Crazy Detective Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Woman and the Encounter I Missed

Although they had received news about the murder suspect, Yang Wentao, it did not mean that they would definitely catch him this time. This piece of information had been provided by a villager living near the reservoir. He told the police that he had seen a male two nights ago who looked like he was in a hurry. When the villager approached him, they got into a conflict, and the man ran toward the west of the reservoir after struggling free. After that, the villager saw the warrant of arrest and realized that the man looked like Yang Wentao.

Whether the tip was accurate or not, and whether or not the man was Yang Wentao, two days had already passed and it was likely that he had already left the reservoir area. Therefore, on the way to QInshan Water Reservoir, Peng Xin made last minute adjustments to the plan. She contacted the local police and got them to look for the traces of the suspect from the surveillance cameras around the area. Then, she divided the agents into groups and got them to search the different villages and towns around the reservoir.

Including Zhao Yu, there were ten people. There were five cars, with two people on a team. Zhao Yu and Liu Xueshan were grouped together and were sent to search the southern side of the reservoir. There was a totalof three small towns and over twenty villages in that area. Obviously, there was a huge amount of work to be done!

After splitting up from the main team, Zhao Yu and Liu Xueshan started driving toward the south. On the way, Liu Xueshan was full of complaints, criticising Peng Xins commands. Firstly, he said that each town and village had their own local police station and there were also police on duty in the villages. Since the search could have just be handed over to them, where was there the need for the Key Case Investigation Unit to do it? Moreover, the eyewitness had said that Yang Wentao ran toward the west side, so why was there a need to search the south? Wouldnt it be better for them to focus on searching the west instead? Thereafter, he started worrying about the accuracy of the tip, saying that if the villager had been wrong, they were just wasting their effort! Also, Qinshan was big. If Yang Wentao had gone into the deep mountains, how could they find him?

Hearing Liu Xueshans negative commentary, Zhao Yu could not help but be turned off. Thinking back on when they had been ready to leave, this fella had been full of confidence and was more excited than anyone else! In the blink of an eye, he started to slack and criticize Peng Xin. Zhao Yu knew that Liu Xueshan was the oldest and most experienced on the team, and he remained unconvinced about Peng Xins sudden promoted; however, without any capabilities, drive or backing, how would the leaders hold him in high regard?

During Zhao Yus life in the underworld, he detested people who did not hold firm to their stance and spread negativity. Two faced people like him had no credibility at all. Therefore, Zhao Yu did not bother about him and carried on sleeping. Zhao Yu, who was the junior, should have been driving the car, but Liu Xueshan knew about Zhao Yus arrogance and barbaric behavior. Seeing that Zhao Yu sat in the backseat straightaway, he could only take the wheel. Zhao Yu had not slept a wink the night before and was completely exhausted. Although the journey was bumpy, he slept soundly, and the car had already reached their first destination when he woke up.

This place was called Yulangdian. It was over twelve miles from Qinshan Water Reservoir, and was a small town within the jurisdiction of Moyang County in Qinshan City. After arriving at the destination, Liu Xueshan and Zhao Yu followed the normal procedure and went to the police station to meet the local police. The local police had already been informed and started searching the entire town. They would inform them once they had any news.

It was already noontime after they had finished the handover to the local police. The two went to a small restaurant in town and ordered some simple food. While eating, Liu Xueshan was still nagging and complaining, annoying Zhao Yu even further.

At that moment, the Miracle System sent a message to Zhao Yu, stating that his adventure today had already ended. The completion rate was only forty-two percent, and he received nothing!

Zhao Yu was very surprised. Why had the system ended so fast? And why was the completion rate so low? He thought that his adventure for the day had not even begun! Why had it ended so suddenly? Thinking of this, he quickly began flipping through his notes. Kan-Zhen hexagram! Kan-Zhen hexagram! "Kan" represented woman, woman...woman? Zhao Yu thought back at the woman who interacted with him the most today. It was still Miao Ying! Could the woman be referring to her? Or

Zhao Yu pondered about it carefully and quickly thought of another possibility! Ah, Luan Xiaoxiao. Bureau Chief Luan was also a woman! "She had wanted to see me today, could it be...the woman in the adventure was referring to her!?" he thought. In the end, he had chose to take part in the mission with the police force and missed the encounter with her. If that was why the completion rate was so about "Zhen" hexagram? What did "Zhen" represent? Zhao Yu seemed to have figured out something and quickly looked through his records, and made a new discovery.

The "Zhen" hexagram had only appeared three times before. The earliest was on the day the Lost Hand Case had been solved, when Zhao Yu beat up the blonde guy. The next was during the police training when Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had their big fight. The most recent time was when Liu Changhu announced that Zhao Yu had been transferred to the Cold Case Department. Zhao Yu made notes with his pen and felt that the time he and Miao Ying fought should not count since it had been messed up by Miao Ying in the end. Then...Was there any connection between the time when he beat up the blonde and when he got transferred to the Cold Case Department? Although he was uncertain, Zhao Yu still thought of something out of instinct, "Status!"

The day he beat up the blonde was when he had just solved the Lost Hand Case and established his status in the Key Case Investigation Unit. And when Liu Changhu transferred him to the Cold Case Department, although it seemed to be work-related on the surface,his status had also changed! Could it be"Zhen" hexagram represented status? When he first fought Miao Ying, he had also established respect among the male police officers, and that seemed to be also a change in status. Could the "Water" and "Thunder" have referred to the big fight between him and Miao Ying? Thinking of this, Zhao Yu quickly noted down his theory. If there was another "Zhen" hexagram in future, he was sure to experience something similar.

Ah! Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something as he wrote it down. If "Zhen" represented status, then did the "Zhen" hexagram today also have the same meaning? Bureau Chief Luan had wanted to see him today. Could it be linked to a change of his status? As he had not gone, had the Miracle System ended early?

"Holy sh*t!" he thought. Zhao Yu felt he was correct the more he thought about it. If he had gone to Bureau Chief Luans office, he might have been transferred out of the Cold Case Department! It was likely that he had missed a good opportunity. Tsk tsk...Zhao Yu could not help but regret it. If only he had figured this out earlier! He had also not expected it would be so difficult to nab Yang Wentao. If not, he would have gone to the bureau chiefs office first before coming to help!

He switched his thoughts and felt at ease shortly after. Since he had solved the Slaughter Case, he would have to write the report and go to the leaders office sooner or later! Although he had missed this encounter, there would be many other encounters waiting for him in future! Also, it might not have been a mistake for him to join this current mission. "If...I catch Yang Wentao...what will happen?"