Crazy Detective Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Attend Alone

"Captain Miao?" Zhao Yu was in Miao Yings police car. He felt awkward and asked, "Why do you keep looking at the side mirror?"

Miao Ying was wearing a pair of huge shades, looking very suave. She took a glance at Zhao Yu before shaking her head. "Big detective, cant you guess? I really have no idea what you guys at Rongyang Branch are thinking. Why isnt there anyone following you?"

"Following me?" Zhao Yu frowned deeply. "For what?"

"I asked one of my officers to contact your leader before I boarded the plane," Miao Ying did not answer his question, "but you received the call only when I went to pick you up at your house. This kind of efficiency...tsk tsk..."

"Nonsense!" Zhao Yu said to himself. "First, it was Luan Xiaoxiao, then it was Liu Changhu! The reason why I had received the notice so late was not because of problems with efficiency, but character!"

Especially Liu Changhu. When he found out that Zhao Yu had solved another cold case with Ruyang Branch, of course he was unhappy! He had probably wanted to cause trouble but could not find a good enough reason, so he had to let Peng Xin call Zhao Yu eventually. However, Zhao Yu was still frowning because he could sense that Miao Yings words seemed to have some hidden message.

"Hey, Miao Renfeng," Zhao Yu asked her directly, "What are you trying to say?"

"Comrade Zhao Yu," Miao Yu said with a blank expression, "if I were your superior, I would definitely send someone to follow you! How could it be a coincidence that you found the ransom money in the Mianling Kidnapping Case?"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu pondered for a while before he understood what Miao Ying really meant. He quickly replied indifferently, "Why? You think that I was the kidnapper? Am I that old?"

"The young lady even called you her godfather!" Miao Ying might have laughed, but one could not tell due to her huge sunglasses.

"That girl was making fun of me on purpose! Tsk tsk" Zhao Yu exclaimed. "Captain Miao, youre really well-informed. Why...are you envious, or are you trying to get inside information from me?"

"Mianling Kidnapping Case! Qinshans number one cold case!" Miao Ying said dismissively. "All Qinshan police officers were going wild last night. How could I have not heard about it? Im just very curious. Why have all of these bizarre and coincidental things happened to you?"

"Isnt the answer simple?" Zhao Yu took the chance to show off. "Didnt I tell you before, I am acquainted with many gods that are like my brothers! Once I shout for help, they all come and help me!"

"Is your shamelessness automatic?" Miao Ying rebuked and then continued, "But I was really fooled by your annoying looks! Young man, youre really something! I cant figure out how you think. How was Jian Wenlis case connected to duplicating keys?"

"Thats simple!" Zhao Yu knew that he had to report the process of solving Jian Wenlis case sooner or later, so there was no need for him to hide it. He told Miao Ying about how he had felt that the murderer was not an experienced thief, and how he had gotten inspiration from the key and the lock. He also said that although it appeared to be a coincidence that Mi Aijun and Lin Meifeng chose the same day to kill someone, he realized there had to be something more to it after thinking carefully.

However, there are causes and effects in this world. If Lin Meifeng went into Jian Wenlis house before Mi Aijun, everything would have been different! Hearing Zhao Yu sound so logical, Miao Ying could not help but keep nodding. It seemed that Zhao Ying must have a certain level of capability to be able to solve these big cases in such a short time! It was definitely not something that could be easily explained!

"Then," Miao Ying took the chance to ask, "can you tell me how you blocked everybodys cell service in the station that one time?"

Damn! Zhao Yu pouted. He had not expected this woman to be still cling on to their betting incident. "I did not lie to you about that!" Zhao Yu naturally would not tell the truth. He replied seriously, "I really have supernatural powers! I exercised my powers that time and used up my half a years worth of power!"

"..." Miao Ying was speechless, despite how eloquent she normally was. If only she was not driving...she really wanted to beat the shameless Zhao Yu up!

