Crazy Detective Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Murder Agreement

"Yes, Officer, you are correct!" Liu Pengfei confessed with his head hung low, "I saw it in a movie, or some drama. It was a Korean one. It was a murder exchange case! I felt that the method suited me well, so I used it to plan my revenge!"

"What?" Zhao Yu thought. He paused, "Murder Exchange Case? What? How come Ive never seen it?"

"Yes!" Liu Pengfei continued, "I wanted to kill my wife, Jian Wenli, for a long time! After doing some research, I found Lin Meifeng, and signed a murder contract with her. I agreed to help her kill Yu Zhigen, and she help me kill Jian Wenli!!"

Ah? Zhao Yu could not help but be stunned! He finally understood the so-called "murder exchange." So that was what it was?

"Ten years ago, on July 12th, not only was it pouring rain, but it was also when Lin Meifengs cousin was in labor, so she had a good alibi! SoI acted!"

"Did you get Yu Zhigens key from Lin Meifen?" Miao Ying asked.

Liu Pengfei nodded and spoke, "At the same time, I also gave Lin Meifeng a copy of my key, and even took her to my house beforehand! During the same year, on July the 23rd, it was also raining. I had some goods coming to our shop that day, so I was working, which gave me an alibi!" He continued, "That time was Lin Meifengs turn, and she successfully got rid of Jian Wenli for me!" Once Liu Pengfei confessed, he suddenly felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

Zhao Yu was very serious. He could never imagine that the truth would have turned out like this! He had thought that since Lin Meifeng and Liu Pengfei had not had an affair, and she had not hired Liu Pengfei as an assassin, Lin Meifeng had nothing to do with the case; however, Liu Pengfei had just come forward with details about a "murder exchange case!" According to Liu Pengfei, the two of them had signed a murder agreement, and each of them had to kill a person. As it turned out, Lin Meifeng was also a murderer!

This was what Zhao Yu had least wanted to happen. He had followed Lin Meifeng and saw her happy life. He understood how hard it was for her to have earned it. Yet, with Liu Pengfeis confession, Lin Meifengs happiness was about to end! No wonder he felt that Lin Meifeng had some sort of secret! But he could never have imagined that it was something like this!

"Liu Pengfei, why did you want to kill your wife?" Miao Ying continued to ask for details.

"Why?" Liu Pengfei was completely uninhibited, and wailed as he answered, "That woman was too overbearing! She never gave me the respect I deserved! Its true I lived in her house, and lived on her salary, but I wasnt some trophy husband!" He continued, "Yes! Jian Wenlis family was involved in wholesale clothing, so her family was rich! But so what? Was I not a human being too?

"Ever since we married, she always used me like a tool. Every once in awhile, shed say to me that everything I owned belonged to her family! Shed tell me that I should always be thankful for her family, and respect them! But Im still a man! I couldnt just take that sort of humiliation. It wasnt the happy life I wanted at all!

"Then, when we were ready to have a child, that woman said out first born would have to inherit her name, and she even asked me to sign a contract! In that moment, I couldnt take it anymore, and that was what drove me to murder!

"After I got the idea, I began to look for a partner for the murder exchange!" Liu Pengfei used his finger to point at Lin Meifengs photo. "After some research, I found out that Lin Meifeng was the perfect partner!

"Yu Zhigen often beat her, and Yu Zhigen had even broke her dads legs! So, she was my first target! If I could get Lin Meifeng to cooperate, then not only could I quell my own anger about my wife, but I could also help erase that despicable Yu Zhigen, and help get revenge on him for Xiaoqin!

"But murder was such a big and scary idea! Lin Meifeng hesitated for a long time and didnt agree, so the idea was delayed for awhile. I dont remember when, Yu Zhigen, that awful fool, had beat Lin Meifeng so badly that she had a miscarriage! Apparently, he had done irreversible damage to her entire reproductive system! He shouldnt even be considered a human being!

"I found Lin Meifeng once again, but this time, she finally agreed to cooperate with me! There were no regrets. Not only did we sign the contract, but we even recorded our voices!"

"Do you guys still have the recordings?!" Miao Ying interrupted.

"Of course not!" Liu Pengfei continued, "After the murder, we destroyed all of the evidence! How could we leave something like that? But I Never thought, that our plan would succeed! Neither of us had a connection with our respective target, and we both had an alibi, so the police would have a hard time pinning the crime on us! Also, the distance between the two crimes was very far, so the police couldnt even connect the two cases together!

"Although the truth is out, I feel like Ive lived these past ten years well! I have no regrets!" With the heavy burden finally off of his shoulders, Liu Pengfei became even more bold. He leaned back on the interrogation chair, his face calm and serene.

Miao Ying threw down the evidence on the table and spoke with anger, "Liu Pengfei, everything you said was just an excuse for yourself! Dont think that your excuse can fool us! If you felt like you were oppressed, and didnt care for about her money, then you couldve just divorced Jian Wenli! There was no need to murder her!

"According to our information, after your wife was brutally murdered in her own home, not only did you inherit her fortune, but you even took over her business over and made it your own. Then you even contacted a bunch of gangs, continued to oppress your father-in-law, and increased your own power. Within the span of three short years, you pushed your father-in-law off of his throne, and you became the boss of Sanlitun! How can you say you didnt do it for the money?"

"Hmph! That old man wasnt any good either!" Liu Pengfei said indifferently, "If he hadnt interfered, Jian Wenli wouldnt have asked for our child to inherit their family name!"

"Liu Pengfei, this is nothing but an excuse!" Miao Yings smiled as she laughed coldly. "Once your crime is publicized, the jury will judge you! You can imagine how others will see you, right?"

Hearing this, Liu Pengfei paused and wilted quickly. How would the people see him? Nobody would understand his motive! The people would believe that he was a cold and merciless murderer!

Miao Ying gestured at Zhao Yu, and the two left the interrogation room. Unexpectedly, when they left and the interrogation rooms door closed behind them, Miao Ying suddenly extended a friendly hand towards Zhao Yu and smiled, "Mister Zhao Yu, thank you for your cooperation!"