Crazy Detective Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Repeat Offender

Huahua did not act like a stranger. After showering, she walked out wearing only Zhao Yus tank top. While walking, she looked curvy and charming; however, Zhao Yu had his head lowered as he used a hairdryer on the dog and did not notice Huahua. At that moment, the blind dog who was dirty and smelly had taken a completely different look! This fella was actually quite good-looking. Although it had a black head and yellow body, it had good posture and a smooth body, with two long ears standing up straight. It actually looked a little elegant.

The dog seemed to enjoy having its hair dryed very much and kept wagging its tail. "Ah," Zhao Yu touched the dogs head, "so youre not a blind dog? Your eyes okay?"

"Yes," Huahua quickly added on. "I wonder which b*stard used glue and stuck the hair near its eyelids together. The eye itself is perfectly fine!"

"Oh," Zhao Yu asked again, "then...what about the leg?"

"The leg might have been beaten by someone or it could have been broken by a fall," Huahua said as she stroked the dogs lower back. "If we send it over to my dad for an operation, things may turn for the better!"

"Your dad?" Zhao Yu lifted his head and saw that Huahua was wearing his tank top. Although the tank top was loose, it was unable to hide her seductive figure.

"My family deals with keeping dogs," Huahua said mindlessly. "He knows many vets. Lets bring the dog to him soon!"

"Oh...oh" Zhao Yu gawked at Huahua as he felt a gush of unbearable heat in his chest.

"Seems like you dont know the police dog well even though you brought it back!" Huahua took over the hair-dryer from Zhao Yu and started blowing her glossy black hair. "Its a Belgian Malinois, and its commonly used by the police as tracking dogs!"

"Oh...oh" Zhao Yu swallowed his saliva and said, "Is it male or female? How old is it? How much is it worth?"

"Oh?" Huahua looked at Zhao Yu and laughed. "Officer, are you testing me? I grew up with dogs, you cant stump me with this! The dog is male, about two to three years old! As for money...a normal Belgian Malinois is around 10,000 RMB, but if its a purebred Belgian Malinois, itll be another story!" With this, Huahua began searching the dogs body, as though looking for something. "Ive heard from my dad that theres a top breed among this type of dogs. It is a purebred and extremely expensive! One can cost up to a million RMB!! As for your dog...I really cant tell!"

Zhao Yu was not paying attention to Huahuas introduction at all. He kept glancing under Huahuas tank top and wondering if she was wearing anything underneath.

Unexpectedly, Huahua accidentally blew hot air onto her injured face while drying her hair and opened her mouth in pain.

"Are you okay?" Zhao Yu could not help but ask, "What exactly happened to you?"

"Mmm" Huahua lowered her head in embarrassment and replied softly, "Nothing, I accidentally fell!"

"Huh! Knew you were gonna say that!"Zhao Yu thought. He was aware that this girl came home in the middle of the night and was unable to enter her house. If she had forgotten her keys, she could have just gotten a room at a nearby hotel. He had not seen her carrying a bag or cellphone, proving that her things had probably been taken by someone. She even tried to cover it up, but it was obvious that the person who took her things and beat her was someone whom she did not dare to offend.

Zhao Yu was used to seeing situations where pimps beat up prostitutes; however, now that his identity had changed, he could not help but say, "If you need any can look for me!" Hearing Zhao Yus words, Huahua shook a little and tears welled up in the corners of her eyes

After Zhao Yu showered and came out from the bathroom, Huahua had already fallen asleep on his bed, and the dog was curled up under the bed looking sleepy. After seeing Zhao Yu, the dog opened his eyes and looked at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu gestured him to keep quiet and then went another bedroom to rest. The sky was already turning bright outside. Although Zhao Yu had been running around and battling for one whole day, he was still highly excited and unable to fall asleep.

Yang Wentao, a bag of old notes, the "kun" hexagram, the Belgian Malinois, and the seductive Huahua. All of these factors kept cycling through his brain and provoking his thoughts.

"Ive caught Yang Wentao this time, wonder how much will I be rewarded? How much are those old notes worth? If their value could be increased ten fold, wouldnt I be rich and even be able to afford a house?" Zhao Yu asked himself.

"Kun hexagram, what adventure will happen today? Will I be able to deal with it? The homeless dog that I brought home is actually some Belgian tracking dog? I wonder whats his background? Was he abandoned or born homeless?

"And...Huahua...a great beauty is inside my house. That sexy body, that smooth skin, making my mouth dry and thirsty, how can I sleep? This Huahua is really...what do you mean by wearing my top? Are you simply trying to seduce me? Tsk tsk...tell me, since your dad raises dogs, why do you still do this kind of job when your family is already so rich? Dont tell me...youre doing it purely for the excitement? Then...why dont you just excite me" Zhao Yu finally fell asleep after a long while thinking about all these.

However, he did not sleep for long. Before it was eight in the morning, he was awaken a notification from his phone. He unlocked his phone and saw that it was Miao Ying who had sent him a development on Jian Wenlis case as she had promised. Zhao Yu was already addicted to case investigation. Although he was still half asleep, he quickly woke up and looked at the record carefully.

Miao Ying had sent most of Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit to thoroughly check on Jian Wenlis case. Although they had gotten a few new clues, there was no obvious developments on the case.

Evidence proved that on the day Lin Meifeng had attempted to kill Jian Wenli, there was another person who had gone to Jian Wenlis house prior to that. This person had not only stole most of the valuable items, but he was very likely to be the real murderer who killed Jian Wenli! According to Miao Yings deduction, this person could have decided to steal things from Jian Wenlis house in the spur of the moment; however, he had bumped into Jian Wenli and strangled her to death before moving the body onto the bed. Not long after that, Lin Meifeng sneaked into the bedroom and stabbed the dead body, thinking that the person may have been killed by her!

If their deduction was right, the real murderer could be a thief who had often committed robbery. Miao Ying focused all her energy on tracking down repeat offenders with theft records that year.

"Mmm...wrong!" Zhao Yu put down his phone and pondered seriously. His feeling was opposite of Miao Yings. With his prior experience, he felt that this real murderer was some repeat offender!