Chrysalis Chapter 74

Chapter 74:

This darned rabbit is one nasty customer! Standing next to it will cause damage and apparently biting into it will also cause damage!

What the hell!?

In the end I still have to finish it off as fast possible. As the regenerative fluid flow through my body I keep the mana pouring out of my core and into my mandibles preparing to take the damage and continue to chomp!

Shockingly this half-dead looking rabbit is still able to use the limb I attacked, despite a good chunk in the middle of it being crushed to bits. Since the rabbit is twice my size it looms over me as it finally manages to get its feet under it.

Tiny continues his rampage, thrashing the rabbit on its back, punching with his hands and tearing with his fingers, inflicting whatever damage he can. This is a completely new Tiny I'm witnessing here today, what happened to your chill little guy?

The rabbit lashes out at me with a paw swipe, claws dripping yellow, virulent looking fluid emerge from between the toes and lash at my carapace. I don't yield to this! Trust in the diamond carapace! Rather than dodging I brace for the blow and prepare my counter attack. I need to deal decisive damage in order to finish off this monster quickly, lest all of these damage over time effects drag me down!


The paw smashes into my side, terrible claws raking along my hide. Those damn claws are sharp! Sparks fly as those disgusting claws rake across me, gouging into the carapace but failing to break through.


Now receive this bite!

My mandibles, charged full of mana roaring out of my core, are ready to clamp down. I just need to maximise my damage potential!

Instead of trying to do attempt anything fancy, like reaching for the neck I lunge forward before the rabbit can recover its balance aiming directly for its mid-section. This is going to hurt!

Crushing bite!


With all of my strength I rip directly into the creature's torso, shredding muscle and bone, tearing into the monster's body. Immediately that disgusting ooze erupts again, coating my head and jaws, but I don't stop.



The fetid flesh parts so easily under my assault, I'm not even sure I need to use my infused mandibles to inflict serious damage, but I won't turn it off. This thing needs to die! I can't even see Tiny now, my vision is blocked by this acidic fluid and the monster itself.

One drawback of having to attack with your face is that there is extremely little distance between my eyes and the enemies body. I'm basically getting an eyeful of suppurating rabbit flesh and fur right now. If it weren't for my compound eyes giving such a broad range of vision I'd be super disoriented doing this.

Bite more! Die you damn rabbit!


A tremendous force smacks me into the ground, causing my legs to splay instantly as the rabbit brings both fists down on my back in a hammer blow. The sheer mass of the creature adds force to the strike, knocking all of the wind out of me.

Guh! That one stung!

I hastily check my Hp. Thirty left! With this acidic fluid on me and the constant hp drain my health is rapidly shrinking. I need to finish the fight!

Shaking off my dizziness, I push myself back up before the rabbit has prepared it's next strike and dive forward once again. You. Will. Get. Bitten!


Utilising the piercing chomp this time my mandibles rip into the wound I've already carved into the monster, the pointed edged of my mandibles tearing deep into the rabbit's chest, destroying it internally.

Under my assault the rabbit finally shudders and grows still. I hastily withdraw my face from the wound and retreat in time to see the foe slump to the ground defeated.

My face is still burning. I've never fought a monster that was more of a disgusting pain in the butt than this thing.

At least I got the experience?

As the creature slumps forward, clearly dead, Tiny is standing astride its back, his right fist plunged deep into the monster's back and his arm crackling with blue electrical energy.

He slowly withdraws his hand, the flashing and arcing electricity fading slowly. There is a satisfied look on his bat face as he shakes his limbs out as if just finishing a draining workout.

I look from Tiny, to the monster and back to Tiny.

The monster is clearly dead.

Did you kill steal me you cheeky ape?! Unbelievable!

I've not heard the voice of Gandalf at all. This can only mean one thing, I didn't get the last hit!

Tiny jumps off the monster's back and runs towards me his face is shining with a pleased light, he honestly looks like a puppy. A bat faced, ape puppy.

You're lucky I like you, cheeky ape!

I can't be mad at him. I reach up with one of my legs and give him a pat on the head. You did good little guy, even if you stole my xp and delayed my evolution I'm not mad. Oh whoops, my claw might have been a little tight there on your head. Sorry buddy.

Well, what do we do know with all of the Biomass?

Is this stuff even edible?

After the burning of my face has faded I check my Hp to ensure my health isn't still going down. Thankfully it isn't, whatever was causing that constant health loss is clearly no longer in effect now that the monster is dead.

Remembering that nauseating feeling of biting into the creature I gingerly approach it. Hoarf! The smell is terrible! It smells like someone had a pet rat that died, was left in the cage for a week and then flushed down a full toilet. This here, this is a new low.

Are you just gonna let the Biomass sit there Anthony? You have to at least try it man!

Okokok. Here it goes.

Oh my word. Oh heck. HRUUG. HURK.

[You have consumed a new source of Biomass: Quantum Mors Labor Tabes, you are awarded one Biomass]

[Basic profile of the Quantum Mors Labor Tabes unlocked]



Just Just let me breathe for a sec.


So then, monsters CAN throw up.

I mean, the taste, was very similar to the smell, so I shouldn't be too shocked but holy moly. That was next level.

Let's check this profile.

[Quantum Mors Labor Tabes: Decaying Death Rabbit, Evolved from the Blood Tooth rabbit this monster has adapted the shadow affinity of the base creature into a fearsome death affinity that manifests in a malicious aura that drains life from all around it, causing the monster to lead a very solitary life indeed. The body of this monster is filled with death energy at all times which will have several effects. ]

You don't say? You know what, if I was to describe the taste of a body filled with death energy this would likely be it. So, was this some form of zombie rabbit? Is that what you are trying to tell me Gandalf? Huh? Zombie rabbits now?

There is no way I'm eating the rest of this thing.

Even Tiny is looking at me as if I'm insane for trying it. Are you the smart guy now eh!? Just because you've grown a bit and can fight you're going to get all uppity with me?

What a waste. I'll guess I'll just have to wait and hope this place will reclaim this mess. I don't think I have to worry about monsters being attracted by the smell, since rather than the juicy allure of food I would more describe it as the horrific stench of the damned.

In fact, this thing might even discourage monsters from entering this area and make all three of my traps useless! Please just disappear you horrid mess!

While I'm waiting I will return to digging. Too many developments are happening here, I need to clear my mind. Thankfully the body of the death rabbit melts into the soil and vanishes about half an hour later, taking that reeking stench with it. A pleasant surprise is that after all of the remains have faded a small round gem is left lying innocently in the dirt.

A core!

Since I don't have a particular use for it I'll leave it partially buried in the wall of my underground tunnel for now where it won't be disturbed. I'll definitely come back and experiment with this later.

I reset the trap, minus bait and return to excavating my tunnel.

About an hour later I receive a pleasant surprise.

[Excavation has reached level 5]

[Tunnel Sense has reached level five, upgrade available]

Oooo. Tunnel Sense must have been levelling as I tried to aim this tunnel at the nest while digging! This is nice, haven't been able to upgrade a skill for some time!

[Tunnel Sense -> Tunnel Map. cost 1 sp: This upgrade improves the sense of underground direction with a powerful memory aid, allowing for the full recall of tunnel layout]

Sounds nice! I'll take it!