Chaotic Sword God Chapter 863

Chapter 863: The Power of a Punch
Chapter 863: The Power of a Punch

Nubiss words immediately caused the grand elders face to stiffen. A slightly awkward expression appeared.

Noticing the grand elders expression, Jian Chen asked with a slightly heavy tone, Is there something wrong about that?

Perhaps he realized that the two of them were not very happy anymore so the grand elder immediately followed up. Warriors, may I ask how many stars you are on?

Looks like the grand elder is worrying about our strength. Please do not worry; if the Menghuang tribe only has as much strength as described, the two of us can handle it without much difficulty, guaranteed Jian Chen.

Perhaps the two warriors have already reached the 14th Star? The grand elder exclaimed uncontrollably while he ravished with joy.

A mysterious smile appeared on Jian Chen and Nubiss face but they did not say anything.

The grand elder of the Dare tribe stood up. Please wait, warriors. I will invite the patriarch immediately. Come, please receive the two esteemed warriors properly for me. With that, the grand elder hurried away excitedly.

With the grand elders departure, only Jian Chen and Nubis remained seated in the large hall.

Theres another three Saint Rulers here in this Dare tribe. One of them should be the patriarch of the tribe, while the other two should also be experts of the Sea race who have come to assist them in repelling the Menghuang tribe, Jian Chen said softly. He was extremely indifferent.

Nubis nodded. Ive sensed that too. Looks like theyre our competition. Just the two of us is enough to handle the Menghuang tribe. Theres no need for others to participate or the crystal coins well get will decrease. We need to chase away all competition.

Youre right. agreed Jian Chen.

Very soon, the patriarch and the grand elder of the Dare tribe arrived at the hall together. The patriarch was a burly, middle-aged man. He was bald and his face was resolute. He wore a water-blue vest, which left his two thick arms uncovered. The well-defined muscles on his arms were visually impactful and he wore a pair of shorts that only reached his knees. Jian Chen could not help but connect his attire with the mercenaries that rushed about on the Tian Yuan Continent daily.

Hahaha, I welcome the two warriors to my Dare tribe as guests. My Dare tribe is honored to have your presence. As soon as the patriarch entered the hall, he chuckled aloud. He seemed extremely bold and generous.

After a few casual words with the patriarch, Jian Chen reached the main topic of discussion with him.

Ive already heard from the grand elder along the way. The two warriors want the entirety of the ten million grand quality crystal coins. Is that true? The patriarch said seriously while he studied the two of them closely with glimmering eyes.

Correct, well be taking all ten million crystal coins. Well help you repel the four experts from the Menghuang tribe, Nubis said boldly. He completely looked down upon the Saint Rulers from the Menghuang tribe.

Do the two warriors have an understanding of the Menghuang tribes strength? Are you sure you have confidence in dealing with the four of them? asked the patriarch.

You dont need to worry. As long as theyre not 15th Star Seasoul Warriors or dont possess Tian Level Saint Techniques, they wont even be a threat to us, Nubis said confidently. He had it all worked out already.

A sliver of joy immediately appeared on the patriarchs face but it was soon followed up by a sliver of awkwardness. Warriors, your strength astounds me but a 13th Star and 14th Star Seasoul Warriors arrived before you and we have already reached an agreement with them

Well isnt that simple? You can just dismiss the two of them, said Nubis.

Dismiss? Hmph, I want to see whos arrogant enough to boast like that. As soon as Nubis finished what he was saying, an angry old voice boomed from outside. At the same time, a black-robed old man angrily strode in from outside.

Behind the old man followed a middle-aged man in tight robes. Right now, he was filled with anger too.

The two of them were the experts who had arrived before Jian Chen and Nubis to assist the Dare tribe.

The patriarch immediately stood up to greet the two. He was extremely courteous, as the two of them were not any weaker than himself. As the patriarch, he needed to think for the tribe and could not offend any Saint Rulers so easily.

Not to mention that these two Saint Rulers were helpers who had come to assist the Dare tribe in repelling the Menghuang tribe.

As proud as ever, Nubis did not treat the two of them politely. He glanced past them coldly and a sliver of disdain appeared in his eyes. He said coldly, You dare to speak to me, the great Nubis, with a voice like that? Looks like you dont even know how to spell death. Old man, if youre smart, piss off far and wide right now or Ill wipe out your origin soul.

