Crazy Detective Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Bet Made in Anger

In regard to Liu Changhus taunt, Zhao Yu did not even blink, "None. Of. Your. Business!"

After he finished, Zhao Yu wanted to leave but was once again blocked by Liu Changhu.

"Halt!" Liu Changhu pulled out a form, putting it in front of Zhao Yu. "Zhao Yu, as your vice captain, I am just being fair! Today you didnt clock in for work, and didnt ask for the day off from any leaders. Not to mention, you arrived at the investigation meeting half an hour late. According to the rules, I must mark you down for absence!"


Zhao Yu had thought it was something important. Butjust an absence? He looked lazily at Liu Changhu, but could not be bothered to care.

However, Liu Beini and the others were very surprised, because in the police station, very few people ever got marked for an absence, since being absent had severe consequences!

Because the Key Case Investigation Units investigators were often doing field work and working overtime, their attendance was not documented by something simple like signing their name on a card, but rather, they were noted by every teams team leader personally. Based on the overtime situation, they were given breaks accordingly. This allowed for some wiggle room for the workers.

Zhao Yu was a part of Team A, so his attendance was naturally managed by the Team A Leader. But Team As Leader, Mao Wei, was currently injured and hospitalized. Thus, the attendance duty for Team A had temporarily been given to Vice Captain Liu Changhu.

Despite the strict attendance rules, there was still some breathing room. Usually taking a day off here and there was reasonable. Unless there were emergency cases, people normally would not care too much.

But today, Liu Changhu clearly had something against Zhao Yu to decide to mark him down for an absence.

In regular jobs, being absent usually did not have many repercussions, but in the police department, absence reflected on your attitude. The higher-ups gave very strict punishments: Absent once, lose one month worth of salary and stripped of the possibility of being Yearly Model Investigator; absent twice, denounced in front of the entire Investigation Unit; and on the third time, you would be transferred out of the Key Case Investigation Unit.

The repercussions of an absence could not be ignored! Liu Changhu doing such a thing was clearly an act of revenge.

That was not even the extent of Liu Changhus actions., Liu Changhu also took a slip from the attendance sheet and smiled, "Oh, also, last night you went crazy and smashed one of our computer monitors. Heres the bill, 1,800 yuan! Ive already asked the higher-ups, and they all agreed that you should pay it! Later just submit the money to the Finance DepartmentHey"

Seeing Zhao Yu putting a hand on his coffee cup, Liu Changhu retreated in a hurry. "YouYou better watch your attitude! If you go crazy again, Ill report you for assault. The office has cameras, dont be rash"

"Vice Captain Liu!" Li Beini could not watch anymore, her expression was determined as she argued with Liu Changhu, "Last night we all saw it! The computer wasnt smashed by Officer Liu!"

"How was it not him?" Liu Changhu craned his neck condescendingly, "If it wasnt him going crazy, how would the computer have been smashed?"

"Right!" Another young Investigator chimed in, "If it wasnt for Zhao Yu pushing me, I wouldnt have bumped into the computer! This was definitely his responsibility!"

"Yeah!" A few other investigators took Liu Changhus side. The atmosphere within the office immediately turned hostile, everyone was ready to fight.

"Hehehe" Seeing the start of a fight, Zhao Yu smiled instead. He gently put down the coffee cup then walked right in front of Liu Changhu, his voice strangely calm, "Vice Captain Liu, we have an old saying back in my hometown, always leave a way open for yourself, and victory will be yours. Do you want to push it this far?"

"Hmph! You are the one who doesnt respect authority! I dont like you, so what?" Liu Changhu raised an eyebrow, giving a very definitive answer.

"Alright!" Zhao Yu smiled, "I, Zhao Yu, aint afraid of you. Since you arent afraid, then you and I can have a stand off, and see who lasts longer!"

"Kiddo, you" Liu Changhu was shocked, and took some time to digest what Zhao Yu said before roaring against the other, his eyes bulging, "You little rascal, who do you think you are? Im the grand Key Case Investigation Unit vice captain. Me? Scared of you? Watch me wipe you off the face of the earth!"

"Sure!" Zhao Yu smirked, even whistling a little, "Nozunodie! Ive never been afraid of authority, come at me! That monitors 1800 yuan, think Ill give it to you? Also, if you dare mark me down as absent, make sure to watch your back, and your ancestors grave. One day itll be gone and you wont even know it. Oh, check your wifes closet, in case someone put a skeleton in it"

Zhao Yus chain of insults stunned not only Liu Changhu but also the entire investigation team. These people had never seen such crude insults in their life. They could not even fight back. The group was completely at a loss of what to do.

After his long speech, Zhao Yu had no change in his expression, yet Liu Changhu looked like he was about to have a heart attack, his face red with anger.

"Zhao Yuyouyou little" Liu Changhu huffed and puffed yet no words came out. He knew Zhao Yu had a violent temper, but had no idea how skilled Zhao Yu was using such crude language.

Zhao Yu smiled, satisfied. He had wanted to continue, but the office door suddenly swung open and Captain Jing Zhenbang walked in. His expression was of immense dismay as he shouted at the group, "Do you guys think this is appropriate? Huh?" The old mans eyebrows were raised high as he angrily yelled at the group, "Everyones on the same investigation unit. Now that theres a case, the people are waiting for us to catch the criminal, and you guys have the energy to fight each other? What kind of image are you painting of the police?"

Seeing the old man truly angry, the group went silent. No one dared to make a noise.

"Zhao Yu!" Jing Zhenbang turned to Zhao Yu and yelled, "Your problem, Ive already heard it. You youngsters are just too rash, try to look at the big picture more, got it? Dont keep trying to always solve problems with your fists, people will laugh at you! Here" As he spoke, the old man pointed to Liu Changhu, "Liu, cancel Zhao Yus absence. Its been more than a decade since weve had an absence mark. If the Bureau Chief found out, how could I face the shame?"

"But Captain" Liu Changhu began to argue.

"Shut up!" The old mans voice was thunderous, and with one look silenced the vice captain. Then, he turned to Zhao Yu again, "As for the computer, you cant avoid it. Destroying public property, and for personal reasons too, this ones on you!"

Hearing this, Liu Changhus face once again showed a triumphant smile.

Zhao Yu clenched his fist and nearly yelled out "Ill pay you my ass," but Jing Zhenbang raised a hand to stop him, " Ive always tried to be fair with what I do. Kid, when you solved the Taser Rape case, you truly surprised me! How about this, well make a bet. If you can solve this Lost Hand Case we have right now, then the computer, Ill pay it for you!"

"What?" Zhao Yu gaped, he would have never imagined the old man would make a bet with him.

"Captain! Nononono" Liu Changhus eyes became alert, and he spoke up, "We simply cant bother you with such a foolish bet, how about this, Ill bet with Zhao Yu instead! If Zhao Yu can solve this case within the allocated time. Ill pay the computer fee!"

"Ah? Holy sh*t?" Zhao Yu thought. He was never one to be intimidated, so he slammed his hands down on the table. "Alright, stupid Liu, no going back! Within a week, I will definitely solve this case, this Lost Hand Case!"