Crazy Detective Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Other Half of the Whole Truth

"Yu Zhigen and I were both from Muguantun," Liu Pengfei had his head down and started to confess everything, "He was two years younger than me. Although we went to the same elementary and middle school, I was one grade higher than him!

"When I was in my third year of highschool, I liked a girl named Xiaoqin from Yu Zhigens class. After relentless effort, Xiaoqin agreed to go out with me! Xiaoqin was very pretty, and many guys had chased her before, Yu Zhigen included! But Yu Zhigen was a bastard. He failed to win Xiaoqins heart and spread rumors about her, saying that she had slept with him before! He even said that there was a mole somewhere on Xiaoqins back, and a birthmark somewhere else. He made it all sound so real! His lies spread like wildfire! Not only did the teachers find out about it, but even the whole village knew.

"Xiaoqin was thin-skinned, and she almost committed suicide!" Liu Pengfei said angrily, "Xiaoqins parents resolved things with Yu Zhigen, and Yu Zhigen admitted his mistake, but the damage could not be undone! Soon after, Xiaoqin was forced to quit school, and she went somewhere else to look for work.

"Initially, things were great for Xiaoqin and me, and I was not affected by the rumors, parents...they were against us being together. I had secretly gone out to find Xiaoqin, but my dad dragged me back! In the end, we slowly drifted apart!

"After that, I heard that Xiaoqin went to the city and became...a hostess!" Liu Pengfei gritted his teeth, "If it werent for that bastard Yu Zhigen, Xiaoqin would never have become a hostess! She would have been with me! It was Yu Zhigen who destroyed our happiness! He deserved to die!"

"Oh?" Miao Ying was slightly startled, "So...this was your motive for killing him? But" Miao Ying had wanted to ask Liu Pengfei why had he taken action after many years, but she quickly swallowed her words because Liu Pengfei had been trapped into making a confession, and the trap would be exposed if she asked that. Luckily Liu Pengfei was immersed in his own memories and did not notice anything unusual.

He continued, "On the day of the murder, I had indeed made preparations beforehand," Liu Pengfei seemed to have been relieved of a huge burden and started to talk louder, "It was raining heavily that day, so I was wearing a raincoat. Normally no one would have noticed me! I used the key I had prepared to open the door and sneaked into Yu Zhigens house. In order not to leave any footprints, I even wore shoe covers!

"After entering, I saw a passed out drunk Yu Zhigen lying on the couch. The television was on and the volume was very loud! I did not know if he had seen me, so I went to stab him with a knife straightaway! I was also very scared, and I didnt know where I had stabbed. It couldve been in the head, or maybe the shoulders, but...I stabbed him for a long time until I couldnt hold the knife properly anymore! To distract the police, I tore a piece of cloth from the couch and wrote those words on the wall using Yu Zhigens blood! After that, I closed the door and quickly left the place. The man captured by the surveillance camera was indeed me, I was wearing that raincoat!" Hearing this, Miao Ying took another glance at Zhao Yu, but he was still frowning and seemed to be thinking about something important.

"Officers," Liu Pengfei said, "Ive already been mentally prepared for today! I knew that I would be arrested someday, but I had not expected that it would come so late; nearly ten years late!! Ive lived these ten years as if everyday were my last, thus I was more daring than others, and more willing to spend money on investments. My business grew bigger and bigger as a result! I have been to the police station numerous times, but I was released every time. This is heavens will! Just when I thought I was lucky and would never be found, I ended up being caught! As the saying goes, if you don't want people to know what you do, don't do it!"

"Alright!" Zhao Yu closed his notebook, stood up, and said to Miao Ying, "Captain Miao, since weve discovered the truth behind the Slaughter Case, could I trouble you to settle the subsequent arrangements? I have to get back to the station to report this!"

"Eh? Officer Zhao, what do you mean by that?" Miao Ying shook her head and said, "Were only halfway through the interrogation, how can you leave?"

"Halfway?" Zhao Yu had some more questions, but Miao Ying kept signalling with her eyes for him to stop, and he had no choice but to sit down again.

"Liu Pengfei!" Miao Ying turned to Liu Pengfei and laughed, "Stop dilly-dallying, lets continue! Officer Zhaos case has been settled, but what about my Sanlitun murder? Are you ready to reveal the truth?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked and did not understand Miao Yings intentions. Why had she brought up a murder case from Sanlitun out of the blue? "Ten years ago, also on a stormy night," Miao Ying said, "Liu Pengfeis wife, Jian Wenli, was murdered on her own bed! Like the Slaughter Case, this case is also an unsolved case for Ruyang Branch!"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked again. He had not expected Liu Pengfei to be linked to another murder. At that instant, Zhao Yu finally understood something. Miao Ying had gone all out to help him because she had other purpose! This woman was really smart!

"Liu Pengfei, weve already said what we have to say, so you can stop beating around the bush!" Miao Ying advised him, "First, Yu Zhigen was killed, then in the course of one month, your wife died in your house! Lin Meifeng lost her husband, and you lost your wife! Dont lie and say that theres no connection!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu instinctively sensed something and felt uneasy.He had solved such a difficult case, so one would expect him to be ecstatic; however, what Yu Zhigen said before he admitted his guilt made Zhao Yu feel a little uneasy. Liu Pengfei had asked him if that woman had confessed. "That woman" was obviously Lin Meifeng! Why had he said that? Did he think that the police had already arrested Lin Meifeng? What would Lin Meifeng have to admit to? Could it be...that Zhao Yus initial "go with your feelings" instinct was right? Did Lin Meifeng also have a dark secret!?