Crazy Detective Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Even Praise Can Be Offensive

As it turned out, it had been a bet made by the investigators in the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit. They were betting on whether or not Zhao Yu would dare to accept Miao Yings invitation and go eat with them.

In the end, other than the female investigator with glasses who bet that Zhao Yu would agree, everyone else all thought that since Zhao Yu feared Miao Ying, he would never accept the invitation. But the truth stunned them. Zhao Yu had not acted as they had expected, and had agreed readily instead. Miao Ying also lost the bet, but she had already spoken, so she could only bring Zhao Yu along to Haiguantun Fish Stew Restaurant.

This bet seemed to have been a made in the spur of the moment, but it had specifically been planned by Miao Ying. Since Zhao Yu had officially cooperated with them, and had been essential in closing the Jian Wenli case, whether informally or formally, they had to show some sort of appreciation! Otherwise, if other people heard about their treatment, Ruyang Branch would seem very rude. On the other hand, Zhao Yu really was very annoying! He came to the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit once and had made a huge commotion, which made them lose face. To invite him out for food was a little bit frustrating to say the least! Besides, Miao Ying had already said that she would never invite him out for food in a million years!

This was why Miao Ying had made the bet. She had wanted to back Zhao Yu into a corner and make him reject her invitation. This way, she would have done her duty as a hostess for Ruyang Branch, and if Zhao Yu declined, then everybody else would think that he was rude. But Miao Ying had underestimated Zhao Yus shamelessness. She had not expected him to agree so easily. Too bad! She had brought this disaster upon herself, so she could only accept it! It was really was like the old saying: its easy to invite trouble, but hard to send it away!

The investigators all feared Zhao Yus strange temper, so Miao Ying had to let Zhao Yu ride in her own car. Because it already after work, Miao Ying took off her police uniform and changed into to a casual blue cardigan and a nice pair of jeans. She wore white sneakers.

Although her clothing seemed simple, Zhao Yu who knew a bit about fashion could tell that all of her clothing were international brands that were incredibly expensive! Ah?! He could never have imagined this. Who would have known that Miao Renfeng was so fashionable? How had he not seen it before? The sky was pitch black, but Zhao Yu suddenly felt as if there was a bright light shining in front of him; he could not help but stare! The devil like Miao Renfeng was simply too pretty!

But this was just the beginning. When Zhao Yu followed Miao Ying to her car, he was even more stunned. Miao Yings car was a light blue Volkswagon Phaeton! Zhao Yu had previously engaged in some illegal trading, so he was quite knowledgeable about cars. Before he even entered the car, he could tell that this car was the newest Phaeton on the market. It was at least two-million yuan!

My god! Zhao Yu was a little dumbfounded. He never would have imagined that Miao Ying would drive this sort of car! He was a bit of suspicious. What was Miao Renfengs background? How could such a young police team leader drive such a valuable car? This womanwas not normal!

The car started and headed straight for the restaurant. In the car, Zhao Yu had originally wanted to find a topic to find out about Miao Yings life. Why was she so rich? How old was she? Did she have a boyfriend and such? But it seemed that Miao Ying was only interested in one topic: the massive Mianling Kidnapping case that had re-appeared due to the new evidence!

Miao Ying said that the prestige of this case was a hundreds of times greater than their murder exchange case! If the investigation was restarted, it would surely cause a huge wave of commotion.

"Officer Zhao, have you thought about the corpses inside the tunnel. Who were they?" Miao Ying asked.

Zhao Yu shook his head and spoke honestly, "Sis, this case wasnt mine! Twenty-six years ago, I wasnt even in my moms womb yet!"

Miao Ying seemed to have noticed that Zhao Yu was just running his mouth and simply continued without a care. "The bones are currently being examined by your branch office. Its already been more than ten hours. Even if the work isnt done, shouldnt there be some information by now? How come there isnt anything from your side?" Miao Yings words suddenly got straight to the point.

Zhao Yu thought carefully. It was true. Even if the five corpses had not been finished being investigated, they should have finished doing one or two. How come there was not any information yet?

Since they had come come back from the tunnel, only Team Leader Qu Ping had sent people to investigate the tunnel in question, to see who was responsible for the tunnel where the corpses had been, and what time the tunnel had collapsed, etc. Other than that, the police had made no progress. It almost felt like the information was on lock down!

"Tens of TV stations, hundreds of reporters all flocking to Rongyang Branch, the scene was unbelievable!" Miao Ying spoke mysteriously. "Even late at night, the news couldnt be avoided! Yet, there wasnt anything from the police. Theyre still keeping it a secret, why?"

"What are you trying to say?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Watch!" Miao Yings gaze suddenly seemed distance. "Your forensics department definitely found something amazing! Right now, even the higher-ups dont know what to do!"

What?! Something amazing? What? Zhao Yu felt goosebumps from Miao Yings words. He thought that bones were just bones! What amazing things could they find?

