Crazy Detective Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Kick was Too Light!

As an experienced detective and captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit, Miao Ying had always been firm and stringent. No matter what Zhao Yus attitude was, she would get to the bottom of Jian Wenlis case and seek out the truth. She would never close the case abruptly!

The reason why Miao Ying asked for Zhao Yus opinion was to test him, and to tease him! She had not expected that Zhao Yus attitude would be so firm. She could not help but to look at him differently. This guy seemed so arrogant and sullen, and he did things without any good reasons. Who would have guessed that he was so principled?

Although Miao Ying had exaggerated her concerns, they were not completely invalid. If they wanted to get to the bottom of this case, they had to be prepared to step on landmines! They each represented their respective police teams, and the pressure on them could not be understated! If they could not find the Jian Wenlis real murderer, they would be in trouble!

However, Zhao Yu had also gotten it wrong. He had thought that Miao Ying had taken the initiative to ask him because she needed his help, and that he had to go search for clues with her that day! As it turned out, Miao Ying only wanted to discuss to the investigation plans with him, and did not intend to let Zhao Yu be involved with the actual investigation. Miao Ying was the team captain, and she had agents under her. There was no need Zhao Yus help.

Ruyang Branch was different from Rongyang Branch. Due to a smaller jurisdiction, their Key Case Investigation Unit was not divided into Team A and Team B, and they did not have any Cold Case Department. Therefore, all the cases were directly handled by the captain, and they did not even have a vice captain! As for the unsolved cases that had accumulated over time, the team usually investigated them when they had no other cases. Like the Slaughter Case, it had also been ten years since Jian Wenlis case was opened, and it was classified as a crucial case. Obviously, Miao Ying felt strongly about it. Now that an important suspect had finally been found, she naturally wanted to find out the truth.

After hours of discussion, Miao Ying came up with the preliminary investigation plan. First, she she divided the agents into four teams: the first team would continue to interrogate Liu Pengfei and Lin Meifeng to see they could find any new clues; the second team would go to the forensics department to check on the evidence from the comparison report from the year the murders happened to see if there were any overlooked details; the third team would visit Jian Wenlis relatives and friends to reinvestigate the case; the fourth team would look for the agents in charge of the case that year, and check if there had been any inconsistencies during their investigation.

Seeing Miao Yings composed arrangements, Zhao Yu could not help but admire. Compared to himself, who was in charge of the Cold Case Department, but had no subordinates, Miao Ying was much more powerful! Sending out more than ten agents in one go. Such boldness

"Eh?" Zhao Yu was doubtful after he had finished admiring. "Everyone has been sent out, but what about me?"

"Officer Zhao!" After making the arrangements, Miao Ying said to Zhao Yu, "According to procedure, Liu Pengfei cant stay here for too long. Ill have him transferred to Rongyang Detention Center tomorrow. I will have to trouble you to sort out the information for Yu Zhigens case, and then follow the standard procedure!"

"Mmm" Zhao Yu understood. Although the Exchange Murder Case had not been investigated thoroughly, he was in charge of the Uptown Slaughter Case, which could now be closed. In other words, the rewards and compliments that he would be receive was already certain.

"Then...Lin Meifeng...what do we do with her?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Lin Meifeng is still a prime suspect in Jian Wenlis murder, "Miao Ying answered. "We will send her over to our detention center and continue interrogation! The normal custody period is only one month, but if we make an application, we can extend it by another month! That means we have to catch the real murderer within two months! If not, Lin Meifeng will be prosecuted for murder!"

"Two months. Thats so long!?" Because of the Miracle System, Zhao Yu appeared very confident; however, his words seemed very annoying to Miao Ying.

"Zhao Yu, what do you mean?" She gave Zhao Yu a sharp glance and said sourly, "Are you gloating? Let me tell you, dont think that Jian Wenlis case only concerns Ruyang Branch. If the case doesnt get solved, Ill immediately report to your leaders that you stopped me from closing the case and made me reinvestigate! If I dont get anything good, then you can forget about living a good life!"

Wah! Zhao Yu blinked and praised Miao Ying from his heart as he watched her. This woman was really smart, and did not allow herself to face any disadvantage! But looking at the way Miao Ying reprimanded him, he could not help but watch her in a daze. With her red lips and charming face, Miao Ying looked so elegant and inspiring.

"Huh! The case hasnt been solved even after ten years, and youre complaining that two months is too long? Are you crazy?" Miao Ying became angrier as she spoke. "Also, although the statement was inconsistent, we are unable to prove that Lin Meifeng is innocent! If she lied intentionally, then how can we find the real murderer? Zhao"

Zhao Yu was still in a daze. Miao Yings scolding sounded pleasant to his ears, and his eyes could not help but fall on her perfect figure, and then her chest

Bang! Only when Miao Ying banged her fist did Zhao Yu wake up in a startle. He quickly wiped the corner of his mouth and said to Miao Ying cheekily, "Kekekedont worry Captain Miao. Based on my years of experience, I know that Lin Meifeng definitely did not kill anyone. The real murderer is someone else!" Zhao Yu patted his chest, "As for the case investigation, you can also put your mind at ease. Two months is definitely enough time. Take your time and investigate slowly, just come find me if you have any difficulties...Im gonna go back and shower first! I stink!" He continued, "Oh...if you find any clues, dont forget to inform me! Then...I make a move first...ahh" Zhao Yu turned around and yawned. "its been a tough night...I need a good sleep!"

"You" Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yus arrogant and annoying behavior and regretted her decision. She should not have asked this plague to come to her unit! That kick she had given him was too light!

Having not slept for the whole night, and vomiting after getting drunk, Zhao Yu was exhausted when left Ruyang Branch. He wanted to go home and take a shower, then get a good sleep; however, his phone started ringing once he got in the cab. First it was Li Beini who called him to ask how she should draft the Slaughter Case report. Then, Zhang Jingfeng called and asked Zhao Yu if he needed to continue checking on Yao Jias boyfriend. Right after that, Peng Xin called him anxiously and told him to go back to the police station. The bureau chief wanted to see him!!