Chrysalis Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Rudely Interrupted

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to fight and eat here, directly on the path the entire centipede nest takes to get the lake.

Before my despairing eyes another five centipedes are approaching, wriggling along in single file through the forest on their way to the lake.

When they see me, mouth full of dead centipede, they don't even break stride and immediately charge.

Hey! Let's take it easy fellas! Any chance we can discuss this? A peaceful resolution is always the best way forward, yes?

We can agree that I have eaten those of your kind, those are the facts. But can't we also agree that we are part of the circle of life? That all things are both predator, and prey?

Didn't think so.


I turn and fire off a quick acid shot, spraying across the leading centipedes' hideous maw before I bolt into the forest. How the heck am I going to deal with five centipedes? I've only recovered about half my HP! This isn't good, not good at all!

Any help Gandalf?

Damn you and your incredible pipe smoking skills Gandalf!

I could potentially make a break for the lake, it's possible they wouldn't fight me there, but being as injured as I am there isn't any guarantee that I'd be able to outpace them.

I'll have to fight this one out, and there is no way I can fight fair!

As I run through the forest I look around frantically for something I can use. Eventually I see a large tree with a wide trunk.

Before my opponents can gain on my I run around the back of the trunk, breaking their line of sight and haul myself up the tree as fast as I can.

Gogogogo Anthony pump those little ant legs!

Not far behind me the five centipedes arrive at the tree, the one I'd hit with acid lagging a little behind. They immediately start to climb after me.

I climb as fast as I can and then out onto the thickest branch I can find still low to the ground,

before I turn and wait to see what the enemy will do.

When the centipedes see where I am they continue to charge out onto the branch, one of them crawling along the bottom the bough and the other on the top.

Just before they reach me I let go, throwing myself down to the ground.

Landing with a thud, I push myself back up and quickly check on the centipede response.

Unwilling to jump after me they start to backtrack and climb back down.

The centipede closest to the ground, far behind his allies is the one I've hit with acid. As soon as his head is in reach I dash forward and bite!

[You have defeated a level 3 Claw Centipede]

[You have gained XP]

One down.

Now run!

As the rest of the centipedes make their down the tree I flee, trying to obscure my fleeing form by running through foliage and behind trees.

When I find a particularly dense area of vegetation I dive into and then remain perfectly still. My best chance now is to let my advanced stealth do some work!

The rest of the centipedes aren't far behind me, but they haven't been able to see where I went.

The four of them move past me in a group, their own antennae patting about on the ground and their claws snapping angrily as they move.

A centipede has drawn within five metres of me but I don't dare to move. I barely breathe. If they spot me I'll get ripped to shreds! Please centipedes stay stupid!

Without any sign of me they split up, scouting around to try and find me. One scurries off to my left, another to my right and one heads back towards the tree. One centipede remains here, scratching around trying to get my scent or some sign of my passage.

In a one on one battle I don't fear these monsters at all!

The clueless creature continues to search the area, turning this way and that as it attempts to locate me.

Once it turns its back to me I start to creep out of my hiding place.

Moving closer.

And closer.

And then I strike! Suddenly leaping forward I deliver a ferocious bite to the tail! I have to remove the chance of getting stung with this damn thing!

The centipede reacts slowly and I deliver a second bite to the tail, shattering the carapace and rendering it useless.

[Chomp has reached level 3]

Holding onto the tail I drag the centipede toward me, keeping away from its claws to deliver another bite behind the head, finishing it off.

[You have slain level 1 Claw Centipede]

[You have gained XP]

Still not level five?! Argh!

Still, from five centipedes down to three!

Desperate to regenerate my health I start eating as quickly as I can. Rather than being weighed down with Biomass my precipitously low HP is of far more concern.

Thankfully I'm not interrupted before finishing off the meal.

[You have gained Biomass]

Quickly checking I see my health has recovered to 16. Better than nothing!

With the centipedes split up and their numbers diminishing I feel a lot more confident. If possible I want to finish them all off, I might gain enough XP to reach level five and finally evolve.

I've managed to regenerate possibly two acid shots whilst eating, increasing my options. You want to try and hunt me? You foolish centipedes you will all be my prey!

Chuckling to myself I head towards the left of my previous hiding place and it isn't long before I encounter the monster who had headed that way returning after a fruitless search.

Looking for me pal? I was here all along!

As soon as the beast gains sight of me it hisses, clacking its claws in rage before it charges, directly into my b-zone!


Acid directly into the face!

The creature releases a horrible shriek of pain but I won't let it off, pouncing directly into its claws to deliver the finishing bites.

[You have defeated level 4 Claw Centipede]

[You have gained XP]

The voice of Gandalf is still ringing in my head when I pause for a moment.

Did I see somethi-

Oh heck!

In a very un-antlike move I hurl myself to the side and roll as a vicious tail spike plunges through the air where I'd just been. Another of the centipedes returned whilst I tangled with the my foe!

With its surprise attack having failed though there is no hope for this monster. Regaining my feet I charge directly forward, not giving it a chance to position its tail for another strike. Leveraging my larger mandibles I go directly for the head, chomping down twice to finish it off.

[You have defeated level 2 Claw Centipede]

[You have gained XP]

[You have reached level 5]

[You have reached the level cap, evolution menu available]

Oh yeeeeeeeeees!

It's finally here!

Once again I do the best happy dance an ant can manage. Mind you, with six legs I can really get some moves going.

Calm down Anthony! Not in the clear yet.

I have to get my head back in the game. Celebrate once I make it into a safe nest and not before!

Looking around I see no sign off the final centipede. Not wanting to waste the resource I chow down on the centipede.

[You have gained Biomass].

Thankfully all this fighting has really greased my digestive process. Now that I have four Biomass I really want that one more so I can improve my acid to +5. I'll have to go back to the tree that I jumped out of, hopefully the centipede I defeated there is still available.

I sneak through the forest back to the large tree. There still isn't any sign of the last surviving centipede but the remains of the one I defeated are still here.

Thank goodness!

[You have gained Biomass]

Ok. Let me just say this, if I never have to eat one of these disgusting bugs again I'll be a happy ant. After stuffing myself with the horrible things I am completely sick of them.

I don't even bother going back to look for last two bodies. I'm completely stuffed anyway. It looks like that last centipede has successfully made an escape. Lucky thing!

I move back to the lake, making sure to stay on the Titan-Croca side of the water and scout around to locate my old hiding chamber.

I'm so excited to evolve I'm practically shaking! I'm pumped for this. It really feels amazing to have finally achieved this goal.

When I find my old hidey hole I widen up the opening and expand the chamber a little bit. It's possible that I may be larger after I've evolved and I don't want to squish myself to death underground during the process.

Renovations complete I hop down into the chamber and seal the entrance.

Time for some serious changes.