Crazy Detective Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Youre Still Too Young!

"Zhao, are you alright?" Liu Xueshan stared at Zhao Yu as if he were looking at a ghost. "The eyewitness said that Yang Wentao went west, but now you want to search east? Isnt that doing things the opposite way? What are you thinking?"

But Zhao Yu insisted on his epiphany and said seriously, "Yang Wentao is full of tricks. Isnt is possible that he tricked people into believing that he went west?"

"Oh my" Liu Xueshan shook his head in disbelief. "Zhao, are you writing novels? Yang Wentao is neither in the special forces, nor Bear Grylls in "Man Vs. Wild," hes only a small clerk, a wanted man. Hes already having problems surviving, why would he still bother tricking us?"

Zhao Yu ignored Liu Wenshan as he checked the map on his phone. Htought of only one question, "Why had Yang Wentao appeared near the reservoir?" Before this, Zhao Yu had thought of this question more than once. Did he just happened to pass by, or had he been hiding near the reservoir? The reservoir was where he had discarded the dead body, so why did he return?

The map on the phone showed that there were many towns and villages near the water reservoir, and these were places where the population was the most dense in the mountains. If Yang Wentao continued hiding in this area, the probability of him being exposed would become higher! Go west? Could it be...he had just been passing by?

The west side of the reservoir was the only way to get to other provinces. Could Yang Wentao have been taking a risk to get out of Qinshan to go to other provinces? However, it was a long journey, and without any transport, he would not be able to get out even if he walked for an entire week! As for the north, it was vast and desolate with mountains, and many areas were unpopulated. If Yang Wentao went there, although he could escape capture, he would not be able to survive.

The south and the surrounding areas of the reservoir had been searched thoroughly by Peng Xin and her team. For now, only the east side of the reservoir had not been searched thoroughly. Zhao Yu looked at the map and realized that east of the reservoir was right outside Qinshan City. Although there were also a few mountains, they were mostly barren, and the population was sparse. According to the map, there was only a small town called Yinpan, and four to five small villages in the mountains.

Indeed, it was too close to the city. The probability of Yang Wentao hiding there was almost zero! However, Zhao Yus thinking was just the opposite. He felt that since Yang Wentao had gone toward the west, it meant that he had probably come from the east! If they went to search the east, although they might not be able to catch the suspect, they might be able to discover his traces and find some clues. Moreover, he had gotten the "Gen" hexagram. Who knew if he would be able to make some progress?

With that thought, Zhao Yu urged Liu Xueshan to set off quickly. Since they were not able to get any clues where they were, they might as well try searching the east side; however, Liu Xueshan was unwilling to move, saying that they had already searched for three days and that his bones were almost falling apart. He suggested resting first before continuing the search.

Hearing such discouraging words, Zhao Yu almost wanted to give him a big scolding, but Liu was already turning fifty, so Zhao Yu felt that there was no need to get angry at him. Therefore, he decided to stop wasting his breath on him. He went to pack his things and left after taking the car keys.

Liu Xueshan had thought that Zhao Yu would return at night after going out to look for clues, so he did not stop him and continued sleeping.

Zhao Yu left the hotel by himself and drove toward the east of the reservoir. On the way, he kept thinking about things related to Yang Wentao. Because the mountain roads were narrow, he did not drive very fast. More than two hours later, he had only reached the town of Yulangdian where they had initially searched.

As his gas was running low, Zhao Yu reduced his speed and wanted to find a gas station in town. Unexpectedly, when he was driving on the road, he suddenly witnessed a scene: two man were standing in front of a small cottage. A hale and hearty white-haired, elderly man was shaking hands with a young man. The old man was a stranger, but Zhao Yu recognized the young man. He was an agent from Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit, and one of Miao Yings subordinate! As Zhao Yu had just stirred up trouble at Ruyang police station a few days ago, the man probably still remembered him. This guy had even been startled by Zhao Yu and had sat on his puke!

"Eh? What a coincidence! What was this fella doing here?" Due to the existence of the Miracle System, Zhao Yu subconsciously became aware of something and quickly stopped his car by the side of the road to observe.

After shaking hands warmly with the elderly man, the young agent said, "Thank you so much, Officer Lu. The information that you have given us is definitely of great help for us!"

"Kekeke, dont mention it," the elderly man laughed. "The case has not been solved after ten years. We also feel bad about it. Put in your best effort!"

"Definitely. I will inform you once we have any news!" The young man said as he bowed respectfully to the elderly man.

"Good...good" the old man smiled and waved at the young man.

"Please go back in! I shall make a move!" Not only was the young man polite, but he even waited for the elderly man to go back into his house.

The gears in Zhao Yus brain started to turn as he looked on. Hearing what the young agent had just said, he should have been there to find information. It was also mentioned that the case had not been for ten years. He could have been investigating Jian Wenlis case!

Interesting...Zhao Yu had never expected that he would actually come across information about Jian Wenlis somewhere almost sixty miles away from the city. "If thats the case, why dont I just ask him straight? Dont forget that I was also an official investigator of Jian Wenlis case!" With that thought, Zhao Yu opened the car door and got out.

The young agent had come alone. After he saw the elderly man go back into his house, he walked around the rear of his car toward the driver seat; however, he had only taken two steps before he heard Zhao Yus thunderous greeting. "Hey! What a coincidence, what are you doing here?"

The young agent raised his head and got a shock. "Eh? Why...why is it you!? How did you" After pausing for two seconds, he said in astonishment, " followed me!?"

"What nonsense!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "Coincidentally, Im just investigating another case!" Zhao Yus explanation was unable to convince the young agent.

The young agent said to Zhao Yu with hostility, "This is not the city. Who would believe that we would run into each other here by coincidence! do you want exactly?"

"Mmm" Zhao Yu could not be bothered to explain and got straight to the point, "I do not want anything. I only wanna ask hows the progress on Jian Wenlis case? Has Miao Renfeng found any new clues? And...who were you talking to just now?"

"Hey!" The young agent replied angrily, "Im doing an investigation. Sorry, I cant divulge anything! You can ask our Captain Miao directly!"

"What kind of attitude is this? Is this how you talk to your senior?" Zhao Yu stared at him. "Dont you already know that I am also in charge of this case. I have the right to know! You better fill me in on the development of this case"

"Dream on!" the young agent adhered to his principles and pointed to the cottage. "Go investigate yourself!"

"Hey!" Zhao Yu grabbed the young agents collar and pushed him toward the hood of the car. "Young man, dont force me to do it the hard way! If I want something, nobody can refuse to give it to me!"

"" The young agent knew about Zhao Yus tyrannical behavior and started to stammer, but as a police agent, he remained fearless. "You...dont mess around! I wont tell you anything, so hit me if you dare!"

"Wahaha" Zhao Yu suddenly laughed and let go of him. "Youre good, young man! Remarkable! Kekeke...alright, I shall not argue with you. I have a mouth, so I can just go and find out myself!"

With that, Zhao Yu turned his head and walked toward the small cottage, and even pretended to knock at the door. The young agent adjusted his collar and swallowed hard before getting into the driver seat in a fluster and driving away! Probably due to his intense emotions, the car made an "S" on the road before leaving.

Zhao Yu waited until the car was gone before laughing, "Huh! Young man, wanna play games with me, youre still too young!" After he put down his hand from when he had pretended to knock on the door, a black recording pen suddenly appeared on his palm!