Chrysalis Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Counter Attack

The monster behind me has ripped itself free and is approaching its prey, already skewered in through by one of its limbs.

Unfortunately for you, standing behind me is not a good place to be!


Firing blindly I rapid fire three shots which, after turning my head I can see have splashed all over the unfortunate monster.

Ha! Take that moron!

Reeling in pain as the acid begins to burn furiously away at its flesh, the creature pulls itself backwards, simultaneously ripping the spike out of my body.

My mind completely blanks out for a moment due the sheer agony tearing at my psyche. Holy moly Gandalf! That one stings!

Activate the regeneration gland!

As the regenerative fluid begins to course through my body, hopefully closing over the holes I have above and below the abdomen I can finally turn to face my adversary.

Able to stab me straight through the diamond carapace this creature must have some serious chops!

What looms before me is truly a nightmare beast. Two enormous elongated, double jointed arms protrude from the front of the body, each limb tipped with needle points that glitter in the light. Suspended between these two limbs is a withered, tattered body with a curling, hooked tail that it drags through the ground.

Come on now monster! That doesn't even look practical!

My health, which had plummeted down to half after being pierced through is recovering rapidly as my healing gland does its work. One heck of a good purchase that!

Eyeballing my foe warily I feint left and right, trying to buy a few more precious seconds for my wounds to close. My enemy hesitates briefly before screeching horribly, tube-like mouth distending to ridiculous proportions before it raises one spear tipped limb and slams it down towards me.

Thankfully the restrictive acid is doing its work! The creature is so much faster than it looks. The fearsomely pointed arm flashes through the air and plunges deep into the earth, sinking deep into the dirt as if sliding into warm butter.

I was barely able to dodge that strike! Only by flinging myself to one side was I able to avoid it by the slimmest of margins! Despite looking so distorted this monster really means business. That speed and penetrating power are a real threat, able to stab straight through my sturdy defences.

If I continue playing for time I might just end up getting stabbed through the head! Go for the attack!

As the creature is retracting its arm I lunge forward whilst channelling mana into my mandibles!


Summoning my strength I bring my jaws down on the offending arm with a vicious crushing bite! I mandibles clamp down before the beast can retract the fearsome weapon. With satisfaction I can feel my mandibles ripping and tearing but I'm disappointed I wasn't able to cut straight through it. Not even the infused mandibles were up to that task!

The monster rears back, hissing sharply in pain

Ha! How do you like it?!

Then it smashes down with its other arm!

Whoa there!

Flinging myself to my right I'm able to narrowly dodge once again! How is this thing so damn fast?! When I see the arm raised up I know I have almost no time to dodge because I've never seen the thing come down! It's like it just teleports in the ground!

This must be a skill or mutation of some kind. Even with my restrictive acid covering the creature it can still muster this level of speed, if I hadn't hit with the acid I'd probably be dead right now, speared through the head by a limb I never saw move!

Part of me shudders in fear just thinking about that scenario. The terrors of the Dungeon really are innumerable. How is a humble ant colony supposed to survive Gandalf!?

Thanks to my compound vision I can see the colony hard at work in this moment.

They aren't advancing out of the escape tunnel, which is good news, but holding the line, two hundred workers strong, devouring any monster that dares to approach the wall of ant-kind blocking the entrance.

Good on you colony! Keep up the good work!

Tiny is continuing his rampage, his new form is fearsomely strong, blasting out electricity and using his sheer physical force to smash his opponents to paste. He can't keep it up indefinitely though, I can already see wounds cut into him and his electrical energy isn't inexhaustible. That blast he sent out across the room must have cost him dearly as the sparks radiating off him have dimmed considerably since!

The wave shows no sign of abating either. With monsters filling the nest to the brim, I can already sense new heat sources growing in the walls. This is truly going to be an endless wave of monsters! Formo was not kidding, if anything he might have understated the danger!

I have to deal with this tough enemy and see what I can do about the situation here in the chamber. If the ants can't keep digging we will eventually be overwhelmed. The colony has many numbers but not enough to fight a never ending number of these nightmare beasts!

Suddenly I switch the mana I'm channelling into my mandibles, flipping the switch and bringing out my gravitational energy instead. Before the creature has time to rebalance itself I reach out with the energy and latch onto it.

Why don't you come over and say hello at my kind of range, beastie boy?


Haha! Have I sabotaged your plans?

The monster freezes in shock as it suddenly rockets through the air towards me. Completely unprepared for such a sudden flight it's guard is wide open!



Digging in my feet to arrest the momentum of the creature as it slams into me I bring my mandibles down directly on my enemies face. At this close range I can see the tube mouth is surrounded by tiny gem-like eyes, as if the body were studded with little rubies. Each of those dozens of eyes is wide with terror as my jaws clamp down harder and harder, crushing the flesh even as it cracks the bone.

Have another!


With a horrific squelching sound the monster's flesh is compacted as whatever skeleton it had shatters under the force of my bite.

[You have slain level 1 Nocte Cuspide Vermem]

[You have gained experience]

Muahahaha! Take that!

Swiftly checking around me I can see that there isn't anything about to stab me in the face this very second so I take a chance and chomp down on a few mouthfuls of food.

I need to keep healing myself!

[You have consumed a new source of Bioamass, Nocte Cuspide Vermem, One Biomass awarded]

[Basic Profile of the Nocte Cuspide Vermem unlocked]

[Nocte Cuspide Vermem, Night-Spear Worm. This darkness affiliated monster has low mobility to a lack of limbs but compensates with extreme power and speed possessed by its two stabbing arms. Beware the piercing power of these spears, they are capable of punching through all but the toughest defence!]

Yeah, thanks for that Gandalf. I think I'd worked out that last bit for myself actually

After a few more mouthfuls I gain another Biomass point but I'm forced to stop eating as more monsters come closer to my position, not necessarily looking to fight me but posing enough of a threat that I can't continue to leisurely enjoy a meal.

Rude things. No manners here in the Dungeon, none at all.

If I had one more point I could have mutated my gravity gland to +4! I'm not sure if that would have helped much right now but I'll take anything I can get at this point!

I need to try and settle this situation as best I can, but what I can do?! I can't blindly fire off gravity bombs in this narrow space, I could hit Tiny, or collapse the ceiling on myself, or get caught in the bomb myself!

What a death that would be, sucked into your own black hole of doom


I don't really have any other tricks I can use.

Ok Anthony, it might be time to experiment with the Gravitational Energy and mana shaping! Hopefully something good happens!