Chaotic Sword God Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Entering the Fantasy Star Ocean
Chapter 814: Entering the Fantasy Star Ocean

Nubis chose to stay behind on Three Saint Island. He did not follow Jian Chen to the Fantasy Star Ocean, but instead carved out a cave in the deep sea near the island. He used a barrier to prevent the intrusion of seawater and created a place where he could go into seclusion.

As for Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress, the two of them headed for the Fantasy Star Ocean together, leaving behind the two Saint Ruler disciples to guard the island.

The sky was fine and cloudless; it fused with the southern seas far away, as if it was a beautiful piece of art. Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress both fused with the surrounding space, quickly making headway through the use of Spatial Force. They had both already become faint blurs, shooting across the sky silently. There was no whistling of wind.

Senior, the reason why junior came to Three Saint Island this time was actually under the instructions of the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian. In particular, Im to learn about the deep sea Sea race from senior. I wonder how much senior knows about the Sea race, and whether senior can tell junior about it or not. As they flew, Jian Chen looked towards the Heavenly Enchantress and used a communication technique.

A sliver of shock flashed across the Heavenly Enchantresss eyes. She turned and glanced at Jian Chen, replying, I never thought youd actually be able to see senior Tian Jian. But why do you want to learn about the Sea race?

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before saying, To be honest, leaving the continent this time was to avoid a disaster. The protector clans of the continent want to do terrible things to me. I can only take on senior Tian Jians advice and leave the continent to seek refuge with the Sea race.

With that, the Heavenly Enchantress glanced at Jian Chen in shock. She said, With your mere Saint Ruler strength, youve actually offended the protector clans and are still able to escape the continent. Inconceivable. A few days ago, when I was in seclusion, I suddenly sensed a lot of powerful presences from the continent; there were even Saint Emperors battling outside the world. Just whats happened with the continent? Has the Beast God Continent invaded?

Senior is correct. The Beast God Continent has indeed invaded, but please forgive junior for being unable to describe the exact details. After I leave in the future, senior only needs to pop into the mainland and senior will understand exactly what happened. Jian Chens voice was rather serious.

The Heavenly Enchantress glanced at Jian Chen in astonishment, before quickly looking away, Since senior Tian Jian has told you to come to me about the matters of the Sea race, I better tell you all I know.

The Heavenly Enchantress paused for a while, and only continued after she tidied up her thoughts. The deep sea abyss is a region inhabited by life forms evolved from sea animals. Their existence is similar to magical beasts. They also cultivate by absorbing the energy of the world, and are able to take human forms and speak human language. They dont possess intelligence any weaker than humans, either. They inhabit the very bottom of the sea and take up a rather large region of ocean, while the entire region is encased by an extremely powerful barrier. This barrier was created personally by the sea god during the ancient times, and even Saint Emperors are unable to smash it. Not only does it separate the sea water, it holds it back at a range of several thousand meters. At the same time, it protects the Sea race from invasions of another species.

To the Sea race, this barrier acts like it doesnt exist. It cant stop the life forms from the deep sea, but its an extremely tough and unbreakable wall to Saint Kings and Saint Emperors. Only people below Saint King can enter.

The Heavenly Enchantress paused before continuing, Ive visited the Sea race twice before. Although I dont know the situation there particularly well, I know some rough, general knowledge. Not only does the Sea race hate humans, they disapprove of them very much. If human experts want to survive in there, they must be extremely cautious. Once they offend a member of the race, itll lead to a chain reaction and they will receive the hatred and pursuit of various other Sea race beings. With that, the Heavenly Enchantress looked at Jian Chen and continued, If youve offended the protector clans of the continent, the sea abyss is indeed a great place for you to seek refuge. At least, the barrier can repel Saint Kings. However, if you want to survive in there, it might be rather difficult.

Jian Chen pondered in silence for a while before continuing his questions, Senior, just how powerful is the Sea race? Compared to the Tian Yuan Continent, are they stronger or weaker?

The Sea race is very powerful. The Heavenly Enchantress became stern. In the ancient times, the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent both went to war against the ancient Hundred races. Both sides suffered great losses, and several Saint Emperors fell, ending their legacies. In addition, the several battles between the ancient Winged Tiger God and the war god Aergyns messed up the laws of the world, causing it to be much more difficult for future people to reach Saint Emperor. This is the reason why there are so few Saint Emperors in both the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent.

