Chrysalis Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Blood is thicker than ichor


Desperate to save my allies I turn on the spot and pray I have something still left in the tank.


Once again the sizzling acid streaks through the air. By some miracle my hastily aimed shot is right on the money, splashing into the Titan-Crocs face and then immediately begins to show its restrictive properties, turning sticky as it solidifies in an instant.

The Croc bellows in rage as it swings out with its prepared claw but thanks to its vision being impeded the swing goes slightly wide.

One ant is still caught directly in its mid -section and is instantly killed, torn to pieces by those terrible claws.

The survivors close in and start chomping at the Crocs legs, some of them even climbing up the monsters body to attack other places.

Why did I never think of that?!

The two massive monsters are still fighting fit however and I can't be everywhere at once, I've done everything I can for the ants taking on the Croc, I have to hope that they can survive on their own for a while. All I can hope to do is take this Ape out of the fight.

My bite seems to have had some effect on the monster, its hideous bat features are twisted in range and pain. Its dark fur, now almost completely matted with burning acid is slowly being stripped away and the creature is carrying its right wrist, not willing to place its full weight on the limb.

This is my chance!

I run at the Ape posturing and snapping my mandibles, the monster equivalent of shouting 'one v one me bro!'

The creature screams, different from before, this high pitched shriek seems to wobble my insides and penetrate my mind, dizzying me and everyone else in range. This feels like some crazy echolation attack! The soundwaves are so strong I can feel my whole body vibrating. After releasing this insane stunning effect the monster once again leaps high, looking to squash me flat whilst I suffer from the effect of the scream.

But. Its. Not enough!

Before he can land I leap once more, this time in a direction he couldn't expect, directly onto his body! Grip skill can also be used like this monkey brain! As the Ape comes down with shattering force I leap straight at him, clutching onto his upper leg with all of the strength my tiny claws can muster.

With my newly improved Might stat it's just enough to hold when the monster crashes to the ground.

Thankfully I didn't neglect to toughen up my inner resistance when I raised my toughness, otherwise I might not have been able to resist the effect as well as I did. If I hadn't shaken off that stun I'd be ant paste right now. Hopefully the other ants were able to manage ok, I don't have time to check on them.

Don't waste any time, bite!

I can feel the energy mounting in my mandibles as they glow brighter and brighter before a bring them closed with tremendous force!

Crushing bite!

[Crushing Bite has reached level three]

The Ape shrieks in pain and immediately starts slapping at itself to try and squash me or knock me off, much like a human dealing with a mosquito, but I'm already gone. Crawling around on the creatures other leg, preparing to deal another bite!


How do you like that?

Not very much apparently as the monster has intensified its efforts to shake me off, but I won't go, I'm holding on with everything I can muster!

[Grip has reached level five, upgrade available]


[Grip -> Enhanced Grip, your feet become more resistant to effects that will limit their ability to grip, such as water, momentum].

I'll take it!

My claws into the Apes furry skin even tighter as I skitter around on his body trying to avoid the deadly slaps of his meaty hands.

Eventually I clamber up to his neck and before he can react I dig in for a massive bite!

[Chomp has reached level 4]

So many levels! This is probably the effect of battling such a large monster.

The massive monster shrieks once again in pain and hunches its shoulders against my mandibles. Then I feel something strange building up on the Ape, my feet are, almost tingling.

Wait a sec.



The tremendous electrical discharge flashes all over the Apes body, crackling loudly and blinding my eyes briefly.

Holy hell!

He turned himself into an electric bug zapper!

Arrghh. He fried two of my legs! That seriously hurts I won't stop though, this Bat Gorilla is going to get it!

Thanks to my amazing peripheral vision I can sort of make out what is happening with the Croc, I think he's been pulled to the ground for the moment, reinforcements might have come judging by the number of moving shapes I can see.

I can't let myself be distracted though, if the two massive creatures where to join forces we'd all be toasted insects.

By this point the bat faced monster is seriously suffering. Drenched in burning acid he has very visible burns and wounds that must be excruciating. It should also be mentioned that the Ape isn't a bug type monster, shielded by a hard carapace or even like the lizards or Crocs, protected by a layer of scales. This Ape has dense fur for protection but under that is skin and muscle, my crushing bites have been able to inflict significant damage.

He must be teetering on the edge by now, he must be!

The ants here are my relatives, born from the same Queen as me, my brothers and sisters! I never had much of a family on Earth, rarely saw my parents and I had no siblings to speak of. Perhaps that is the reason why I want to protect these monsters.

Maybe I'm just silly, but I don't want my idiot ant siblings to die.

Which means it's you and me Ape Only one of us is walking out of here alive!

Red foam is dripping from the gaping maw of the wounded beast, mad fury burning in its eyes. You've got no chill ape, that's your problem.

My legs are still a bit shaky, that electricity zapped me fairly well, I don't think my regeneration gland has anything left in the tank. If I survive this fight I'm going to upgrade the heck out of that thing! Still no acid either, going to have to finish it with the mandibles.

Steadying my feet beneath me I begin to move towards the ape, circling around to side of its injured hand. The next move will decide the battle, I watch the monster like a hawk as it glares back, almost mad with pain and rage.

Come on you big dumb bat faced piece of Biomass. You've got a face not even your mother could love, come over here and let me tear it off.

Suddenly my injured legs give way beneath me and I stumble, my poor face crashing in the dirt.

The ape howls in glee and dashes forward maniacally!

You really are stupid

Just as it reaches me, looming over with its massive frame, both arms raised for the final strike I propel myself with my legs and roll directly under it, dodging the deadly blow by inches!


I spring up next to the creatures legs and charge up my mandibles for a massive strike!


Just beneath the creatures knee I rip into his leg, the crushing bite audibly crunching the muscle and bone as the chomp passive helps my jaws puncture through the defences.

The ape howls in pain and swats at me awkwardly, landing a glancing blow on my abdomen, but I'm not letting go.

Bite! Bite! Bite!

Slowly at first, my jaws begin to close further and further before they finally snap shut with a massive snap!

I've bitten clean through the leg!

My foe totters before completely losing its balance and falling to the ground with a crash. As it does so it lashing out with its injured hand, crashing a fist down directly on top of my midsection.

My vision instantly blurs as the impact rattles through my entire body. Even off balance and with an injured hand this monster is still so damn strong! I can feel my carapace crack in places as it absorbs the impact.

I hold onto consciousness desperately, I won't die now!

I still can't see clearly but I throw myself forward, hopefully at the monsters head. All you have to do is bite Anthony! Don't think of anything else just bite!

Chomp! Chomp!

I can feel my body being rocked by blows and my eyes get darker and darker but still I hold on.

Chomp! Chomp!

I'm not even sure where I am anymore, not even sure what I'm doing. For some reason though I know I just have to keep biting.


[You have slain level 13 ..]