Crazy Detective Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Give Me the Full Service

"No! Definitely not!" Huahua used her hands to protect her body as she angrily roared at Zhao Yu. "How could you do that? Youare you working with them?!" Even though Yang Hong had gotten Zhao Yus secret phone call and knew that he was here to help, she could not help but feel uneasy as she watched him cooperate with the gangsters.

"Hehegirl, youre quite stubborn!" Zhao Yu glared at Yang Hong, then held up his chin. "You two should be smarter! Go, go to the bathroom and wash up nicely so you can serve our customers later. Got it?!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu tried to gesture with his face for her to listen. Yang Hong was very confused, but pulled Huahua into the bathroom anyway.

"Here, here" Zhao Yu immediately made way for the group and grinned at the pale fat man. "Sir Hong, Ive heard about you for quite some time. Your name has truly spread far and wide! JustI didnt think that such a powerful man like yourself would set his eye on Huahua! If I had known earlier, I wouldve sent her to you long ago, hehehe"

Hearing Zhao Yus words, the man felt quite happy. He started smiling proudly and strutted into the room.

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu still had a grin plastered on his face. "Right, Sir Hong, are you really the Hong who commands all of Xuhai Jie?"

"Obviously!" The tall, skinny man raised his head proudly. "How could that be fake?"

"You cant say that!" Zhao Yu smiled. "Im just a lowly citizen. Ive only heard of Sir Hongs name, but Ive never seen him in person! If you guys came using your name for free food, then I wouldnt allow it! Besides, if it really was Sir Hong, wouldnt he already have some ladies to play with? Why would he come all this way for Huahua on Shunfeng Street?"

"You!" the tall, skinny man exclaimed.

"Also," Zhao Yu did not let the other interrupt him and continued, "just to play with a girl. Not only did you threaten her, but you also set a trap for her! That is much too degrading! It doesnt seem like something a big man such as yourself would do, dont you think?"

"Huh?" The three realized something was wrong with what Zhao Yu was saying. The tall, skinny man pointed a finger at Zhao Yu and exclaimed, "What are you trying so say? Are you looking for a beating?"

"Kid!" The fat man cracked the walnut in his hand loudly. "Listen here, I am indeed Hong Zhitao of Chahai Street, in the flesh! You were right, I do indeed have my own women, but I got my eye on little Huahua, and I want to play with her a bit. What do you want to do about it?"

Hearing the fat man speak harshly, the bald man beside him immediately started glaring. He put his hands on his waist as if he was ready to fight!

"No! No way!" Zhao Yu still shook his head. "I wont lie to you. I know everybody well. I remember that Chahai Streets biggest bar, Hailong bar, isnt under your jurisdiction! I also heard that the medicine quality there is the best, but even sir Hong couldnt get it!"

"Bullsh*t!" The tall, skinny man cursed. "How is Hailong Bar not under our sir Hongs command? The people who run the place all listen to Sir Hong! Also, in places commanded by Sir Hong, how could there be any low quality goods?!"

"No!" Zhao Yu stubbornly shook his head. "I ate with a man named Da Jiaolong before. He said that the Wenxing Entertainment girls had no relationship to Sir Hong!"

"Blah!" The tall, skinny man clenched his teeth, annoyed. "That person doesnt exist! The boss of Wenxing is called Zhao Yuan. He calls Sir Hong uncle! All of their businesses belongs to Sir Hong!"

"Huh?!" Zhao Yu feigned shock and kept asking, "Then the Huanhai Nightclub and Yuegang restaurant definitely doesnt have anything to do with Sir Hong, right? Those two have no drugs or pretty ladies!"

"Jesus!" The tall, skinny man shook his head. "Where did you hear that from? Just yesterday, Sir Hong helped them get a new supply! The girls are there as well! Where did you hear all of this"

"San!" As if realizing something, the fat man immediately told the skinny man to shut up, then turned angrily to Zhao Yu. "Kiddo, are you done yet? What do you want?"

"Oh, almost, almost!" Zhao Yu shrugged. "There's just one thing I dont understand!"

"What is it?" The tall, skinny man furrowed his brow and asked.

"Mm" Zhao Yu finally stopped smiling and asked seriously, "Sir Hong is truly impressive, butif I were to disable him, then would my reputation as the God-king of Shunfeng Street rise?"

"Huh?" The three men paused. The bald man with the big build realized something was wrong and immediately raised his large fist in front of Zhao Yu, threatening him. "Kiddo! What are you trying to say?"