The black-robed old man became enraged, abruptly narrowing his eyes. He yelled, You arrogant brat, you actually dare to look down on people like this. Lets see if you actually have the right to be arrogant or not. With that, the old mans hand turned into a claw that he swung toward Nubis with lightning speed. At the same time, the space around Nubis froze immediately. The old man had already immobilized Nubis with his Spatial Force.

Mockery appeared on Nubiss face. With a slight jolt of his body, the frozen space in the surroundings shattered immediately. He formed a fist with his hand, hurling it forward mightily without a pause.

As the two fists collided, a boom erupted. Air shot off in all directions violently, which caused the entire hall to be jolted. If it were not for the fact that the patriarch had used his own strength in the crucial moment to protect the hall, it might have collapsed entirely.

The old man immediately began to pale, stumbling backward. With every step, he left behind a deep footprint, only stabilizing himself after taking more than ten steps. With that, he could no longer hold it down any longer and immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. He was quite badly injured.

On the other hand, Nubis remained unperturbed as before, standing there casually; he did not even move. As a Silver Striped Golden Snake, a beast of antiquity, his capability for battle was already extremely great. Combined his strength as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, there were rarely any enemies who could match him. Probably only supreme Saint Kings could put some pressure on him. The old man before him was a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior but he was only in the Seventh Heavenly Layer. How could he be Nubiss opponent?

Not only did Nubiss strength astound the black-robed old man, it even shocked the patriarch of the Dare tribe very much. Nubiss power greatly exceeded what he had anticipated.

The patriarch returned to his senses very quickly, immediately running in to stop the two of them. He begged, Please calm down, warriors, please calm down. Why must you get into such a big fight over something so small? My small territory wont be able to withstand a struggle between the two warriors.

Jian Chen stood up from his seat and looked at the two other people. With clasped hands, he said, Sirs, forgive us but please leave. The two of us need crystal coins urgently, so well be taking all ten million of them.

The black-robed old man was sheet-white. He clasped his hands at Nubis and said expressionlessly, This warriors strength is admirable. I, Xie Wang, will not be participating in this time. Patriarch, since youve invited even stronger warriors, theres no need for me to stay. Farewell. Throwing that down, the old man turned around and left.

The patriarch sighed secretly, before pulling out a Space Belt from his Space Ring, tossing it to the old man. Xie Wang, I need to apologize for this. There are a hundred thousand high quality crystal coins inside it. Please take this as a gift from the Dare tribe.

The old man did not reject it. He accepted the Space Belt tossed over by the patriarch and quickly looked through it. His expression eased, before he clasped his hands at the patriarch. Thanks.

The patriarch could finally relax a little. The old man here was much stronger than him. His tribe could not offend him.

With the departure of the black-robed old man, the other middle-aged man who had come to assist the Dare tribe did not stay much longer either. He left after a conversation with Jian Chen and Nubis, no longer daring to carry an expression of unhappiness. Nubiss strength had shocked him deeply.

However, before he left, the patriarch gifted him the same amount of crystal coins, neutralizing any unhappiness that may have existed between the two.

Grand elder, announce the news immediately. My Dare tribe has already found enough experts to deal with the Menghuang tribe. We can now officially take down the recruitment notice. The patriarch immediately sent down orders. He was scared that more Saint Rulers would approach the Dare tribe to help only to be met with disappointment.

Afterward, the patriarch led Jian Chen and Nubis with even more enthusiasm to a secret room, where they discussed the matter in detail. Seeing how Nubis heavily injured a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior with a single punch, the patriarch was now at ease completely. He was confident that the two of them possessed the strength to fend off the Menghuang tribe.

Patriarch, do you know when the Menghuang tribe will attack? Jian Chen asked.

The patriarch said after some thought, The auction that occurs once every century is about to be held in Jass City. A fragment of the Octoterra Map will appear in the auction this time, so many large organizations will fight for it. Other than that, many rare treasures will be auctioned off as well. I believe the Menghuang tribe will attack us after the auction, and take control of the spiritual vein in our possession. I just never thought that the Menghuang tribe would even take a fancy for our small spiritual vein that only produces a hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins when theyre already in possession of a medium-sized one.