Both of them stopped talking, and the car was silent. Zhao Yu should have been very sleepy by that point since he had not slept the night before, and because he had also dealt with Master Hong and his posse during the day; however, Zhao Yus eyes were wide open and he did not feel drowsy at all. He kept glancing at Miao Ying out of the corner of his eye and felt that Miao Ying was very good-looking! Miao Ying had a very refreshing disposition. She was young and had a heroic spirit. Miao Ying was beautiful and suave at the same time! Her black and shiny mushroom-like hairstyle was clean and simple, and the contours of her face were sharp and clear. Zhao Yu had the impulse to kiss her after looking at her for awhile.

Although Yao Jia was also a great beauty, she was beautiful and graceful like a princessy rich girl, which always made Zhao Yu feel a little distant. Looking at the suave Miao Ying, Zhao Yu was a little dazed. He felt that Miao Yings temperament was more like the Yao Jia he had been madly in love with in his previous life! As he watched her, Zhao Yus hormones started acting up, and he began to fantasize. His mind was filled with Miao Yings figure, Miao Yings looks, Miao Yings temper

"Hey!" Miao Ying noticed Zhao Yus frivolous eyes and quickly shouted, "What are you thinking about?"

Zhao Yu was startled and gulped before stuttering, "Mmm...I...Im thinking about...what will happen to Lin Meifeng!"

"Oh" Zhao Yus words successfully shifted Miao Yings attention elsewhere. After thinking, she said, "Although the real murder has been found, it is still a fact that Lin Meifeng had intended to kill someone! The seriousness depends on how this matter is being handled. She could get a heavy sentence if its serious, or she could be given a warning if shes lucky!"

"Oh" Zhao Yu pretended to be listening carefully, but his eyes were still gazing uncontrollably at Miao Ying. He was struggling inside, pondering if he should use one of his invisible devices on her!?

"Weve already contacted Lin Meifengs husband, and he said that he would hire the best lawyer to defend Lin Meifeng." Miao Ying continued, "I think...there should be a good ending!"

"Thats good, thats good" Zhao Yu nodded absentmindedly.

After the car reached Ruyang Branch, Zhao Yu cooperated with Miao Ying and her team, and did some interrogation and follow-ups on Jian Wenlis case. After the report was completed and the standard procedures had been followed, it was already eight at night. Seeing that the case was closed, Zhao Yu had wanted to head home to continue his discussion with Yang Hong and Huahua, however, Miao Ying suddenly led her team of Key Case investigation agents and surrounded Zhao Yu. Looking at the expressions and postures of the agents, they did not appear to have good intentions.

"Comrade Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying smiled and held out her hand, "Thank you for your cooperation, its been tough for you! Were going to Haiguantun to celebrate tonight. Why dont you come along?"

Huh? Seeing Miao Ying smiling, Zhao Yu felt that something was not right. He was aware that although it had been a joint investigation, Miao Ying and her team had held some animosity toward him. Why would they invite him to have dinner with them? Werent they afraid that he would make them lose their appetite?

"Captain Miao," Zhao Yu slowly stretched out his hand and shook with Miao Yings, "I remember you saying that you would never treat me to a meal. Why have you suddenly changed your mind?"

"Keke" Miao Ying smiled. "I never go back on my word, but this time its our Key Case Investigation Unit gathering. Its official, so its not me treating you! So...are you coming?"

"Oh" Zhao Yu looked at the agents and saw that they were all looking at him and waiting for his reply.

Hmm...Zhao Yu could tell that the agents were all up to no good! He thought, "Dont tell me all of you think that I dont have the guts to go? Huh! If so, then youre all wrong! Im not a scaredy-cat! Even if you set up a banquet as a trap for me, I would still dare to attend alone! Alright, since you are not afraid that I will ruin your appetites, why should I be worried? Besides, I can spend more time with the suave Miao Ying. Its good to see my eye-candy!"

With this thought, Zhao Yu held his fists together and said, "Sure, Ill accept the invitation! Im also hungry!" After Zhao Yu said this, many agents groaned and looked depressed. Only one female agent wearing glasses smiled and shouted, "Ah! Ive won! Ive won!"