Crazy Detective Chapter 127

Chapter 127: You Guys Showered Together?

Before Zhao Yu crossed over, he had often engaged in sneak, immoral acts like theft. There was a rule regarding that line of work called "No work during a storm!" Basically, it meant that thieves would not try to infiltrate homes during a storm, especially at night because during a storm, people tended not to sleep well. It was easy to be caught during that time.

In Jian Wenlis case, it had been pouring rain that day, with lightning and thunder. Any experienced criminal would not pick such a time to act. Zhao Yus feeling was the exact opposite of Miao Yings. He thought that the person who killed Jian Wenli was an inexperienced amateur!

Also, Zhao Yu thought that there was no way in the world this situation was a coincidence! Lin Meifeng had planned to go kill Jian Wenli, but someone had strangled Jian Wenli ahead of time? It was not like they had the miracle system. Such a coincidence was simply impossible! He believed that Jian Wenlis real killed had something to do with either Lin Meifeng or Liu Pengfei!

"Thenwhats the relationship?" Zhao Yus brows were knitted tight as he thought. For some reason, the answer felt far away, untouchable, but Zhao Yu also felt like he was very close to the truth, as if he was one a step away!

Just as Zhao Yu was thinking, a yell came from downstairs. It was someone calling, "Huahua"! Listening carefully, he realized that it was Yang Hong who lived next door.

Hearing her calling, Zhao Yu put on his clothes and walked into the lobby. Unexpectedly, Huahua had also heard Yang Hong, came out from the other bedroom, and opened the door before Zhao Yu could. "Yang Hong, Im here!"

Yang Hong tilted her head and saw Huahua in a large vest, and Zhao Yu who was messily dressed. She paused for two seconds, then from between the two poked out a dog! "Youyou guys..." Yang Hongs eyes widened. Her gaze shifted and became hard to read.

"Ohdont misunderstand!" Huahua hurriedly explained, "Hong, yesterday I couldnt get in, and I ran into this officer, so I slept over for a night! We didnt"

"Huahuayou" Yang Hong still did not understand the situation. She pointed at the vest on Huahua and asked, "Officer Zhao, you really know how to take advantage of the situation, huh? Already took off her clothes?"

"Me? No!" Zhao Yu innocently tried to explain, "It was from the shower!"

"What? You guys showered together?!" Yang Hongs voice raised in surprise.

"Woof! Woof! Woof" It was hard to say if the dog detected hostility, but it started barking loudly.

"Hong, it really wasnt like that. Yesterday, the officer kindly let me in! Yesterdayyesterday"

"Oh right!" As if just remembering the main issue, Yang Hong immediately pulled Huahua over. "Yesterday I heard that bastard did something? Did he really hit you?" Huahua nodded.

"That bastard!" Yang Hong carefully examined Huahuas injury and angrily yelled, "He cant even be considered human! Did he also take everything you have? Wait, Ill go get it back for you!"

"No, no" Huahua was alarmed. "Yang Hong, sis, you know his background. We cant touch him! Other things are fine, but my keys in the bag. Yang Hong, how aboutwe change the lock! Im worried hell come and bother us more!"

Listening to the twos chat, it was not hard to guess what kind of problems they were facing. But Zhao Yus thoughts were completely different. When he heard Huahua mention "key" and "lock," he suddenly shook as if he had remembered something important.

"Huahua, let me think of an idea on how to fix this issue!" Yang Hong gestured for Huahua to go first, then she turned to Zhao Yu. "Officer Zhao, sorry for the trouble, I misunderstood. Thank you for taking care of Huahua!"

"No prob, no prob!" Hearing Yang Hong talking to him, Zhao Yu could only let go of his thoughts and speak seriously. "As long as the discount you give me still a discount!"

"Huh?" Yang Hong paused, then understood what Zhao Yu meant. She blushed heavily.

Huahua came back with her clothes and asked, "What discount?"

"Woof! Woof" Before Zhao Yu could speak, the dog barked again.

"Sherlock Holmes, Im leaving!" Huahua squatted and patted the dogs head. "Later Ill ask my dad to find you a vet to see if we can fix your leg! See you"

"Woof" The dog wagged his tail at Huahua, as if understanding her words.

Zhao Yu pondered. He could not bring his dog to the police station, right? He immediately stopped Huahua and asked if she could temporarily take care of Sherlock Holmes. Huahua nodded. Once the two women went home with the dog, the hallway was finally quiet.

WhewZhao Yu breathed out. This morning was already so busy, it seemed like todays "Earth shaken by thunder" was destined to happen! After this, he really had to be more careful! Because he still had to take care of business regarding Yang Wentao, he no longer had any desire to sleep, so instead he simply washed up and went to the police station for his report.


Inside the office of the police station, Captain Liu Changhu was anxiously pacing, the inside of his ashtray was filled with cigarette butts. He wanted to put out the cigarette in his hand, but with nowhere to do so, he angrily threw it in the tea cup.

Just as Liu Changhu threw out the cigarette, the captains secretary, Song Chao, entered. Out of habit, Song Chao knocked on the door politely before entering. "Captain Liu," He came in with a document bag and talked to Liu Changhu. "The bureau chief has ordered an emergency meeting at 10:30 in the meeting room. Everyone from the Key Case Investigation Unit has to attend. Please go ahead and announce it!"

"Oh!" Liu Changhu knew that this was part of an old procedure. Every time a large case was closed, there would always be a ceremonial meeting to reward and motivate the investigators who participated in closing the case. Zhao Yu had closed the Uptown Slaughter Case, so obviously the higher-ups would praise him.

"MmCaptain Liu, Zhao Yuhe" Song Chao looked as if he wanted to say something to Liu Changhu, but was hesitant.

"Zhao Yu!" Liu Changhu clenched his teeth. "He was just luck this time! Song, dont worry, isnt he good at closing cases? Good. Ill just have him stay in the Cold Case Unit! See if he can close any others! I dont believe it!"

"No, I didnt mean that!" Song Chao shook his head. "I just heard, apparently the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse case under Team As supervision has been closed too. The suspect, Yang Wentao, was captured!"

"Oh? Is that so? How come Peng Xin hadnt reported to me?" Liu Changhu was surprised. "Was he just recently captured?"

"Apparentlylast night," Song Chao spoke carefully. "Andthe person who caught Yang Wentao was no one else but Zhao Yu!!!"

"What?!" Liu Changhus eyes bulged immediately, and they looked as if they could bleed from the strain