Chaotic Sword God Chapter 889

Chapter 889: Movements of the Three Halls
Chapter 889: Movements of the Three Halls

What did you say, Luo Fu? The two elders have been killed?

How is that possible? Who dares to kill the elders of our Heavens Spirit Hall?

Was it the Serpent God Hall?

The hall elders all stood up, each and every one of them furious. The deaths of two 15th Star elders was a heavy loss to the Heavens Spirit Hall.

After all, there just were not that many 15th Star experts compared to the 14th Star. Every single one of them made up the central power of the hall. As a result, even just the loss of one would be painful.

Hall elder Luo Fu shook his head. The residual soul I left on them has vanished. Through the soul, it seems that the two of them died to the three people hunted down by the Serpent God Hall.

Hows that possible? They actually killed two 15th Star elders with their strength as 14th Star Seasoul Warriors? Just how did they do it? Do they all possess Tian Level Saint Techniques? A hall elder cried out involuntarily. He was filled with disbelief.

I also have no idea how they did it but before the two of them died, I felt their souls disappear for some time as if they had vanished into another space. When I could feel their souls again, the two of them were already dead. I think the three of them must have used a method that we do not know of to kill the elders, Luo Fu said with a deep voice.

Hmph. If 15th Star elders cant bring them back, then well send some 16th Star elders. By the order of the five great hall elders, send the three deacon elders together. That should be enough to bring the three of them back, ordered Mu He.

The three deacon elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall were all famed experts and Saint Kings of the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

Probably only the ten protector clans and Mercenary City had the power to send out three Fifth Heavenly Layer experts at once on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, none of them had enough Saint Kings to rival any of the halls of the sea realm.

This was because the Sea race itself was stronger than the humans of the Tian Yuan Continent. They just had more people, whether it be Saint Rulers or Saint Kings. Also, there were only three peak-level existences in the sea realm. Almost all the experts gathered in those three organizations. The Tian Yuan Continent had a total of eleven. However, even if they were matched accordingly, even four protector clans would fail to rival any one of the halls.

At the same time, Charlie and Bai Yan sat there in the Serpent God Hall with ugly expressions. They had also received messages from the two elders they had sent and knew about their current situation.

Why have the hall elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall invited two of our ordinary elders as guests out of the blue? Perhaps theyve discovered the secret about the Abyssal Crystal and hence purposefully wanted to get in the way of our two elders? Bai Yan said with a deep voice. His face was sunken.

Thats very possible. The matter of the Abyssal Crystal is extremely significant. Do you think we should call on the other hall elders and discuss this matter together? Charlie was stern.

Not now. Weve never gotten along with them. If they learn that weve committed a huge mistake, I worry that theyll just take advantage of the situation just to trouble us. They just happen to be in secluded cultivation right now, so were the two most authoritative members of the hall. There are still chances for us to amend this situation. Ill send out the four divine generals immediately, Bai Yan said.

The four divine generals consisted of four people at the Fifth Heavenly Layer, all 16th Star Seasoul Warriors.

Meanwhile, the white-clothed Qing Yixuan had just left the Sea Goddess Hall all energized. Thanks to the Samsara Pool, she had recovered completely from her wounds. Even Nubis nasty poison was completely purged.

Qing Yixuan passed through the hall with familiarity as she held a medallion. Along the way, she would see emissaries from time to time. They all looked at her with a sliver of respect, the respect felt toward an expert.

Although Qing Yixuan was a human, she had already lived in the sea realm for many years. She had been here ever since she was a Saint Ruler and stayed there since. She eventually reached her current level of cultivation and became one of the eight great human experts of the sea realm. She also maintained a decent relationship with the Sea Goddess Hall and it supported her from behind.

Now, Qing Yixuan had already become like a member of the hall. Although she never joined them officially, she did many things for the hall so she was equivalent to one.

Qing Yixuan passed through the many hallways and palaces before coming to an ordinary-looking side hall. Three people sat close-eyed inside it as if they were waiting for something.

One of the three was a middle-aged man. He seemed to be around forty years of age and wore tight black robes. He had strong facial features and was covered with black facial hair. He was very burly with a broad chest and tanned skin. He seemed like a black bear.

