Chrysalis Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Rescue from the dark

The proud Golgari scion charges headfirst toward me, his fancy blade dancing in his hands. This guy really is stupid. Baited so easily, by a monster no less. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that he's diving in so recklessly, it's what I want after all. What I didn't expect was that the rest of the triads in front of me would leap into action the moment he stuck his dumb neck out. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Don't underestimate the power of little rich kids, Anthony! These other Golgari are probably all on the payroll! A personal protection force for the 'young master' as he goes out to seek retribution for the wrongs that were done to him. Despicable. If the Colony jumps out then he'll get to see the true meaning of borrowing the power of your family! It's getting less likely I'm going to get the outcome I want here. Nothing for me to do now but knuckle down and win this battle however I can. If I can do that much then the other ants won't need to get involved.

[I don't think you want to do this, pebble boy,] I warn as I flex my mandibles. [You couldn't handle me last time and I'm a heck of a lot better since then.]

[Taste my blade you trash!] He roars back and slashes at me with blinding speed.

Accurate and sharp, his sword light flies toward me, cutting a line straight through the rock where it intersects the ground. Impressive, as always. Let's see how well the 'ol carapace holds up against this one? Tucking my legs and rotating my body, I present my abdomen to the blade and let it hit me as I return fire with acid!


A rapid fire blast arcs out, causing the charging Warriors to dodge, losing their balance and momentum.


The blade slams into me and I rebound through the air a little before landing comfortably on my six legs. The cut has carved a groove into my shiny diamond shell but nothing to write home about. Even my last opponent in the tournament was able to do more damage than this.

[If I give you a hundred free strikes, you might even manage to wound me,] I mock and pump mana into my mandibles.

His expression twists with rage as he wordlessly shouts and unleashes another slash, closing the distance to try and apply his blade to me directly. This guy is way too easy to bait. He's not even bothering to try and block or sever the mind bridge between us. Surely there's a reason for that? Or are these Warriors really so fixated on physical Skills that they don't learn any type of mana manipulation at all?!

In the time it takes my mandibles to charge, six blades of light are already streaking through the air toward me. The strikes are well placed, boxing me in so that I'll have to accept the blows no matter which way I dodge. Which is fine. If they want to try and whittle me down one blow at a time, I'll outpace their damage with my regeneration. If they want to try and wear me down, they'll eventually learn it isn't going to happen with so many Colony members here.

I leap to my right and tuck my left legs to accept two blows before I land. The blades slam into me, cutting deeper than junior's but not by much. Their slashes move slower and may not be as sharp, but they seem to have more 'oomph' behind them. Perhaps a difference in technique or maybe they're simply older and have greater Might? Regardless, my defence is holding up strong. Time for a little offence. The moment I land, another wave of slashes is on its way, but I outmanoeuvre them by turning to the wall and dashing straight up it! My claws dig into the rock and I fly up the round wall of the tunnel until I'm upside down, looking down on the bewildered faces of my foes.

I suppose I must look a little odd, hanging upside down at my size. I'm not a mini little ant like I used to be, after all. I'm close to the size the Queen was before she evolved, so basically a minibus. Well, no need to look up here so foolishly, why don't you Warriors come and join me?


I pick a member of the group who's isolated to one side and try to drag them to me with my infused mandibles. With a cry of shock the chosen Warrior falls toward me, rising from the ground as my mandibles flex in preparation. The other's shout a warning to each other and their blades erupt in light at the same time, sending out a barrage of slashes towards me at once.

Dang it. More countermeasures?!

Unable to remain in the same place, I dodge to one side but I'm hampered by the strain being upside down puts on my claws. My Grip Skill just hasn't come along as fast as it needs to. I can't shift my weight quickly and it shows as more blows slash out and slice into my carapace before I can right myself. Dangit, the ceiling may have been a tactical mistake. Nothing for it now but to try and make the best of it.

Eat fire, suckers!

My sub-brains are always busy and now they've cooked up a juicy fire-mana construct and now I bring it to bear in the form of a raging flamethrower that erupts from between my mandibles. Feel the heat of my wrath! As I direct the flames toward my foes, my business district, open all hours, continues to rain a barrage of acid on the Golgari. Watching them scatter beneath me as I cling to the roof is certainly gratifying. Gweheheheh. Dance for me you pitiful scum!




Oof. More people want to join this dance already?! Where the heck are you guys springing from? When I was enjoying myself roasting my opponents, another triad of Shapers must have arrived and taken umbrage with my activities. Rather mean spirited of them if you ask me. If I hadn't reacted fast enough I might have been slightly cooked myself. As it was, the blast of fire they sent my way was enough to blast the rock beneath my claws, resulting in a short but painful drop.

Legs flailing in the air I quickly right myself to see the forces arrayed against me. Holy moly, they really didn't want to let me go this time! Not one, but two triads of Shapers have joined on this front, and more Warriors have appeared from behind, putting pressure on Tiny and Invidia. If any more than this turn up, we are going to be in serious trouble

Each of my brains is racing, flushing hot with exertion and my senses are strained to the limit, but even so I almost failed to notice the concentration of mana beneath my feet thickening. Trying to catch me by surprise? I don't think so?! I throw myself to one side, but even so I'm too late. My antennae tingle in warning but before I can move, the ground beneath my feet erupts in a wave of black that blooms outwards in a circle around me.

What the?!?!

In a flash the dark substance snaps onto my carapace and wraps itself around me, binding and blinding me. No, dammit! What the hell is this?!?! Some sort of shadow magic?! Wait CRINIS?!?!

[I've found you, Master! This time, I'll NEVER let you go!]