Crazy Detective Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Concrete Evidence

"Ah?" Hearing this, Lu Pengfei trembled and tried to defend himself as he looked up, "Officer, youre wrong! I have no idea what youre talking about! Yu Zhigen was i my neighbor when I was a but I never saw him after that! Please dont accuse me like this! I have the right to a lawyer!"

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying looked at each other. Miao Ying got up and carried a pile of documents over to Liu Pengfei. "Liu Pengfei, are you really so stupid you cant tell?" Miao Ying shook her head, "Before arresting you, we already did a thorough search with a lot of manpower and resources. If we didnt have concrete evidence, then we wouldnt have arrested you! I advise you not to hold onto your false hope anymore, and stop your useless struggle! Here," Miao Ying showed Liu Pengfei the document at the top, "this is the handwriting comparison result! We used your handwriting just now and compared it with the writing from the crime scene. The results from the most advanced computer software showed an 87.5 percent match. According to the Evidence Act, this is sufficient evidence for prosecution."

"Impossible! are talking nonsense!" Liu Pengfei refused to accept it.

"Youve underestimated our technology!" Miao Ying remained calm, "We know that you purposely made handwriting slightly illegible just now, but no matter how you try to change it, a persons handwriting will never lie! Take a look for yourself"

Liu Pengfei stared at the comparison report. His handwriting was magnified a few times, and many red dots were made by the machine. The red dots were at different parts of the writing, and it all looked very sophisticated and advanced.

"Look at the second piece of evidence!" Miao Ying took out another document and placed it in front of Liu Pengfei. It was a few pictures. "On the night Yu Zhigen was killed, a photo of the suspect was taken at the junction of the Uptown District!" Miao Ying pointed at the picture, "But it was raining heavily that night, and the photo was distorted which was why we had not been able to get a clear image of the suspect for all these years!"

"But things are different now!" Miao Ying pointed at another picture, "Our electron reduction technology was able to enhance the photo! Here...take a good look at the restoration result, and this data: height, contour, build, arm length, and brow, nose bridge etc. They match your features up to ninety-seven percent! The suspect in the photo is you!"

"This" Liu Pengfei gulped. Although he felt scared, he remained stubborn, "Officer, this cant be right! There are so many people who look alike. Even if it was a one-hundred percent match, you couldnt say that the person is me! Moreover, the person in the picture could have just been passing by. How can you say that hes the suspect?"

Miao Ying sighed and banged on the table. "Some people are just so stubborn! Liu Pengfei, the first two pieces of evidence were just to prepare you so that you would stop pushing your luck! Get ready..." Miao Ying placed the third piece of evidence in front of Liu Pengfei, "The first two pieces of evidence might be considered as circumstantial evidence, but the next two are indisputable, concrete evidence!"

Liu Pengfei lowered his head and saw that the third document had pictures of the crime scene. Yu Zhigens body was on the couch, and the room was splattered with blood!

"You planned the attack!" Miao Ying said, "There were no fingerprints or footprints left at the scene! But you overlooked something very importanthair! Look" Miao Ying pointed at the picture, "That year, the detective in charge of this case found a strand of hair that did not belong to the victim! After analyzing it, they found that the hair did not belong to the victims wife or his relatives or friends! Therefore, this strand of hair was very likely left behind by the murder!" Miao Ying continued, "Liu Pengfei, look carefully. Weve already run the tests, and this strand of hair is indeed yours!"

Hearing this, Liu Pengfei went pale and looked down weakly, probably due to the fact that he had not had any water for a very long time. He was not even able to break out in cold sweat!

"Faced with this evidence, what do you have to say!?" Miao Ying shouted, causing Liu Pengfei to shudder.

"O-officer" Liu Pengfei lowered his head and said in a trembling voice, "I-Im innocent! I-I...even if that strand of hair is mine,I had a few meals with Yu Zhigen before he was killed. Maybe my hair fell on Yu Zhigen and he brought it home?"

"Nonsense!" Zhao Yu roared, "Didnt you say that you and Yu Zhigen were only neighbors when you were young, and you had not seen him since?"

"I" Yu Zhigen was unable to produce any good explanation and decided to play around his words, "Its been so many years and I couldnt remember. I remember seeing him and having a few meals together! But I was too nervous when you interrogated me, and I could not recall that!"

Miao Ying laughed, "You should save these words and tell them to the judge! You thought everything had been executed flawlessly, and you lived peacefully for ten years after killing someone, but justice prevails and punishment is unavoidable!"

"Liu Pengfei!" Miao Ying said with awe-inspiring righteousness, "You really thought everything was seamless? Look" She placed the last document in front of Liu Pengfei. "After the murderer killed Yu Zhigen, he tore a piece of cloth off of the couch, dipped it in blood, then wrote on the wall!" Miao Ying said, "Coincidentally, the couch in Yu Zhigens house was made from a type of counterfeit polyester fabric. This type of fabric has weak elasticity, and the murderer left fingerprints on it! Liu Pengfei, have you looked at the evidence carefully? That fingerprint was yours!!"

"Ah!?" Liu Pengfei exclaimed in shock as though he had been struck by thunder, "Impossible!"

"I knew you would say that!" Miao Ying laughed calmly, "You must be thinking that you were wearing gloves, so how could there be any fingerprints? Right?" Liu Pengfei was astonished and did not dare to say anything.

"Keke...youve underestimated our criminal investigation technology!" Miao Ying pointed at the document. "Its true that we were not able to find anything ten years ago, but things are different now! Our technology is now able to obtain fingerprints even if you wore gloves! You had not expected this, right, Liu Pengfei? Not only did we obtain your fingerprints from that piece of cloth, but we also discovered that there were no bloodstains where the fingered were. This shows that the person who wrote on the wall is you!!"

"Ah" Hearing Miao Yings conclusion, Liu Pengfei slumped down in the chair. From the way he was trembling all over, it seemed that all of his defenses had collapsed. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying both thought that he would admit his guilt within seconds; however, after a long silence, Liu Pengfei struggled and said, "Officer...I-I want to hire a lawyer!"