Crazy Detective Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street

Up from the fruit stall were only three households. One was Jiang Dafengs family on the second floor, one was Zhao Yus house on the third floor, and the other one was Yang Hong and the other beauties house opposite them!

The tall man had mentioned the word "chick," so these few men were obviously targeting Yang Hongs house. Connecting this to the night before when Huahua got beat up, and also the conversation between her and Yang Hong, Zhao Yu could already figure out what was happening. It was obvious that these people were here to cause trouble for them.

"Ah" Jiang Xiaoqing had also seen the situation just now and stuck out her tongue at Zhao Yu. "Who are these people? They look very fierce! Are they looking for you?"

Zhao Yu lowered his head and pondered if he should go mediate the situation. By right, he should not meddle in such things. Who knew, it might cause trouble for himself. But, Yang Hong was his friend after all and lived opposite of him. Most importantly, he was a policeman. Whether for official or personal reasons, it seemed like he should not turn a blind eye to it.

With that thought, he nodded at Jiang Xiaoqing. "Young girl, help me look after the dog, Im going up to take a look!"

"Oh!" Jiang Xiaoqing touched the dog on his head and asked worriedly, "Why bring the dog with you? In case"

"Kekeke" Zhao Yu laughed at Jiang Xiaoqings adorable worried look. "Dont worry, your godfathers not so weak as to need the dogs help yet!" With this, Zhao Yu quickly went into the corridor.

Jiang Xiaoqing paused for a while before shooting back softly, "When did you become my godfather? This fella"

"Woof woof" Hearing the dog bark, the young girl stroked the dogs head again and said affectionately, "Come, I have delicious food here"

At the other end, Zhao Yu followed the men silently upstairs. The men had already reached the third floor and were knocking hard at Yang Hongs door. As he was still unsure of the situation, Zhao Yu stood in the corridor on the second floor and listened attentively.

Bang! Bang! Bang! They banged on the door fiercely and someone even kicked it violently. "B*tch, stop hiding!" The fair-skinned fat man shouted ferociously, "I have your key here. If you still dont open the door, Im gonna open it myself! Heh heh heh"

The small window at Yang Hongs house opened and Yang Hongs anger could be heard from inside. "Hong Zhitao! Youre too much of a bully! You beat a person up and snatched her things, now you still wanna make trouble for us? Are you human?"

"Ho ho...hmm" The fair-skinned fat man said ferociously, "you still dare to talk so righteously? Wheres Huahua? Tell her to come and talk to me. This b*tch doesnt know the rules. She came to do business in my territory without even giving me a greeting! If this gets out, how am I gonna face the world?"

"No, thats not true!" Huahuas timid and defensive voice came from inside, "I already greeted your men when I first arrived at Chahai Street. I followed the rules, but guys went back on your word"

"Damn" the fair-skinned fat man punched the anti-theft door. "Young girl, youre lying through your teeth. Who did you greet? You came to my territory, but did not greet me. Whats the use of talking to those little punks?"

"Hong Zhitao!" Yang Hong shouted, "Dont push it. A group of men bullying a little girl, what is this? Huahua is only a kid, if theres really anything that she did wrong, she can just apologize! Why do you have to beat her up? Youre giving her no other way out! Im warning you, this matter shall be put to rest! Im gonna call the police if you still dont leave!"

"Ho ho" the fair-skinned fat man smiled grimly. "Who do you you are? This matter should be put to rest just by you saying? I #%@&*#[email protected]^$*#&$%@#$%@* ...wanna call the police? Go ahead! Ill wait here and see if you dare to call! After calling, the consequences will be for the two of you"

Zhao Yu listened for a while downstairs. To an experienced gangster like him, he already understood the whole situation. His identity was now of a policemans. If he went up and showed his police badge, the other party would behave themselves and retreat, and he would be able to help Yang Hong out of her predicament; however, that would not solve the root of the problem! The man was obviously out to get Huahua and would not just give up like that! If he frightened them away this time, it would only put Yang Hong and Huahua in more danger.

Then...what was the best way to solve this? If this had happened to Zhao Yu in his past life, this issue could be easily solved! He would have gathered all of his subordinates and fight these men to the end! However, the Zhao Yu now was different from Zhao Yu of the past. Bashing them up as a policeman was definitely not the best choice. These local tyrants were different from scammers. Most of them had a strong backing. If you fought them once, it would only invite their more brutal counterattacks! Offending people who did not act openly would only put oneself in more danger. Therefore, a more appropriate solution was needed to deal with people like this.

