Crazy Detective Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Turn Over a New Leaf

Zhao Yus kiss came very suddenly. It was both unexpected and shocking!! Miao Ying had initially felt a little guilty about hitting Zhao Yu by accident, therefore, she did not resist when Zhao Yu had suddenly grabbed her arm. However, never in her wildest dreams would she expect that Zhao Yu would choose this method of "revenge" at a time like this! At that instant, she was caught by surprise and was forcefully kissed by Zhao Yu!

Their lips pressed together and their eyes met. One second, two secondsIt was only until the third second that Miao Ying reacted and pushed Zhao Yu before lifting her long leg and kicking him!

"Ah! Zhao Yu! You bastard! Madman!!!" Accompanying Miao Yings mad roar, Zhao Yu knocked against the car door. The powerful force not only smashed the glass, but also made a dent on on the door! Zhao Yu was stunned for a while before he managed to pick himself up. He pressed on his chest and started coughing! "Hork hork hork"

Unexpectedly, the fat man slowly got up from the ground and saw Zhao Yu face to face. "Ah! Its you" The fat man had wanted to point out the real culprit as he pointed his trembling finger at Zhao Yu.

"Its your holy sh*t" Zhao Yu immediately lifted his leg and gave him another kick!

"Grrr" Miao Ying breathed heavily, wiping her lips as she stared at Zhao Yu with murderous eyes. Zhao Yu might have felt that he was in the wrong. He quickly looked elsewhere and was also panting heavily. However, he was reminiscing inside, and his mind was filled with the surprise kiss!

At that moment, the agents from Ruyang Branch had rushed over and were all dumbstruck by the scene in front of them. They had expected Miao Ying to have a big fight with Zhao Yu after the dinner ended, and that Zhao Yu would definitely end up in a sorry state! But the scene in front of them had them puzzled. Not only was Zhao Yu not in a sorry state, but there was also many people who had been beaten up all over the place! These ten odd people were all on lying the ground and groaning in pain. Some of them were even unconscious, and there were also some who had their face covered in blood and their arms broken!

"Captain...this...what happened?" The agents quickly asked. Miao Ying stared at Zhao Yu again before saying to her subordinates, "Inform the local police station, arrest all of them! They assaulted police officers, and also defecate indiscriminately!"

"Huh? What?" The agents were puzzled. "Defecate"

"No! Hork hork" Zhao Yu quickly pointed to somewhere far and added, "The house over there is a criminal den! These people are all smugglers. It could be because Captain Miao accidentally discovered their activities that they attacked us!"

"Oh?" The agents felt that this sounded slightly more logical. Zhao Yus words made Miao Ying look untrustworthy. If it had really been like what Zhao Yu said, it would be more reasonable for everyone to have gotten beaten up. If not, Miao Ying and Zhao Yus actions would have seemed a little uncalled for.

Seeing the agents contacting the local police, Zhao Yu added, "Oh, yes! These people were ruthless and almost killed us! They cant be simply charged with assaulting police officers! Right, Captain Miao?" Miao Ying gritted her teeth and gave him another glare. The agents realized the seriousness of the matter. Not only did they contact the local police, but also reported the incident to the police department.

In less than five minutes, a group of policemen reached the scene. After opening the door to the small house, they saw that there were indeed pirated goods and illegal products inside! These gangsters were immediately captured and brought to the local police station. According to the local police, these people were not only involved in smuggling, but a few of them were even the suspects in several fraud cases, so they could all be thoroughly interrogated this time! This area was under the jurisdiction of Ruyang Branch, so these people would definitely not have a good ending!

Zhao Yu did not follow them to the local police station, but sneaked off silently after the whole thing ended. He should had gone with them to record his statement since he was one of the important parties involved; however, he felt that Miao Ying would be able to handle all of these trivial matters herself and there was no use for him to be around! Also, he was worried that if the two men mentioned the fact that he was the one who had instigated them to pee on the Phaeton, he would be doomed! Thus, it was better to get out fast!

Luckily, no one from Ruyang Branch called him after he had sneaked away. It seemed that those people also did not anything to do with him. It was already past midnight when Zhao Yu returned home! After going into the house, he felt both exhausted and wounded. The wound was not anywhere on his physical body, but came from within. He went straight to the bathroom for a shower without even turning on the lights!

The water ran from the tap and steam filled the bathroom. Zhao Yu looked at himself in the mirror and felt a sense of loss. In the mirror, he looked fair and delicate. The two green dragons that had been on his arms were gone, and so were the scars and his shaven head. He no longer had a murderous look like he had in the past! Zhao Yu could not help but look doubtful as he inspected himself in the mirror. "Is this the real me? Which is the real me?" Zhao Yu felt mixed emotions. He clenched his fists tightly and wanted to throw something to vent his anger, but there was no place for him to do so!

Actually, the person that he was angry with was none other than himself! At that very moment, he was clearly aware that his anger and rage were from the image he could not get out of from his mindMiao Ying! He was also aware that he had really messed up this time!

Since he left his past life, this was the first time that Zhao Yu felt guilty and remorseful. He was fully aware that what he had done to Miao Ying was wrong! To satisfy his own evil thoughts, he had played a prank which had almost gotten out of hand! If Miao Ying had become seriously injured because of this, the consequences would have been beyond imagination!

The comfortable and refreshing hot water splashed onto Zhao Yus body, but it seemed to be cleaning his mind. "I was wrong!" he said to himself. "I must not do such foolish things again! Ive time-traveled, Im reborn, Im now a police officer! Im no longer the gangster who fought all day and did things without considering the consequences! I have a new life, a new career, shouldnt I treasure it all? Do I want to be on the execution chair and be injected with poison again? Ha" Zhao Yu looked at himself in the mirror again and laughed! He was laughing at himself. Why did he take so long to understand something so simple?

Thinking back on the things that he had done since time-traveling, so what if he had solved a few cases and got awarded? His interpersonal relationships were in a mess and his colleagues both hated and feared him. If not for the miracle system in his brain, he would have probably gone back to his old ways!

"Zhao Yu! You cant go on like this anymore! I am reborn! Heaven has given me a chance to turn over a new leaf. How can I still do things without knowing where to draw the line like in the past? Since this is a rebirth, I should turn over a new leaf! Treasure my destiny and my life!" At that moment, Zhao Yu seemed to have gone through a soul-cleansing session and had an epiphany! He seemed to have found his directions in life, his goals in life, and the meaning of life!

"Yes! From now on, Im gonna turn over a new leaf! Be a good person!" After showering, Zhao Yu quickly took out his phone to make a call before putting on his clothes. He felt that since he had decided to live life to the fullest, wasnt that something worth celebrating?" The call was to Yang Hong. However, after the call had been made, ringing sound came from his bedroom. He opened the door and saw Yang Hong and Huahua sleeping soundly on his bed! The dog was lying at the edge of the bed. After seeing Zhao Yu, it quickly jumped forward and circled around Zhao Yu.

OhZhao Yu understood that these two people must have been afraid that Hong Zhitao would come back and look for trouble after being released, and stayed over at his place! Heh heh hehLooking at the fair thighs on his bed, Zhao Yu gave a gentle kick and got Daheng out of the room. After that, he rubbed his palms and jumped onto the bed!!!