Crazy Detective Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Couldnt Help Himself

Seeing so many people rushing toward Miao Ying, Zhao Yu felt an even urgent sense of danger! He knew, this time, he had really gone too far! He immediately turned and walked back toward the parking lot, wanting to see how Miao Yin was doing.

Before he had even gotten close to the parking lot, he already heard someone yelling in the crowd, "Jesus, this womans a tough nut to crack! Bro, dont let her run! Lets go!"

"Quick, people with weapons!" Another one roared, "Kill her!"

"Sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed under his breath and immediately sped up. As he made his way closer, the sounds of battle grew fiercer. More people had already surrounded Miao Ying. Under the dim light, Zhao Yu could only see flashes of heads and fists, unable to see how Miao Ying was doing.

Actually, since Miao Ying was a police officer, as long as she yelled her identity, she could probably control the situation a bit. But Zhao Yu could only hear the sound of someone moaning after a beating, completely unable to hear Miao Yings voice!

Boom! A delinquent flew out from the crowd and fell right at Zhao Yus feet. The man laid on his back facing the sky and started spitting blood, but he did not stop cursing. Zhao Yu noticed no one was watching, so he kicked the mans face. He immediately fainted.

Tsk, tskZhao Yu stood on high ground and craned his neck. He finally found Miao Ying. Miao Ying was truly fearless, smacking down anyone she saw! But there was strength in numbers. No matter how skilled Miao Ying was, there was no way she could fight off so many people unscathed! Under attack from so many people, her moves were already weakened, her body was bruised. It seemed like she had already taken many attacks!

Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu was shocked and immediately dashed into the crowd. Right at this moment, a delinquent lifted up an iron chair and aimed it at Miao Yings head. Miao Ying had her back faced to him, so if this chair hit her head, the result would be disastrous.

Zhao Yu roared and slammed against the person with his shoulder, sending him flying! Due to the excessive strength, the person flew back and also took a few others with him! Zhao Yus reflexes were lighting fast. He immediately picked up a chair and threw it at the person on the ground! With a loud sound, a wail of pain rose up from within the crowd.

Feeling the enemies behind her decrease in number, Miao Ying grabbed right at the hair of someone in front of her and pulled them towards her. With a quick knee strike, the person immediately flew upwards and slammed down harshly on the top of a car. Immediately after, Miao Ying followed up with a spinning kick, and another two people fell on the ground.

Zhao Yu was also rather busy himself. After taking care of that one person, he took large strides toward where the barbecue grill was. He grabbed the boiling hot grill with the coal in it, then threw it right into the crowd!

The red-hot coal spilled over peoples heads, and a wave of wailing suddenly rang out. But Zhao Yu had grabbed the wrong spot, and with a yelp, his hand was also burned from the grill. OwowowZhao Yu bit his tongue from the burn and immediately threw the grill away.

The delinquents finally reacted to the fact that Zhao Yu was an enemy. Suddenly, many people rushed toward him. Zhao Yu simply held up a table and threw it right at them!




SlumpWithin the blink of an eye, the people who had rushed at Zhao Yu were knocked down. Due to his strength, the table was not only bent out of shape, but it simply fell apart! But the people who had been burnt by the coal began to stand up, and rushed towards Miao Ying and Zhao Yu once again.

Zhao Yu did not have a weapon anymore, so he simply roared and rushed forward with his fists. Boom, pow! He knocked out two people with his punches.

But there were simply too many enemies! Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were quickly surrounded. With the chaos of the situation, Zhao Yus elbow and back were both hit. Miao Ying punched someones nose, but was immediately pushed forward by another person. Coincidentally, she landed right in front of Zhao Yu.

Maybe Miao Ying was still riding on her adrenaline, but when she landed on Zhao Yu, she threw a punch without even looking, and hit Zhao Yu right in the face!

"Ow!" Zhao Yu clutched his face and crouched down down in pain. Immediately, multiple delinquents ran over to him!

Ah?! Miao Ying realized she had hit the wrong person. Seeing the delinquents surrounding Zhao Yu, she wanted to help but was immediately blocked by another two people.

But Zhao Yu did not need any help. He suddenly appeared through the punches and kicks, blowing a person away with the back of his head, then he snatched someone by the collar and held them sideways! It was almost like a cosmic explosion! "F*ck all of you f*ckers" Zhao Yu roared and started using the person as a weapon, immediately taking down many people!

But the scar face man was very sneaky. He found his chance and immediately rushed forward, locking Zhao Yus neck with his elbow from behind.

Zhao Yu pulled his body, trying to work his way out of the lock, but the scar face man had much experience and used his knee to pin down Zhao Yus leg, preventing him from working himself free.

At this time, many delinquents who finally recovered rushed toward Zhao Yu and started throwing punches and kicks. Unable to break free, Zhao Yu could only carry the scar face man as he turned in place, trying to keep people away with brute strength.

As he turned, Zhao Yu was suddenly in front of Miao Ying. Miao Ying was just breaking someones elbow when she raised her head and saw that Zhao Yu was restrained. She immediately yelled, "Let me take care of it!"

Zhao Yu was confused! "The guy is behind me, how are you going to take care of it?" he thought. Yet, just as Miao Ying finished speaking, she raised her leg high and kicked heavily at Zhao Yus chest!

The kick was thunderous and had a great impact. Zhao Yu immediately fell backwards, and the scar face man holding him followed. The two rolled back and slammed into many other people. A huge wave of people fell like dominos!

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu was immediately angered. One reason was because he was angry was because Miao Ying should not have hit him, another was because these annoying delinquents had ruined his plan. Within moments, he was like an angered bull, starting his own explosive counterattack.

The scar face man was closest to him and became the most unfortunate victim of Zhao Yus attack. Zhao Yu turned and held him down by the neck, then immediately slammed his fist into the guys face! With that punch, blood immediately spurted out!

Zhao Yu had no sign of stopping. Punch by punch, each stronger than the last, slammed forward. Even though other people hit Zhao Yu, he ignored them all and kept on pummeling the scar-face. Suddenly, he turned and grabbed another delinquent by the neck and rushed forward with the other in his clutch. With a resounding "boom," he slammed the delinquents head into a car window! Crackthe car window broke into pieces. The person had been straight up slammed into the car by Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu turned, his murderous intent becoming more obvious as he glared at the crowd, making everybody shiver. But just as they paused, Miao Ying had already snuck her way over devilishly, and with a high kick, many people immediately started flying away.

Zhao Yu yelled fiercely and slammed a delinquent with his shoulder, then raised him up high before slamming him into the ground. The person immediately started foaming from the mouth, fainting almost immediately! After taking that person down, there were not many people left standing!

One of the delinquents tried to run, but Miao Ying immediately rushed forward with a spinning kick right into their face. Bam! With a crisp sound, the person immediately blacked out and collapsed on the ground like a melted popsicle.

Once Zhao Yu rose up, he immediately caught another delinquent and started slapping them repeatedly. At the same time, Miao Ying grabbed the final delinquent and pressed them in front of herself. She slammed her knee repeatedly into their chest.

Slap, slap, slap

Boom, boom, boom

After the fierce assault, the two had simultaneously released their anger and roared as they landed the final attack. The two delinquents wailed as they fell to the floor at once!

But Zhao Yu was still angry. Remembering that Miao Ying had punched him and then kicked him, he could not help but feel it was unfair. He raised his hand and grabbed Miao Yings elbow, pulling her in front of himself. Immediately, Zhao Yu did something so insane that even he could not understand it. He pressed Miao Yings back harshly, then...kissed her right on the lips!!!