Zhao Yu racked his brain and quickly came up with an idea. To deal with such tyrants, there was only one way, which was to beat him to his last breath so that he would not have the chance to live again! After making the decision, he retreated to the first floor and found a quiet corner before giving Yang Hong a call. Yang Hong quickly answered the call and Zhao Yu spoke before she got a chance, "Dont say anything, listen to me! just need to do two things. Listen up: first, dont say that Im a police officer! Second, dont say that I live opposite of you! Got it?"

"You...what" Yang Hong was confused.

"Dont say that Im a police officer, and dont say that I live opposite of you!" Zhao Yu added, "LIsten up, if you want me to help you, youve gotta listen to me, understood?"

" it...but" Zhao Yu hung up before Yang Hong could finish. After reaching the second floor, he turned on his phones recording function and continued to the third floor.

"You...what else do you want? You have already taken my things!" Huahua was almost in tears.

"What do I want? Heh heh heh" The fair-skinned fat man laughed insidiously. "Of course I want an explanation from you. You better open the door quick!" With this, the fat man punched fiercely at the door again and signaled for the tall man to take out the key.

"Heyhey hey" Zhao Yu at the bottom of the stairs and shouted, "Brothers, whats all this commotion about in the middle of the day?"

"Huh!?" The three men stopped immediately and turned their heads to look at Zhao Yu.

"Damn!" The tall man stood in front of Zhao Yu and shouted with disdain, "Who are you? This is none of your business! Scram!"

"Kekeke" Zhao Yu did not get angry but was all smiles instead. He held his fists together and said to the three men, "Big brothers, I am Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street, its a pleasure meeting all of you!"

"Pleasure my foot!" The bald man roared arrogantly, "Who do you think you are? Didnt you hear? This is none of your business! Get lost!"

"Eh? Thats not true!" Zhao Yu said cheekily. "You guys are blocking my sisters door and shouting, how is that none of my business?"

"Oh?" The fair-skinned fat man appeared to have understood something and glanced at Zhao Yu. "Bro, what do you mean? Dont tell...youve been hired by that mad woman to talk to me? Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street? I havent heard of you before!"

"Are you sure?" Zhao Yu pretended to be shocked/ "You havent heard of my resounding name? All of Shunfeng Street is under my protection! May I know who you are?"

The fat man laughed after hearing this. The tall man quickly continued, "My brother is Master Hong from Chahai Street. All the restaurants and teahouses in Chahai Street are managed by our Master Hong! Whats a small Shunfeng Street? There are only vegetable sellers and fishmongers here. Who do you think you are?" The three men looked at one another other scornfully and laughed.

"Oh!" Zhao Yu pretended to be shocked and held his fists together again. "So its Master Hong. Please pardon my disrespect! Mmm...this" He pointed at the anti-theft door and asked doubtfully, "What happened? May I ask who has offended you?" Seeing Zhao Yu treating himself with so much respect, the fat man was very pleased and said, "You gotta ask those two women inside!" With this, the fair-skinned white man repeated the incident of how Huahua was ignorant about the rules.

"Oh! I had thought it was something major!" Zhao Yu laughed out loud and quickly knocked on the door as he shouted, "Alright, its fine now, Huahua and Honghong, open the door quick! Its okay now, Im here!"

"You" Yang Hongs face was full of anxiety and looked very nervous; however, with Zhao Yus eye signal, she still turned the doorknob and opened the door. "Well...Master Hong!" Zhao Yu pointed at Yang Hong and Huahua, "These two women are under my care! They are still new and ignorant. Please listen to me, if theres anything just let me know. Please tell me how do you think this matter should be settled?"

"How to settle?" The fat man looked lustfully at Huahua and laughed, "Do I have to say it out loud?"

"Oh" Zhao Yu laughed out loud and pointed at the ladies bag held by the tall man. "Ah! Its my fault, all my fault! Youve brought the bag back, and came here personally. Of course it wouldnt be for money? Ah! If you want the person, you could have just said so earlier." With this, Zhao Yi raised his hand at Yang Hong and Huahua. "How about this, Ill let the two of them wait on you, will that do?"

"What!?" Yang Hong and Huahua were shocked.

"Huh!" The fat man nodded in contentment. "At least youre sensible! Let them wait on me this afternoon and Ill write off this issue!"

"Thats really wonderful!" Zhao Yu praised and waved his hand at the two women again. "What are the two of you still standing there for? Invite Master Hong in, quickly!?"