"Wahahaha" Seeing the mans fist, Zhao Yu started laughing maniacally, even bending down to grab his knees.

Two minutes later, after some rustling and swinging noises had died down, Yang Hong and Huahua finally tiptoed out of the bathroom. Once they came out, they were completely stunned by what they saw! The fat man and his two companions were stacked on top of eachother like a tower! All three of them were bruised and battered, barely recognizable! Then they saw Zhao Yu holding Hong Zhitaos walnuts. As if he were praying, he laid on the couch meditating with his eyes closed.


"Oof" The three of them moaned nonstop, looking as pitiful as possible.

"This" Yang Hong was completely stunned. She originally expected that Zhao Yu would negotiate his way out of this problem, but to think that he had used violence! She knew that even though Hong Zhitao was an awful person, he had a great deal of influence. Zhao Yu hitting him would only make matters worse!

"Here!" Zhao Yu bent down and threw the womans bag on the table at Huahua. "This is yours, right?"

"Mm!" Huahua grabbed the bag, but her eyes continued to rest on Zhao Yu. Her expression loosed as if she had seen a ghost.

"Huahua," Zhao Yu kicked the pale fat man, "Your face was injured by him, right?"

"Mm" Huahua nodded.

"Thendo you want revenge?" Zhao Yu laughed as he asked. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! If you dont do it now, there will be no other chances!"

"Oh" Huahua hesitated, but immediately shook her head. "No, no"

"Zhao" Yang Hong originally wanted to call out "Officer Zhao," but remembering Zhao Yus warning, she only asked, "This personyou cant touch him! Whatwhat are we going to do now?!"

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu cackled and kicked the pale fat man again, yelling, "Hey, you guys still arent going to run? Did you guys enjoy getting beat up?"

Hong Zhitao took a few steps forward, and barely managed to support himself by holding on to a clothes rack. He angrily yelled at Zhao Yu, "Kidowif you dare, then wait for me"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu slapped his fist. "Sir Hong, Ill wait! You hurry up and call more people, the faster the better, the more the better! Ill wait, Ill really wait!"

"Fine! Just you wait, you waitow" He clutched his chest and staggered towards the hallway. It took ten more seconds before the bald man and the skinny, tall man also crawled out the door, following Hong Zhitao.

Seeing the three leave, Yang Hong was almost crazy with anger! She immediately yelled at Zhao Yu, "Offier Zhao, what are you trying to do? Did you know that Hong guy is one of the strongest men in Qinshan? Youre a police officer, so youre fine! But what about us? Were going to die by your hand! Did you know that"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu suddenly stood up, making Yang Hong and Huahua tremble in shock. "You two really couldnt tell?" Zhao Yu spoke coldly. "Did you guys really think I invited Hong Zhitao in here just to play with Huahua?"

"Whatwhat do you mean?" The two women were both stunned and afraid.

"What do I mean?" Zhao Yu smirked and grinned. "Evil of the street! Using a professional term, weoh no, its theythey call you guys free money machine, do you get it?"

"In other words, you guys have a difference in interest. The reason why Hong Zhitao kept trying to get with Huahua was to push you guys into a corner. Once you guys were out of options, then he would take advantage of the situation and take you guys away, and use you guys to make money for him! This is calledmmnever mind! Too professional, no need to tell you guys!"

"Huh?!" Yang Hong and Huahua were both stunned. Huahua finally realized the situation and spoke, "Theytheyre truly the worst, huh?!"

"The worst?!" Zhao Yu laughed. "This is called the worst?! To meohno! I was saying, this is just childs play! There are still many things that you guys have never even heard of!"

"Yang Hong!" Huahuas tears started rolling down her face. "Letshow aboutlets run and hide for a bit?"

"Hey! Arent you two forgetting about me, Zhao Yu?" Zhao Yu laughed sneakily. "Let me tell you, Ive already taken care of Hong Zhitao! When I say Ive taken care of something, I mean that its completely taken care of, got it? They wont come looking for trouble from you guys anymore!"

"But" The two were even more confused.

"Hehealright! Lets talk actual business now!" Zhao Yus smile faded and he spoke seriously, "I, Zhao Yu, never do things for free! Since I helped you guys with something so big, then you guys must be sincere. We cannot break the laws of the streets!"

"Youwhat are you going to do?!" Yang Hongs voice quivered as she asked.

"Hmph! What do you think I want?" Zhao Yu huffed coldly and pointed to the bathroom. "Go back and wash up again. Later, give me the full service! Otherwisedont blame Zhao Yu for betraying you two!"