Crazy Detective Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Whos at the Door?

"OwOofoohh" From the lobby came Zhao Yus banshee-like wailing. The inside of the room was wrapped in a sweet scent, with soft lighting. Yang Hong and Huahua were wearing red and white long dresses respectively. One was standing and massaging Zhao Yus shoulders, the other was squatting down and squeezing his feet.

Zhao Yu was wearing a thick pajamas, dangling some grapes he had just bought in his mouth, and squeezing the walnuts he taken from Hong Zhitao. Even though the environment was a little shabby, Zhao Yu felt quite comfortable, with little worry for what had just happened.

Half an hour ago, the entire police force had headed out. With lightning speed, they swept through all of Chahai Street and captured a huge number of criminals, and confiscated a large amount of illegal substances, completely destroying the illegal activities happening secretly on Chahai Street.

Coincidentally, just as the police had poured in, Hong Zhitao had gathered about twenty people holding all sorts of weapons about to go after Zhao Yu for revenge! The police had assumed that they were trying to resist violently and had been caught in the process! That fighthoothe twenty underlings were beaten completely into submission, wailing and begging, then all thrown into jail!

To show the effectiveness of his actions, Lu Zhaohong sent Zhao Yu a few photos of the scene. In one photo, that arrogant and proud Sir Hong had already lost all his energy. His head hung down as he squatted on the ground, clearly cuffed by the police!

When the information came in, Yang Hong and Huahua had no clue. The two had even had packed up everything in despair, and were ready to say goodbye to Zhao Yu, then go back to their old homes to avoid the storm! Only when Zhao Yu showed them the photos did the two finally understand Zhao Yus original idea! After all that, Officer Zhao apparently had a plan, and had intended to solve the problem at its root!

Little Huahua was completely dumbfounded. She truly had not expected Officer Zhao to be so resourceful. Even someone as powerful as Hong Zhitao had been so easily taken care of! Such competence, such strength! How was this the same person as the idiot police officer who had been telling her stupid jokes that day on the balcony? This was clearly her savior!

Suddenly, Huahuas view of Zhao Yu changed completely. She looked up to Zhao Yu greatly! Her gaze, looking up to Zhao Yu, was mixed with thirty percent gratefulness and seventy percent respect.

Yang Hong also changed her perspective on Zhao Yu. She paused for the longest time before giving her thanks.

Yet, Zhao Yu immediately waved his hands, saying there was no need for thanks! From now on, if they wanted his protection, they could give him something more materialized! "Here, Ive already showered. Just waiting for your full service now!" he had said. Come herelets see if your skills are truly professional or not?" Thus, under Zhao Yus shameless request, the two put down their luggage and started giving him a back and foot massage.

"How is it? Mister Yu?" Huahua squeezed Zhao Yus feet and spoke seductively, "I used to study under a professional, so my foot massage skills are quite good!"

"Owwlighterlighter" Zhao Yu was so comfortable he was grinning. The grape in his mouth nearly fell out! When Huahua saw, she smiled, but her hand squeezed harder.

"Miss Hong!" Zhao Yu dragged on Yang Hongs long skirt, grinning. "I sayhmthis is full service? Feet and back massage is just foreplay, right? Wehmphwhen do we get to the next level? Should weoof...understand each other more deeply?"

"Hehe" Yang Hong lightly swayed her hips and smiled at Huahua softly. "Huahua, since Officer Zhao helped you so much, then you really should help Zhao Yu release some steam!" Huahuas face turned slightly red, and she feigned shyness as she nodded.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu turned his head in a hurry. "What, just one? What about you, Miss Hong? You cant scam your customers! No slacking allowed!"

"Oh?" Yang Hong crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow. "What? You have quite the appetite huh? Im telling you, you helping out Huahua has nothing to do with me! Also, you didnt spend any money, what customer"

Yet, Yang Hong did not even finish speaking before Zhao Yus doorbell suddenly rang. The sound of a dog barking came from outside.

"Crap!" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that his dog was still with Jiang Xiaoqing! It must be Jiang Xiaoqing returning the dog.

