Crazy Detective Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Twists and Turns

There was a meeting at ten in the morning. Zhao Yu had thought that he could rest for a little bit more, but Peng Xins phone call came before he could even shut his eyes! Peng Xin told Zhao Yu to rush back to the police station; there was something urgent that he needed to settle! Zhao Yu was a little surprised and asked what had happened, but Peng Xin told him he would know when he arrived!

Ahhh...Zhao Yu stretched. Although he had a "Dui-Zhen" hexagram, which meant that there could be changes in money and status, there was no "Kan" which represented work. This implied that he would not obtain any clues to solve the case.

However, since he had already decided to turn over a new leaf, it could not just be all talk! A fault confessed is half redressed. He had to prove that he was able to do it! Zhao Yu went to the bathroom to wash up. It was only then that he realized that he was covered in bruises and wounds from the night before. The most severe were those from Miao Ying. He had been kicked twice in the chest, and it was already fortunate that his ribs were not broken! The worst was the punch on his face; it had landed right between his brows. His nose bridge was in pain, his eyes were red and swollen, and he was almost disfigured!

"This Miao Renfeng is really too much! To think that I am so mesmerized by you!" However, thinking back on the sudden kiss last night, Zhao Yu touched his lips again and started to reminisce.

After changing into his clean police uniform, Zhao Yu was about to step out when he suddenly remembered the two beauties in the other room and he could not help but stop. "As I've already said, I'm gonna turn over a new leaf today! I have to keep to my word. How can I not pay after playing with the girls?" Thinking of this, he looked into his wallet and took out two thousand RMB and then placed it on Yang Hong's jacket.

Daheng saw Zhao Yu going out and wanted to follow, but Zhao Yu waved his hand and chased him back. "Later, Sis Huahua will take care of you. I've got important things to see to! Daheng, you have to remember, from now onward, your master is a good person! You also have to be a good dog, understand?" Zhao Yu looked up and only saw Daheng's tail which was getting further from him.

He took his bag and went downstairs. The moment he stepped out of the corridor, the bright sun shone on his face, making him feel refreshed and enthralled. "Ah...wonderful sunshine, from now onward, everything is a fresh start" Zhao Yu was still in the midst of feeling emotional when Jiang Dafeng's roar came from the fruit stall, "Darn policeman, I was about to look for you! Quick pack up your stuff and move out right now! What were you up to? You actually brought girls home and wailed and howled all night? Outrageous!"

"I...holy..." Zhao Yu was about to get into a fit of rage when he suddenly remembered his promise and took a deep breath to control his anger. "Oh, Boss Jiang, I'm really sorry to have disturbed you last night, time, there won't be a next time..." Zhao Yu had never said such soft words before and he felt extremely awkward saying them.

"No more next time, understand?" Jiang Dafeng was furious. "What kind of police officer are you? You brought a dog back, and now even humans? My building's gonna be torn down by you, y'know?"

Looking at Jiang Dafeng's domineering attitude, Zhao Yu had to keep taking deep breaths as he wished he could tear down his stall immediately! However, his rationality got the upper hand in the end, and he said calmly with much difficulty, "Boss Jiang, I shall not waste my breath on you. We have a contract and it was not stated on the contract that I'm not allowed to have dogs or chase girls. If you wanna get rid of me, you have to go to court and sue me! Bye!" With this, Zhao Yu turned and walked away. Jiang Dafeng threw a pomelo skin thrown at him.

Heh heh heh...Zhao Yu turned into a corner, feeling very pleased with his performance just now. "Win people over by virtue, speak with the law. I ,Zhao Yu, am a reasonable civil police!!! Heh heh heh"

When Zhao Yu finally reached the police station, the scene at the entrance gave him a shock. The place was filled with different television trucks, reporters with microphones, and cameramen carrying big cameras! "My goodness...what's the big fuss about?" He stuck out his tongue, and felt it was better to go in through the back door. Unexpectedly, there was also a group of reporters at the back door. After seeing Zhao Yu, a few of them came up and asked questions which were mainly about the Mianling Case.

Zhao Yu had never been interviewed by reporters and had wanted to wrangle with them, but before he could open his mouth, Peng Xin's called him again, rushing him to head straight for the forensics department.

Forensics Department? Zhao Yu pondered for a while. It seemed like it was something major! With this thought, Zhao Yu went through the crowd at his fastest speed and went into the main building of the police station. When he reached the main hall of the Forensics Department, he saw that it was also crowded with people. However, it was different from the bustling scenario at the entrance. Although there were many people here, it was all silence except for a few sobs and cries.

