on Jian Chen and shot at Quan Youcai, embroiling in a battle with him very quickly.

The Radiant Saint Masters who followed Quan Youcai over stood far away. They did not enter the battle, clearly unwilling to be dragged into the situation.

Yun Tian was not weak. He was a person within the top ten Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, and could fend off several experts of the same class without much difficulty. With his departure, the force of the group against Jian Chen immediately decreased by twenty percent, removing a great amount of pressure from Jian Chen.

Jian Chen took advantage of the situation. Using the Primordial Godsilk to block all the attacks, he swiftly targeted several people and more Radiant Saint Swords quickly condensed. In the blink of an eye he killed another four of them, causing them to be taken away by the artifacts energy from the competition.

Yun Tian, hurry up and come back! Zaar Tilos expression changed slightly. If this were to continue, the fifty Radiant Saint Masters on his side would be defeated one by one sooner or later.

Yun Tians complexion changed slightly. He noticed the situation, but he needed to keep Quan Youcai busy. Although Quan Youcai was not among the ten great Radiant Saint Masters, he was extremely powerful and strong enough to challenge those within the top ten. The situation would only worsen if he charged in and heavily injured people in the group.

At this moment, Yun Tian seemed to sense something. Using a Radiant Saint Shield to block Quan Youcais attacks, he turned around and looked into the distance. He saw another few people quickly approach the area. The person leading was a beauty in her twenties who possessed an appearance that could outshine the moon and cause fish to drown.

Yun Tian immediately became overjoyed. He called out hurriedly, Miss Kara Liwei just happens to come at the right time. Quickly help out Zaar Tilos and the other to handle Yang Yutian. After its done, Yun Tian will definitely not forget the conditions he has mentioned.

Those who came just happened to be the people from the Kara clan, lead by Kara Liwei. They charged straight at Jian Chen.

Seeing the reinforcements from the Kara clan, the people who battled Jian Chen immediately relaxed slightly. Even a sliver of a relaxed expression appeared on Zaar Tilos face. He knew extremely well just how strong Kara Liwei was. If Yang Yutian was ignored, Kara Liwei was the strongest below Class 7, the absolute overlord among Class 6.