"No matter what, this huge case is a double-edge sword!" Miao Ying sighed meaningfully. "If we deal with this well, then Rongyang Branch got lucky. If not, then its like you guys picked up a huge bomb!!"

There was no need to be reminded from Miao Ying. Zhao Yu knew the importance of this mission, but since he was so unsure of the situation, without instruction from the higher-ups, there was no need for him to be so needlessly agitated! Thus, it was better to just enjoy the restaurant than for him to spend his time thinking about the case.

Unexpected, the restaurant was in the farm courtyard of a house in Haiguantun! But as expected of good food, by the time Zhao Yu followed Miao Ying to the destination, the outside of the courtyard was already packed with cars, with people everywhere. Outside of the courtyard was even a barbecue stand. If people did not enjoy the fish stew, they could come out and have some barbecue. The area was filled with smoke and noise, almost like a busy street. Zhao Yu knew that since Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit had come all the way out here for food, the fish stew must be one of a kind.

Miao Ying lead the group of investigators into the private room. Once the different varieties of fish stew were served, the smell was heavenly and truly mouthwatering. The investigators were all quite hungry. They cheered as a formality, but immediately dug into the food. The fish was quite delicious. Zhao Yu ate happily.

Because many were people driving, there were not many people drinking at the table. Most people just drank soda. Due to the lack of people drinking, added with Zhao Yu, the atmosphere felt even more serious. It may have been to lift the mood, but once everyone had finished eating, Miao Ying suddenly raised her soda to Zhao Yu, saying that she appreciated his contribution to the Jian Wenli case. She also praised him for his intelligence, flexibility, and said that he had the makings of a good detective, with endless potential.

Zhao Yu was a little surprised that Miao Renfeng was being so polite with him. To show his own sincerity, Zhao Yu also started praising Miao Ying, saying that she was so accomplished in her youth, so dedicated to her work, and was also one of the brightest stars in Qinshan!

Miao Ying had not expected Zhao Yu to be so good at speaking and immediately returned his compliment. She said that not only did Zhao Yu possess the qualities that had just been mentioned, but he was also incredibly brave and skilled at capturing criminals, and truly excelled in both intelligence and prowess!

Zhao Yu was equally as competitive as Miao Ying. He immediately praised Miao Yings powerful martial art skills. He claimed that she was truly the ace of the police team, and the ace of all aces! To show off his ability to banter, Zhao Yu immediately praised Miao Yings beauty, and her incredible form. Miao Ying would not back down and immediately praised Zhao Yus fitness, beautiful form, and incredible fashion sense

The twos fiery competition had everyone else stunned. No one could interrupt, or even speak at all. They were already completely stunned, thinking to themselves, "Arent Miao Ying and Zhao Yu enemies? Why are they praising each other?"

"Officer Zhao is loved by all, adored by nature!" Miao Ying got to the height of her excitement. She even slapped the table and told the investigators, "Did you guys know? Today, when I went to pick up officer Zhao, I saw his two girlfriends! They were both top tier beauties! Also, he truly is blessed with luck. He even has a little girl calling him his godfather! Hahaha"

MmThisThe investigators were again speechless. Zhao Yu was a bit surprised and pondered to himself, "Was she praising me? Or giving me a backhanded compliment?"

"Thats too much!" Zhao Yu did not want to lose and immediately started praising Miao Ying again, "Team Leader Miao is not only beautiful, but also fashionable, and even rich! She has an entire set of brand name clothing, and her car is a Volkswagen Phaeton. Its truly enviable!" Zhao Yu had purposely made his complement a little edgy, meaning to also make Miao Ying wonder, "Was he praising me or praising me?"

Now the investigators were even more confused. A few sharper individuals had already noticed some issues.

Miao Ying first paused, but reacted lightning fast. She immediately stood up and spoke, "Even I cant match up with officer Zhao! Officer Zhao caught so many criminals in a row. The prize money must be stunning! Oh, also, I heard that Officer Zhao is incredibly honest and has a huge sense of justice. He even attacked his own superior! Zhao Yu, didnt you throw a cup at your captain? Truly the symbol of boldness and bravery!"

Miao Ying spoke with a bright smile on her face and looked as if she were praising Zhao Yu, but she was really hinting at Zhao Yus shortcomings! The investigators were somewhat confused, but still could not help but start laughing.

Zhao Yu would not stand to be insulted like that. He immediately had an idea. He stood up as he spoke, "No, noTeam Leader Miao Ying is giving me too high a compliment! Speaking of boldness and bravery, Im not even in the same league as Team Leader Miao! I dont think anyone here knew about this, but me and Team Leader Miao had a misunderstanding before and ended up fighting at the police academy. Ah, I was beat to a pulp by Team Leader Miao! Really! I spent all my energy and still couldnt hurt her. I only ended up ripping Team Leader Miaos pants off and bit her in the butt!!!"