Crazy Detective Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Disgrace to the Key Case Investigation Unit

Zhao Yu was first a little startled, but shook Miao Yings hand and echoed her sentiment, "Pleasant cooperation, pleasant cooperation!" Miao Yings hand was smooth and felt great to the touch.

"Fighting has indeed made us friends! Keke" Miao Ying laughed pleasantly and gave Zhao Yus hand a warm grasp. "I take back my words!" Zhao Yu knew that Miao Ying was referring to her promise to "kill on sight." From that point forward, they were no longer enemies, but friends. Since it was always better to have more friends than enemies, Zhao Yu played dumb and said, "Eh? What words do you wanna take back? My memorys not good; Ive already forgotten!"

Miao Ying laughed again and said seriously, "If thats the case, Ill get straight to the point! Since we interrogated the suspect at Ruyang Branch, I hope our branch will be overseeing the Murder Exchange Case! Dont worry, I will quickly report the details of these two cases to the relevant leaders, and will also inform Rongyang Branch. Afterwards, we will both cooperate in the case investigation! After the case is solved, be it glory or rewards, it will be the same for both sides! What do you think?"

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "This Miao Ying is really smart, no wonder she decided to make peace with me. She had a motive behind it!" Zhao Yu clearly knew that although Liu Pengfei had been caught by Miao Ying, these two murder cases had both been uncovered by Zhao Yu, so he should have been the overseer! However, Zhao Yus was only concerned with the Uptown Slaughter Case, and that case had been solved. As for the Sanlitun murder case, he did not care one bit, so it was better to do Miao Ying a favor! Zhao Yu nodded in agreement, "Sure! Ill have to trouble Captain Miao then!"

"Youre welcome!" Miao Ying smiled happily, seeing that her little plan had succeeded. She said to Zhao Yu, "Lets exchange contact information. Later Ill send you the detailed information, and real time developments of this case! If theres nothing else, Ill go get an arrest warrant for Lin Meifeng!!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu hesitated for a moment. At that instant, images of Lin Meifeng sending her kid to school in the morning, and of her working happily with her husband appeared before his eyes.

"Officer Zhao? Are you okay?" Miao Ying noticed Zhao Yus change in behavior and asked out of concern.

"Oh!" Zhao Yu snapped back to reality and nodded his head, "Sure, sure! Thank you for your help!" The two exchanged their contact information, and Zhao Yu politely shook Miao Yings hand before leaving in a hurry.

Outside Ruyang Branch, it was already sunset. Zhao Yu had come early in the morning, but had spent the whole day there. The setting sun shone brightly on Zhao Yus face, and he felt bedazzled.

An hour later, in Rongyang Branch Key Case Investigation Units captains office, Liu Changhu was drafting a document, feeling pleased with himself. It was after working hours, but Liu Changhu was not in a hurry since he had a dinner appointment with the bureau chief that night.

Someone knocked on the door three times before the bureau chiefs secretary, Song Chao, pushed the door open and entered, "Captain Liu, Bureau Chief Zhou asked me to inform you that tonights dinner is very important. Its better that you arrive at the restaurant with him! Please wait for him at the parking lot in twenty minutes!"

"Oh, alright!" Lu Changhu shook his head and laughed bitterly. "Looks like Bureau Chief Zhou is gonna make me drink on his behalf again! I really have to go all out in spite of my age, keke!"

"Please dont say that," Song Chao fawned on him. "There are so many people who want to drink on Bureau Chief Zhous behalf, but dont have the chance to! Captain Liu, only you have the ability to do so!"

"Keke...young man, you really know how to flatter someone!" Liu Changhu smiled at the secretarys praise. "Come, Song, look at what Ive written, then tell me what you think." Liu Changhu printed out the document he had drafted and handed it to Song Chao. Song Chao held up the document and read, "Transfer Zhao Yu to the mailroom for a period of two years" He only managed to read one line before asking in shock, "Captain Liu, are you transferring Zhao Yu?"

"Kekeke...what do you think, Song? Hows dispatching letters and newspapers for Zhao Yu?" Liu Changhu asked with a hideous grin.

"Oh...marvellous, marvellous!" Song laughed, "A Key Case Investigation Unit agent reduced to sending newspapers? This idea...its really too much...oh no, too marvellous! But I heard that Zhao Yu has not made any mistakes, and that he even received some rewards a little while ago! Is it appropriate to transfer him so abruptly?"

"Dont worry!" Liu Changhu shook his head and laughed. "Hes already in the Cold Case Department. Ill give him another half a month at most, then I can get rid of him completely justified. Hehe, he dared go against me, and now hell see how Im gonna fix him!"

"Exactly, this fella shouldve open his eyes wider!" Song chimed in, "A newbie who just turned full-time doesnt know the rules. Hes supercilious and arrogant, just like a madman! Bureau Chief Zhou has always disliked him, so he will be glad to see what youre doing, kekeke"

"Precisely," Liu Changhu said. "Ive been working for so many years and Ive never met any officer as disrespectful and shameless as Zhao Yu! Having that kind of person on our Key Case Investigation Unit, or even on the police force, is simply a disgrace!"

"Yes, yes, yes, we definitely cannot keep him. Get him to go send newspapers! Kekeke" Song continued to agree with Liu Changhus devious plan.

Just as the two were laughing over their plot, the phone in Liu Changhus office suddenly rang. "Oh? Could it be that the bureau chief is rushing us?" Song hinted for Liu Changhu to quickly pick up the call.

Liu Changhu did not dare to waste time and picked up the phone at once; however, shortly after listening to the phone, Liu Changhus expression suddenly froze, and his face turned pale and ghastly. "Oh, I got it! I know what to do, Ill make arrangements. Yes...right" Liu Changhu stammered and made a few casual remarks before hanging up the phone weakly.

"What happened, Captain Liu?" Song was good at observing peoples actions and had realized something was not right.

"Zhao...Zhao Yu" Liu Changhu was shaking all over. His lips quivered, and there was shock and disbelief in his eyes. "H-he actually solved the Uptown Slaughter Case!!"

"Ah? Are you sure?" In shock, the letter in Songs hand fell.