Chrysalis Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Speed. I am not Speed.

This cocky monster is going to catch these mandibles, just as soon as I manage to get a hook on him. The strange thing is how he was able to enter and exit my gravity domain so easily Is it a question of mass? True, he's thin as an anorexic stick on an Atkins diet, but I'd assumed that he'd be dense, like Crinis. That shadow flesh can be packed pretty darn tight. I'm starting to suspect that they may not have done that in order to avoid hampering his speed. Which means that gravity magic may not be the answer to my problems. Or perhaps it still is? I may just need to think outside the box. Regardless, I still have tricks I haven't shown off that I can use.

I take a moment to check on the damage to my carapace whilst my opponent is still pondering the meaning of my continuing existence. Looks like he managed to gouge a chunk out of my beautiful diamond skeleton. I shouldn't be surprised considering the strength behind that blow. If my carapace was any weaker he might have blown a hole right through it. As it stands the damage is already being repaired by the inner-plating below, the grooves left behind from the claws are filling up with a clear gel-like fluid that will soon harden into new carapace. It'll take a lot more than this to break down my defence!

Carapace is love! Carapace is life! Diamonds are forever! Gweheheheh.

Trying to catch the monster unawares, I blast off a quick Gravity Spear but to no avail. With another seemingly casual movement, the monster is able to step to one side and avoid the spell, which fizzles into the ground behind him. He must have very high levels of the Dodge Skill, possibly even precognitive abilities similar to my own. He just makes dodging look so easy. That slight movement seems to have been the signal for him to start back up again. The monster leans to one side and begins to walk, rapidly picking up pace until he's sprinting at an insane speed, looping around me in a circle. Sand flies up in a curtain, thrown into the air by the creature's feet as I wonder what he's trying to achieve. I can't get dizzy, bud. I don't have to turn my head to keep my eyes on you

He is staying out of the range of my Gravity Domain though, which is worth noting.

Not willing to wait for the enemy to make the first move, I draw out my fire mana and weave together a particularly nasty spell. The monster is moving almost too quickly for me to get a solid lock on it, but that shouldn't matter for this spell. It only takes seconds for me to piece together the lines of magic and power them. Within moments my mandibles open wide and a sizzling hose of flame erupts from in front of my face! Burn, sucka!

A hiss of pain reaches my ears before my antennae tingle once again. Acting on instinct, my nerves fire at once and my body twitches to one side. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.


Another sharp impact! Once again the beast was trying to stuff its claws straight through my eyes and into my head! Nasty! My shift was enough to cause the strike to fall on another part of my head, no major harm done. I don't turn off the flames and keep pouring more mana into it. I've now got two spells of different Affinities going at once, quite a difficult feat. Without the training I've received lately, this would be far more difficult. My brains are truly flexing their power now!

My carapace starts to warm up as I spin in place and blast my surroundings with blazing flames. The sand sounds as if it's cooking and begins to glow a bright red as the creature leaps left and right, trying to avoid the heat. Too hot for you, mole face? I've got plenty more where this came from! The torrent of fire continues to pour out from in front of my face as my minds strain to control the flood of mana powering the Spell. I angle my body left and right but the opponent is just too slippery, unleashing a hiss of rage before nimbly dodging away, jumping over or ducking beneath the Spell and sprinting to find another angle to approach.

Whilst I keep the fire magic flowing, the monster is hesitant to approach and seems content to wait me out. Unwilling to allow my mana reserves to fall too low, I reluctantly let the spell drop and start watching my enemy closely. The fire magic was effective and I know for sure I scored a hit. That might not mean much, considering the creature is known to have powerful regenerative abilities, but I'll take the minor victory.

In fact, so far this match is going fairly well. I might not be able to put damage onto the monster in front of me, but he hasn't been able to do much to me either. All in all, I'm feeling pretty safe! Wait, don't think that, Anthony. That's a flag right there.

No sooner do I think that thought than the monster opposite seems to come to the same conclusion. His current tactics aren't working and right now it's going to be a race to see if I'll run out of Mana before he runs out of Stamina. Considering how draining it must be to move at that kind of speed, I can't see me losing that race. In other words, the monster and I appear to decide simultaneously that it's time to take this fight to the next level.

The monster's eyes flicker and it leaps away from me. Once it lands, the beast opens its strange, pointed mouth and screams, before its entire body begins to turn red, as if the blood within its veins has boiled in an instant.

Is this your secret powerup moment? Are you about to unleash your final technique?! I don't think so!

Unwilling to let the monster have any time to itself, I flood my mandibles with Gravity Mana and prepare to unveil my next trick. With a mental shout of 'GET OVER HERE', I YOINK the creature with a powerful pull and it's light mass causes it to fall directly toward me. I can see the shock in its eyes as the ground no longer feels like the ground and it falls directly toward the eager jaws of its foe. But it's not the face hands I want my enemy to catch, but a bit of heat.

As the creature falls toward me, my mandibles open wide and fire boils out from before my face, submitting my enemy to a glorious roast, one which it doesn't appreciate judging by the horrific screech of pain it emits.

Then it completes its journey and slams into my head, clawing and biting like a mad thing having a bad day. As soon as it latches its hands onto me the beast pulls itself away from my head and starts to go to town on my back with a flurry of enraged strikes.


With horrific, unimaginable strength far beyond what I have felt before from this thing it batters away at my carapace with its elongated, curved claws, tearing chunks out my diamond shell with every strike. What's more, I can see that the creature's own body falling apart with every movement. Ichor begins to burst out of its limbs and drip down onto my exo-skeleton where it sizzles and steams.