There were all sorts of different people sitting on the seats on both sides of the hall. There were twenty to thirty of them and the sobs came from them. Zhao Yu looked left and right but did not see Peng Xin. Zhang Jingfeng appeared out of the blue and greeted him. "Zhang, good that you're here!" Zhao Yu quickly asked, "What's the situation now?"

"I also just got here!" Zhang Jingfeng pointed at the main entrance of the forensics department. "I only heard that the official autopsy report is out! Maybe there was a problem so the leaders are still discussing how to solve it? Let's see how the meeting goes later!"

"Huh? Problem? What problem?" Zhao Yu was shocked.

"I have no idea!" Zhang Jingfeng shook his head and pointed to the people on the seats. "These are the family members of the children who were kidnapped that year! Since they were asked to come over, I think, the skeletons..." As the place was too quiet, Zhang Jingfeng did not want to go into detail. However, Zhao Yu understood that the skeletons had to be those of the children who had been kidnapped, and that the family members were here to claim them!

Previously, Hu Bin told Zhao Yu this, so Zhao Yu was already mentally prepared and did not feel surprised. However, he did not understand what could have happened during the autopsy. The two were talking when the door to the evidence room at the side opened, and Peng Xin led a man and a woman out. The couple both had gray hair at the sides and looked of a certain age, but they dressed very stylish and extravagantly. They looked like people of wealth and status.

The woman's eyes were red and wet. She looked like she had just cried. The man was frowning and looked gloomy, and he was carrying the handbag which Zhao Yu had picked up from the mine pit. The handbag was still round and full, which meant that the money was still inside.

"Oh." Peng Xin introduced to the two people the moment she saw Zhao Yu, "Mr Tao, this is Officer Zhao who discovered...erm...discovered the crime scene. He was the one who found your money!"

The middle-aged man who was being addressed as Mr Tao quickly put his palms together and bowed before Zhao Yu before stretching out his hands and held Zhao Yu's hands tightly! "Officer Zhao, thank you, thank you!" Mr Tao said emotionally. "If not for you, my son could have been missing forever! I've been able to find Xiaoxiao's remains while I'm still alive. It's also...also..." At this point, Mr Tao's eyes were wet and he was unable to continue. As for the woman beside him, she was already covering her face and crying.

"Don't mention it, please don't mention it!" Although Mr Tao did not say much, Zhao Yu had already been deeply touched and he quickly consoled them. "I picked it up by chance when I was chasing a suspect! probably heaven's will! It's what I should have done!"

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Mr Tao held Zhao Yu's hands tightly and then suddenly pressed the handle of the handbag into his hand. "Oh, right! Officer Zhao, if not for you, the kids would never have been found! This money was found by you. Please take it! This is just a little something from me and all of the other family members!"

Ah!? Zhao Yu was stunned, and the agents on the side also looked at one another not knowing what to say.

"No, no, no..." Zhao Yu quickly pushed back the handbag. "This won't do! The money is yours, how can I take it?" However, Mr Tao clenched his fists tightly and had no intention of taking back the money. The middle-aged woman beside him also started to persuade Zhao Yu as her tears flowed, asking Zhao Yu to take the money, saying that it was their gratitude for him. Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu was jostling with them, a white-haired elderly man suddenly stood up and shouted, "Please take it, Officer!" The elderly man's words caused a moment of silence. The people present looked up and saw that the elderly man was wearing an expensive suit, with a walking stick in his right hand. His hair was all white but he looked very alert.

The old man took big steps and came before Zhao Yu, and said emotionally, "Officer, this little money is nothing to us. It's an expression of our gratitude for you! If not for you, our poor children would never have been found! And we would never be able to die in peace! poor child!" The elderly man was shaking all over with tears pouring down his face and exclaimed in a thunderous voice, "Twenty-six years ago, I've already been disappointed once. I hope you won't disappoint us again this time! Officers, I beg all of you, since our children have already been found, I hope you can find the culprit as soon as possible and bring those heartless b*stards to justice!!

"I, Liang Wanqian, am willing to give a reward of two-million RMB to the person who is able to catch the real culprit!! It's been twenty-six years! I will not allow them to remain at large!"

"Yes!" Mr Tao said with swollen red eyes. "I'll also give two million RMB!"

"Add me in..." Another wheelchair-bound elderly man raised his hand.

"Me too..."