Chrysalis Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Interloper

Our new squiggly companion has certainly struck some fear into the hearts of each monster inside this room. They cower backwards in a decidedly non-monsterish manner as the new challenger descends.

I immediately start to draw on the mana inside my core, pulling out great streams of it and starting the process of compacting inside my throat. Whatever this monster is, I'm not mucking around, I'm going to give it both barrels of a forceful mana shout!

The roar of my soul!

I don't only have to use the Gravity Bomb every time! The normal mana from my core has proven deadly enough on several occasions. Hopefully whatever this monster is proves just as susceptible.

With the aid of my sub-brain I begin to pull out the mana and compress it as quickly as possible, straining my already tired mind to its limit.

Brilliantly illuminated by the light the strange new monster is a bizarre creature to behold. It lowers itself to the floor gradually, the only visible part of its body, the dozens of tentacle like appendages that extend and curl at impossible angles through the air, all emerging from within the central mass.

I'm not even sure this creature has eyes, how exactly does a wiggling mass of noodles make sense of the world anyway?

As the creature settles upon its mass of tentacles it seems to start getting a feel of its environment by just feeling about with its many, many appendages. Around the chamber long, distended limbs feel their way about like sniffing dogs, quickly slithering their way towards the occupants of the room.

As it happens the creatures already in here fighting are closer to the tentacle thing than the escape tunnel and so, even though they are shrinking back like the savage and wild beasts they are, eventually one of them is cornered by those snuffling limbs.

What follows is a horrifying scene.

As soon as that seeking tentacle makes contact with the monsters leg the rest of the limbs snap into action, whipping through the air like lighting. Up and down each tentacle, glistening hooked barbs emerge and as those dark appendages lash around the unfortunate victims those thorns rip and tear at the beasts flesh.

In a solitary second the target monster, a Gnashing Shadow, has been completely enclosed by those limbs, hidden from view. The tentacles pulse and flex, tearing away at the beast trapped within without letting a sound escape. In complete silence we witness the end of that monster in horror.

Holy heck!

What a way to go!

As soon as those tentacles whipped through the air to strangle the victim I began drawing mana out of my core even more frantically, siphoning out everything I can and then compacting it viciously in my throat.


The horror show isn't over however. Suspended on yet more of the shadowy tentacles the main body of the monster shivers slightly before the broken body of the prey, still totally enclosed, starts to be dragged towards the center of the room.

As it's meal approaches, the central body, wreathed in tentacles that seem to float weightless in the air, the spherical, nebulous body in the middle of that mass appears to unfold and an impossibly large maw opens wide, grotesquely curved fangs emerging from seemingly nowhere.

When the trapped monster is dragged close enough to that mouth the entwined tentacles lift it and deposit it directly inside. The remains of that monster disappear in an instant, the only sign that it existed at all is the gnashing and crunching emerging from that nebulous main body in the center of the room.





What the heck was that Gandalf? By your flowing and munificent beard, tell me what the heck was that?!

The mouth! The TEETH! This is getting messed up!

Compress that mana Anthony! With all the damn speed in your two brains!

Horrified by this display of predation by the floating tentacle has got me seriously shook!

Sadly for my lidless eyes the activities of our new visitor don't end there. Having near silently slain and consumed its prey the tentacles once again go hunting, slithering and seeking through the chamber for more creatures to hurl into that hungry maw.

My heart clenches as those tentacles twist their way through the air towards the edges of the chamber, towards the escape tunnel. I'm not ready yet dammit! I need more time!

I hold my nerve as those ghastly appendages silently seek their next victim, but the other monsters aren't so constrained. One of the remaining beasts surrenders to either its fear or its bloodlust and howls a piercing battle cry before dashing towards the nearest limb aggressively!

Sharp claws glisten in the light as they draw a cold arc through the air, slicing one of the tentacles into pieces!


Before the beast can even celebrate its short lived triumph over the solitary limb, the others flash through the air with impossible speed. Barbed hooks once again reveal themselves before the tragic victim is encased by dozens of tentacles, silently rendered apart in a matter of seconds.

Once again the prey is dragged towards the central mass and fed to that endless mouth.

I use all the time I can to condense more and more mana. I don't want to release a weak blast, this monster seems to mean business! If I don't finish it in one shot I may not live to make another attempt!

[Forceful Mana has reached level 4]

Nice! That might help the process go a little faster!

Even as it feeds itself there are still tentacles spread throughout the room, not actively seeking prey but twitching and shifting every now and again, seeking a stray foot or arm.

Suddenly it strikes me what this creature reminds me of, a jellyfish. This is like some sort of nightmare jellyfish! Hunting through touch using many seeking appendages, those barbs might contain poison as well!

I shall dub this frightening beast the Jellymaw!

It'll do.

Having consumed another monster the Jellymaw once again begins seeking for new prey, the tentacles drifting and floating through the air as if it were water. There are very few monsters inside the chamber now, all of us scattered around the edges of the room, pressed against the walls.

After checking out the area in which the first two monsters had been located the Jellymaw begins to widen its search.

My heart chills as I realise just where those seeking limbs are headed.

I guess we wouldn't be so lucky as to avoid danger three times in a row.

Gradually those tentacles twist and turn their way through the air towards where the colony stands protecting the entrance to the escape tunnel. Oh man, if the tentacles touch the other workers before me, what would happen? This monster could latch onto dozens of ants at the same time if it wanted to! One tentacle alone might be enough to rip apart a hatchling!

Only one thing to do

Oh boy.

Slowly, I step forward, emerging from the wall of workers behind me until I stand completely exposed.

Of course, I'm frantically compressing mana inside my throat the entire time!

As the vicious tentacles pass by I slowly stretch out one antenna and lightly tap it.

I really wish I could close my eyes for this

Quick as flash the remaining limb streak through the air towards me. Before I can even blink I've become completely surrounded, vicious hooked barbs grating and scraping against my diamond carapace.

Come on carapace! Hold out for me!

Quickly checking my hp I can see that it is only gradually being shaved away as I get compressed within the Jellymaw's grasp.

I can't believe how strong these tentacles are! I'm being compacted in here!

In fact, I'm fairly sure several of my legs are broken

Hold on Anthony! Just keep compacting that mana!

I pretend to struggle against the restrictions, wiggling and trying to force my legs to move. As I do so the tentacles continue to grip and grind against me, trying to rip into flesh and tear me apart.

Damn that hurts!

After a few moments of struggling I go limp, hoping the monster will think I'm dead.

I think it worked. The grinding has stopped,

I can feel myself being pulled towards the center of the room now. The monster is preparing to feed. This is my moment!

Prepare to receive the Dragons Breath!