Since the Sea race never took part in the ancient war, their strengths and legacies were preserved perfectly. Although there arent as many Saint Emperors across the entire Sea race as the ancient times, its still not something the Tian Yuan Continent can match. Its just that the Sea race is evolved from marine organisms, so theyre only made to inhabit the sea. In the sea, its much easier for them to achieve greater results in cultivation. But once they leave the sea, cultivation becomes several fold more difficult. They have always stayed in the sea and have essentially never come to the Tian Yuan Continent. This is because the sea is their holy land.

The Sea race is split into three factions: the Sea God Hall, the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall. The three halls are the three most powerful organisations among them. According to what Ive learned, the Sea God Hall is the most powerful among the three, and has an elder that has already reached the supreme Saint Emperor realm. The other two halls each have one Saint Emperor as well, so a there are a total of three Saint Emperors among the Sea race.

Three supreme Saint Emperors. Jian Chen was astonished. The Sea race really was extremely powerful. They even had three Saint Emperors. This was far beyond what the Tian Yuan Continent had. Jian Chen also understood that even if the Saint Emperors were ignored, the number of Saint Kings and Saint Rulers among them definitely would not be something that the Tian Yuan Continent could rival.

Looks like its not very safe taking refuge with the Sea race this time. There are plenty of experts, far more than what the Tian Yuan Continent has. I have to keep a low profile when I get there, Jian Chen thought. He had gained a rather rough understanding from the Heavenly Enchantress, which would be of great help in his trip to the Sea race.

Jian Chen constantly asked the Heavenly Enchantress about some matters regarding the Sea race along the way, slowly allowing him to understand the circumstances of the Sea race better.

The ocean was enormous, several times larger than the Tian Yuan Continent. Even though the Fantasy Star Ocean was very close to Three Saint Island, it took the two of them a full day and night of flying at such a speed before finally arriving.

The Fantasy Star Ocean was a region of sea shrouded in mist. It took up an extremely great area. Currently, Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress floated one and a half kilometres away, staring at the mist sternly.

The Heavenly Enchantress knew that Jian Chens understanding of the Fantasy Star Ocean was limited, so she explained, The real Fantasy Star Ocean is an island within the thick mist. We need to pass through the mist to reach there. You must never underestimate this mist. Its extremely strange; as soon as you enter it, all your sensory abilities will be suppressed, and your vision will also be greatly affected

Jian Chen nodded, immediately becoming vigilant. The Fantasy Star Ocean was a dangerous zone, second only to the Death Nest. Even with his strength as Saint Ruler, he needed to be extremely careful.

Lets go in. Follow me closely and dont separate from me. You might see some illusions in the mist, but you need to remember all of it is fake. Dont believe that its real. The Heavenly Enchantress spoke with a soft voice, before placing the Zither of the Demonic Cry into her left hand and gently laying her elegant right hand onto the strings.

Seeing how cautious the Heavenly Enchantress was being, Jian Chen raised his own vigilance. Subconsciously, he pulled closer to the Heavenly Enchantress, before they flew towards the fog simultaneously.

As soon as he entered the fog, Jian Chen felt like he had stepped into another world. It was misty white all over, and even with his vision he could only see three meters ahead. In the dense mist, not only could he not use Spatial Force, but even his presence was suppressed, unable to send it out of his body.

Youll commonly encounter some attacks in this mist. Be careful. The Heaven Enchantresss voice appeared on one side.

Jian Chen turned his head. They were less than a meter away from each other, but he could not see her appearance clearly at all, even in this short distance. All he could see was a purple blurry figure.

What is this fog? Its so weird. Jian Chen was secretly shocked. The dense fog limited visibility by so much, and even sensory abilities were suppressed. Even if there were dangers, he was unable to detect it beforehand. It only increased the danger.

The two of them advanced carefully. They did not travel very fast, while the light in their eyes flickered, carefully observing the surroundings.

At that very moment, a while light suddenly appeared, shooting like a lightning bolt towards the Heavenly Enchantress.

Be careful! Jian Chen cried out, directly throwing a punch at the light.

Ding! However, the Heavenly Enchantresss reaction speed was faster than Jian Chens. The finger she had placed on the zither strings plucked gently, and a note rang out. It turned into a sound wave, colliding with the white light before Jian Chens fist could hit it.

The ball of white light turned into a pile of dust and fell from the sky without any sound.