Crazy Detective Chapter 111

Chapter 111: The Incompetent Cant be Saved

"Zhao Yu," coming out of the interrogation room, Miao Ying very openly voiced her concerns, "all of those questions were just regular questions. What were you thinking? Are you just wasting time?"

"What?" Zhao Yu licked his lips, "Are you questioning my professionalism?"

"I could tell that youre trying to help Lin Meifeng!" Miao Ying was very serious, "But none of those questions could be used as evidence, do you get it? Without evidence, Lin Meifeng is still our primary suspect for murdering Jian Wenli!"

"Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu suddenly spoke seriously to Miao Ying, "You say you need evidence, but I know that you feel the same way I do! If you didnt want to help Lin Meifeng, you wouldnt have called me out so late!"

"Thats why Im regretting it!" Miao Yings reaction was lightning fast. "If I didnt call you out so late, I wouldnt have been puked all over by you! I keep thinking if I was your nemesis in your past life!"

Even though Zhao Yu had been confused while he was puking, after sorting through the facts, he finally remembered what had happened and explained, "Im really sorry about that. It really wasnt on purpose! I drank too much, and then rode in a car. All that added with the anxiety, I"

"Its fine, we still have business to do!" Miao Ying cut him off impatiently. "What do we do about our case? Should I write my report now, or"

"No, definitely not!" Zhao Yu hurriedly said, "I clearly know that Liu Pengfei and Lin Meifeng did not murder Jian Wenli. The real killer is someone else!"

"Thats just a guess. Although her confession is different from the record we have, Lin Meifeng already confessed!" Miao Ying refuted.

"But you just saw it!" Zhao Yu was rather excited. "Lin Meifeng wasnt even sure if Jian Wenli was alive or not when she stabbed her! We have to investigate it further!"

Seeing Zhao Yu so excited, Miao Ying watched him seriously and turned quiet, unable to say no. Her sharp eyes suddenly turned eager. In that moment, Zhao Yu felt a certain kinship with Miao Yin. He could feel that his and Miao Yings thoughts were exactly the same.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying looked around and pulled Zhao Yu into an empty area before speaking to him very seriously, "I think that as your senior I must warn you! With the current situation, you have to understand something!"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was confused. Why was Miao Ying being so secretive? What did she want to say?

"Ifwe close the case right now," Miao Ying spoke seriously, "the two of us would get endless benefits, rewards, diplomas, credits, and what not. If we dont close it now, do you know what well have to face? Do you?"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu had not thought that far. He was a new transfer, so obviously he did not know everything!

"Just some commotion would be the best result!" Miao Ying spoke like an experienced officer and lectured him, "Not closing this case now, means the job was incomplete and the murderer is still out there. Think about it, if this Murder Exchange case became publicized, what do you think would happen? There would be a huge commotion!

"First, think about Jian Wenlis family. What would they think about this? Its already been ten years but were bringing up the case again. How could Jian Wenlis family sit and do nothing? They will continue to pressure the police with words and actions. If we find the culprit, everything will be fine, but if we dont, then were doomed!

"Secondly, if we dont close the case, how will the higher-ups look at us? Even though weve worked so hard, and are so close to the truth, will the higher-ups approve of you? In their eyes, if the case isnt closed, then all of our hard work doesnt mean anything. Understand? By that time, not only would we not get any benefits, but they might even drag our names through the dirt!"

Wow! Zhao Yu was secretly stunned, and he began to look at Miao Ying with admiration. He could never imagine that even though Miao Ying looked so young, she was quite experienced in the ways of the world.

"Finally," Miao Yings lecture continued, "for us to be digging up this case again is a huge insult to all of the investigators who worked on the case before! If we dig this case up, but cannot solve it, its not just an issue about being a laughing stock! Think about it, those officers have already become higher-ups.If they get dirt on us, the consequences will be unimaginable"

Tsk tskZhao Yu shook his head. Who would have thought that such a simple case could have such backlash? Now he finally realized that investigating cold cases was truly a tough job with little reward! "Stupid Liu Changhu, to transfer me to such a shitty place was simply too evil! Ill definitely get back at him later!" Zhao Yu thought.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying spoke reasonably, much like an older sister. "As a part of the Cold Case Investigation Unit, I think you already know how hard it is to investigate old cases. If we continue, then we have to start from the beginning! Can you imagine the difficulty! This is just adding more suffering for ourselves, with no benefit!"

Zhao Yu obviously understood after hearing all of Miao Yings points. Ever since his transfer, he had realized that investigating a cold case was not just a little difficult!

"There, Ive said everything I wanted to say!" Miao Ying continued, "Thennow I want your opinion. Should we close the case of Jian Wenli or not?"

"No! Definitely not!" To Miao Yings astonishment, Zhao Yu did not even hesitate as he spoke, "We have to be able to face our own conscience. We didnt investigate the case thoroughly, how can we just close it? Besides, if Lin Meifeng really is innocent, then wouldnt we have framed an innocent person? Team Leader Miao, dont you worry, offending people is my specialty, but even if I offend everyone I know, I will still find the truth!!" Zhao Yus answer could not be described as emotional, but his stance was still loud and clear.

According to her understanding of Zhao Yu, Miao Ying would have expected Zhao Yu to be easily swayed. She never would have imagined that Zhao Yu would make this decision! Because of this, Miao Ying could not help but pause. Her opinion of Zhao Yu changed drastically.

"But" Zhao Yus next sentence nearly stopped Miao Ying in her tracks. He said, "But in the end, my Slaughter Case is already closed, and Jian Wenlis case is completely your responsibility. We might as well investigate it completely. If it works out, then both of us will be benefited. If not, Team Leader Miao will probably be held responsible instead of me...."

"God" Miao Ying cursed in her head, "Stupid Zhao Yu, theres really no saving the incompetent!"