Crazy Detective Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Bewildering Truth

Initially, when Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu look confident and assured, she thought that he had come up with some creative questions; however, he only asked the simplest questions: "Liu Pengfei, honestly, did you kill Jian Wenli!?"

"No! It really wasnt me!" Liu Pengfei answered, mentally exhausted. After answering, the lie detectors green light lit up. Zhao Yus face changed. He looked like a deflated balloon.

"Holy sh*t! Liu Pengfei isnt not lying. He didnt kill Jian Wenli, and he isnt the third person! Now what?" Zhao Yu pondered seriously. In order to make sure that he had not overlooked something, he quickly asked another question, "Liu Pengfei, do you know who really killed Jian Wenli?"

"Yes!" Liu Pengfei nodded. "It was Lin Meifeng! I"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu shouted angrily, "Who asked you to talk so much?" Beep...the red light flashed! "Eh?" Zhao Yu was a little confused. What was going on? Was the lie detector broken or...

Zhao Yu quickly calmed himself down. Why had Liu Pengfei said he knew who the real murder was? Why did the lie detector flash red? Looking at it from the other way, it meant that Liu Pengfei did not know who the real murderer was. Zhao Yu already knew that Liu Pengfei was not the real murder, nor did he know who the real murderer was, thus he was of little value for interrogation. It looked like he would have to interrogate another person if he wanted to know the truth.

Since the time for the lie detector had not ended, Zhao Yu requested for Miao Ying to let him interrogate Lin Meifeng immediately! Miao Ying had thought that Zhao Yu would give Liu Pengfei a tough interrogation, but in the end, he had only asked two questions before requesting to interrogate another person. His thoughts were too unpredictable! Nonetheless, since Lin Meifeng was just in the interrogation room next door, there was no harm in letting Zhao Yu question her.

Miao Ying immediately brought Zhao Yu into the neighboring interrogation room. After pushing the door open, Zhao Yu finally saw Lin Meifeng. Although she was bound to the interrogation chair, Lin Meifeng looked fully at ease, as if she no longer had any worries.

Hearing something move, Lin Meifeng looked up, but due to the dim lighting, she did not recognize Zhao Yu. She stared at the police officer walking toward her.

Zhao Yu had wanted to quickly ask Lin Meifeng a few questions, but realized that the lie detector in his brain did not react. He then understood that each lie detector could only be used on one person! Although there was still time remaining after using it on Liu Pengfei, the lie detector could no longer be used since Zhao Yu was going to interrogate a different person.

Zhao Yu had no choice but to activate another new one. After the new lie detector had been installed on Lin Meifengs body, the green and red dots appeared in his brain again. "Lin Meifeng," Zhao Yu did not have time to chit-chat, and quickly said to Lin Meifeng, "Im gonna ask you a few questions now. You only need to answer yes or no! These questions are critical, so you have to answer them carefully, understand?"

Lin Meifeng nodded her head softly as she had nothing to hide by this point.

"Good!" Zhao Yu asked the main question straightaway, "Did you kill someone?"

"Yes!" Lin Meifeng admitted frankly; however, something happened that shocked Zhao Yu happened. The red light on the lie detector blinked! Ah? Zhao Yu was startled. What happened just then? Had she...lied?

"Did you kill Jian Wenli? Zhao Yu continued.

"Yes!" Beep...the red light lit up again. This time, Zhao Yu was unable to remain calm. It looked like Jian Wenli had not been killed by Lin Meifeng. But...why would she say that then? Could it be that she wanted to protect the real murderer?

To find the real answer, Zhao Yu gave it a thought before asking, "You...did you use a knife to stab Jian Wenli?"

"Yes!" Lin Meifeng admitted. The green light lit up.

" stabbed her to death with the knife?"

"Yes!" light.

"You strangled her to death?"

"No!" The green light lit up.

Zhao Yu racked his brain and organized his words before asking again, "Do you...know who is the real murderer who killed Jian Wenli!?"

"I-I dont understand...isnt it me?" Lin Meifeng started to get confused. She did not understand why the police officer in front of her would ask such lousy questions.

"You only need to answer yes or no" Zhao Yu requested.

"Yes!" The red light lit up. Eh? Now Zhao Yu was also confused. From the results of the lie detector, it was clear that Lin Meifeng did not kill Jian Wenli, but had only stabbed and injured her. Yet, she did not know who the real murderer was either! This...did this make sense? This lie detector

Zhao Yu thought hard about it and suddenly understood something. "Oh my goodness! This lie detector is so powerful that it can point to the whole truth! The lie detector is able to give the correct answer for things that even Lin Meifeng was unsure of! This lie just too powerful!" he thought.

To verify his thoughts, Zhao Yu asked another question, "Lin Meifeng, that night, did you only stab and injure Jian Wenli? Not stabbing her to death?"

"Ah?" Lin Meifeng was at a loss for words and knitted her brows. "I-I was very nervous then, I cant remember! I only felt that she was motionless when I stabbed her! So I thought that she was dead." Since Lin Meifeng had not answered according yes or no, the lie detector did not show any result.

Zhao Yu quickly reminded her, "Its okay, just pick an answer, yes or no. Shoose one!"

Hearing this, Miao Ying who was standing beside them, was baffled. She had no idea what Zhao Yu was up to. "Yes!" Lin Meifeng had no inhibitions and quickly chose an answer. The green light lit up.

Oh...Zhao Yu pondered. It seemed that the autopsy report was accurate. So Jian Wenli really had died from suffocation! "Mmm" Zhao Yu quickly asked again, "Tell me, when you stabbed Jian Wenli with a knife, was Jian Wenli already dead? Were you stabbing a dead body!?"

"Ah?!" Lin Meifeng was dumbstruck and did not know how to answer. Zhao Yu signalled to her with his eyes, and she reluctantly nodded and said "Yes!" The green light lit up again!

"Oh." .Zhao Yu now understood something else. Jian Wenli had indeed died before Lin Meifeng arrived. Lin Meifeng was merely stabbing a corpse! If that was the case, then although Lin Meifeng was involved in murder exchange with Liu Pengfei, she had not killed anybody! Her punishment would be reduced, which meant that if they could find Jian Wenlis actual murderer, it was likely that Lin Meifeng would not have to go to jail. Would it be possible for her to return to her normal life?

"This is really...holy sh*t...but" Zhao Yu immediately thought of the most important question, "Who is the real killer?"