Crazy Detective Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Youre the Culprit!

As Zhao Yu and Miao Ying left the interrogation room without a word, Liu Pengfei was filled with several different emotions: agitation, nervousness, excitement, worry, and even fear! He had originally thought that his capture had to do with the assault case from a few days back. He had thought that after he paid a fine he would go home! But when Zhao Yu suddenly mentioned "Yu Zhigen,""Lin Meifeng," and "Urban Uptown," he felt like he had been hit with a brick. Those words had touched his darkest secret.

The interrogation room did not have a clock, so Liu Pengfei did not know the time. It felt like a half a day had passed before Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came back.

Liu Pengfei had not drank anything since the interrogation started. He was dizzy and weak.

Miao Yings tense stance felt even more overwhelming as she stepped in front of Liu Pengfei. Her shiny leather shoe tapped on the ground rhythmically. "Here" Miao Ying handed him a piece of white paper and a red pen, then lowered her voice, "Write a few words for me. Whatever I say, you write it down!"

Liu Pengfei knitted his brows. What did Miao Ying mean?

Miao Ying made sure Liu Pengfei held the pen, then said, "Just write the words an eye for an eye!"

"O-officerwhat do you mean? Why?" This was the phrase that had been written on the wall of the Slaughter Case in blood. Liu Pengfei was terrified by Miao Yings request.

CrackMiao Ying clenched her fist. It emitted terrifying cracking sounds, sending a shiver down Liu Pengfeis spine. "Quit the chatter and cooperate with the investigation!" Miao Ying commanded.

"Officer!" Even though Liu Pengfei was intimidated, he was still someone who knew the ins and outs of a police station. He clenched his teeth and spoke, "Officer, I want my lawyer!"

Bam! Liu Pengfei had barely finished his words when Zhao Yu slammed his hands on the desk. The entire room shook, and Liu Pengfei nearly bit his tongue in fear. "Kiddo, dont push your luck! Do you need a beating" Zhao Yu yelled like a wild beast! He already started waving his arms and aimed his fist right at Liu Pengfei.

Before Liu Pengfei could even react, Miao Ying was the first to lose her cool. She immediately raised her hands to block Zhao Yu as she tried to calm him, "Officer Zhao, dont get too excited, hold on!" Miao Ying gestured at the double mirror with her chin. "The recording hasnt finished! Wait a bit, dont end up on the tape again"

"I cant, I have to! I cant wait!" Zhao Yu continued to rush forward, struggling a bit against Miao Ying. Liu Pengfei watched with fear as he swallowed nervously, his heart was beating wildly.

"How about this," Miao Ying continued to restrain Zhao Yu as she negotiated, "Ill unlock his handcuffs first. That way you can say he was attempting to escape. If you actually hurt him, what can I do?"

"Oh" They had not planned that part. Zhao Yu could not help but wonder as he looked at Miao Ying, thinking to himself, "Turns out this woman is even sneakier than I am!"

"Ill writeIll write" Their plan had turned out to be very effective. Liu Pengfei had already been beaten up by the two demons once, and was not interested in getting involved anymore. He immediately picked up the pen and wrote down the phrase, "An eye for an eye."

Miao Ying immediately took another piece of paper and made him write it again. He wrote it down about ten times.

After he finished writing, Miao Ying snapped her fingers. Immediately, an investigator came in and took away the papers with Liu Pengfeis handwriting. Immediately after that, other investigators came in and started collecting Liu Pengfeis fingerprints, lip prints, and even saliva and skin samples.

The investigators were very quiet and worked quickly. After they had collected all of the samples were collected, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying followed them out of the room. Once again, only Liu Pengfei was in the interrogation room.

This time, Liu Pengfei had been more freaked out, as if everything that had happened just then confirmed his worst suspicion. So paranoid, he was even more nervous and agitated. He kept looking left and right, fidgeting in his spot as his mental state wavered more and more.

He waited a few hours before Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came in again. They came in shoulder-to-shoulder, then sat down opposite Liu Pengfei. This time the two looked incredibly happy, as if something good had happened.

Miao Ying flattened the documents in her hand on the table, then politely waved at Zhao Yu, "Officer Zhao, youre the main interrogator, please continue!"

"Youre too polite!" Zhao Yu did not have any of his previous agitation, and smiled as he spoke, "Team Leader Miao, this is the Rongyang Police Office, how could I take your place? You go first!"

If people knew what had happened with Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, their jaw would drop seeing them now. These two people were like oil and water. Every time they met was a battleground. No one could imagine that at this moment, not only were they not fighting, but they were being polite to each other!

"Dont be too polite!" Miao Ying continued again, "The case is your responsibility! Lets begin!"

Zhao Yu pretended to cough a couple of times, then nodded at Miao Ying, "I appreciate it! If something I say is wrong, please let me know, Team Leader Miao Ying!"

Hearing Zhao Yus slick banter, Miao Ying felt goosebumps all over her body. She threw a glance at Zhao Yu, hinting at him to stop pretending and get to the main point!

Zhao Yu cleared his throat and picked up one of the lab results, then asked Liu Pengfei, "Liu Pengfei, now you know our reason for arresting you. It wasnt for some assault, but because of Yu Zhigens murder ten years ago!" Even though he was already prepared, Liu Pengfeis was petrified.

"But theres something I want to warn you about before we start!" Zhao Yu continued slowly, "You know what happened. If we didnt have any evidence, there would be no way that we could connect you to this case. Also, we are currently interrogating you to find out more details about what happened during the Slaughter Case, not to ask if you committed the crime! Because, with the information we just gathered, we have already confirmed that you are the culprit!"