The other two people were white-robed elders. They were ruddy and sage-like, similar to immortals. They gave off a feeling as if they had already transcended worldly affairs.

The two old men were the same people who had helped out Qing Yixuan when she went to steal the Octoterra Map fragment. They helped her earn some precious time to flee.

As soon as Qing Yixuan entered the hall, the three people opened their eyes in unison. They all looked at her.

She walked into the center of the hall and stopped, gazing uncaringly toward the burly middle-aged man. She said, Lei Batian, the hall master has sent me to find you to go to the territory of the Heavens Spirit Hall. Whats the mission this time?

Lei Batian was one of the five renowned magical beast experts among the Sea race. He was of the Sixth Heavenly Layer and his original form was a mutated black bear. He was extremely powerful, only second to beasts of antiquity.

Lei Batian stood up and murmured, The hall masters sent us to the Heavens Spirit Halls territory to bring back a few people safely. Since were all here now, we can set off.

Lei Batian, just who are these people to have the hall master personally order us to bring them back? One of the old men asked. He was also one of the eight great human experts, Mo Ziran.

The other great human expert, Ou Yun, also looked toward Lei Batian after what Mo Ziran said. He was obviously curious about the identities of their targets.

Lei Batian shook his head. Dont ask me, I dont know who they are either. The hall master has just given me the method to search for them. If you want to know just who they are, youll discover that when you find them.

My injuries have just been healed. Once the mission is complete, I wont be returning with you. I have other important matters to attend to in the territory of the Serpent God Hall, Qing Yixuan said icily. Her face was frozen like frost.

Lei Batian could not help but become curious when he saw how sullen Qing Yixuan was. He asked with a muffled voice, Qing Yixuan, why do I feel like youre a completely different person? Just what has happened?

Mo Ziran and Ou Yun could not help but smile when they heard this. Mo Ziran chuckled. Looks like you dont know about it. A few days ago, when Qing Ziran went to steal the Octoterra Map fragment, she finally succeeded after putting in a tremendous amount of effort. But at the very end, two brats appeared out of nowhere and ambushed her. They also took away her map fragment. They were only Saint Rulers.

Oh, something like that happened? Those two brats sure are brave to steal something from one of the eight great human experts. Lei Batians face revealed some curiosity as the corner of his lips curled up vaguely. He thought, No wonder Qing Yixuan was so sunken-faced. A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King actually had her stuff stolen by two puny Saint Rulers. That sure is a big embarrassment.

Lei Batian, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun only knew that the two juniors had taken the map fragment. No one knew how they would react if they found out that the juniors had taken more than just that and had taken an undergarment of hers as well.

Qing Yixuans face became even darker as she heard the discussions of the three of them. She clenched her fist tightly as great rage and killing intent burned in her eyes. She gritted her teeth. I will definitely find the two of them and personally obliterate them. Only that can free me from my hatred.

Lei Batian sniggered, Go find them after you finish the mission from the hall master. Alright, since everyones here, we should head out.

Afterward, the four of them left the Sea Goddess Hall, heading straight for the territory of the Heavens Spirit Hall. Although the four of them helped out the Sea Goddess Hall with matters, they were not official members of the hall. As a result, they could move around through the three territories at will.

Access to the three major regions of the sea realm was only restricted for members of halls. Other people, such as people of clans, tribes or people completely unconnected to any organization were not bound by this agreement.

In the territory of the Heavens Spirit Hall, Jian Chen, Nubis and Xie Wang continued to flee as their lives depended on it. Although they killed two Saint Kings of the Heavens Spirit Hall, they knew that the problems were far from over. Instead, the situation had become even more severe because their incoming enemies would only become stronger and stronger.

The three of them traveled straight for the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. As they traveled, Jian Chen expanded his presence from time to time, surveying the surroundings and checking on the power of the tribes while they flew past. In order to save time, they would fly over small tribes without any worry, taking the quickest route to a safe haven. However, once they came across a large tribe with Saint Kings present, they would avoid it from afar and detour around it. They wanted to avoid provoking any more unwanted trouble on the way as that would take up time.