Huahua was the closest to the door. She had wanted to turn to open the door, but Zhao Yu blocked her and whispered, "No, no! This is probably the landlords daughter, shes a kid, lets not. Please move over a bit, sorry"

Zhao Yu did not want Jiang Xiaoqing to see him messing around with the two beauties, and immediately pulled Yang Hong and Huahua onto the sofa and tried to cover their bare thighs with their long skirt, then finally strode towards the door.

CreakAs the door opened, the dog Daheng and Jiang Xiaoqing appeared in front of him, but Zhao Yu never would have imagined that beside Jiang Xiaoqing also stood another persona beautiful female police officer!

The female officer stood tall at 56", and had a mushroom hairstyle that covered her ears. It was Miao Ying!!!

HolyZhao Yu nearly blinded himself by blinking too hard and fast. He never thought that Miao Ying would be at his door?! ThisWhat kind of situation is this

"Woof woof" Daheng knew he was home, and barked twice before lowering his head and passing through Zhao Yus legs.

"AhOfficer Zhao! Dahengs home now, here" Jiang Xiaoqing pointed at Miao Ying and spoke, "This police lady said she was looking for you. You guys can chatmm" Yet, when Jiao Xiaoqing spoke, she took a glance into the room and immediately saw Yang Hong and Huahua sitting on the sofa!

Yang Hong was sitting on the sofas armrest, dangling a cigarette from her mouth. Huahua was sitting on the sofa, and gesturing at the dog Daheng who she was already familiar with.

Jiang Xiaoqing first gaped, then bit the inside of her mouth as she glared at Zhao Yu, shaking her head as if she knew better. "Youre quite busy, huh, godfather?!"

Hearing Jiagn Xiaoqing call him "godfather," Zhao Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. He immediately made a face at her and waved her away. Now only Miao Ying remained! Miao Ying had a powerful presence. Within a moment, a chill came through the door and the entire atmosphere changed.

"MmthatMiao RenTeam Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu rubbed his eyes. "Im not seeing things, right? Werent you just out of town catching a murderer? Yestyesterday you were still"

"We came back overnight in a hurry!" It was apparent Miao Ying did not want to make small talk with Zhao Yu. Standing at the door, she got right to the point. "Mister Zhao Yu, Ive already submitted an application to your higher-ups to invite you to Ruyang Branch and participate in the judgement for Jian Wenlis murder. Im here to pick you up!"

"Ohits like thatI" Zhao Yu turned and looked into his living room, thinking to himself, "Miao Ying really picked a good time. I was about to show these girls what I was made of! To cockblock me like this will give me some kind of issues!"

Seeing Zhao Yus hesitation, Miao Ying could not help but poke her head in, and suddenly saw the two beauties sitting on the sofa! Huahua was currently looking down and playing with the dog, while Yang Hong politely nodded at Miao Ying, then went back to blowing smoke rings to herself.

Miao Ying fake a cough and looked at Zhao Yu with an indescribably complicated expression. "Seems like Officer Zhao is a little busy. Ill leave you to it!"

"No?" Zhao Yu furrowed his brow and changed the topic, "Why was this so sudden? Why didnt you tell me earlier?"

"Before we got on the plane, we already informed your higher ups!" Miao Ying spoke seriously. "Bureau Chief Luan of the main investigation team, and Captain Liu of the Mobile team, weve informed them all!"

"Hm?" Zhao Yu was first confused, but as if right on cue, his phone suddenly rang. He looked down and saw it was from Peng Xin. Peng Xins call matched Miao Yings story. Not only that, but Peng Xin also warned Zhao Yu, saying that the higher-ups saw this as a case of extreme importance. Rongyangs only representative, Zhao Yu, had to cooperate well and be a good representative! Not only would there be regular rewards and praise, but later on he would also get a part of the prize money! If the case was handled well, then the prize money might even be comparable to the prize for Yu Zhigens case!

Comparable?! Zhao Yu did some mental calculations. Yu Zhigens cases prize money was something like sixty-thousand yuan. If it was possible, could he also make sixty-thousand yuan from Jian Wenlis case?!

Holy sh*tZhao Yu could not help but look at the two beauties on the sofa. He thought to himself, "It seems liketonight I can still come back and have some fun, right?" The money wouldnt wait for him, right?

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately put away the walnuts and snapped at Miao Ying, "Okay, Team Leader Miao! Please wait a moment. Ill put on some new clothes, then go downstairs with you!"